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  1. Y

    AMD 7970M Black Screens and Now Not Working

    So a few days ago I was playing a game and got a couple black screens where I could still hear background music from the game but I couldn't do anything and had to force shutdown. After that I tried updating software and Windows update, ended up downloading the KB 3004394 update. I have since...
  2. J

    Laptop Died During Windows Update -- No Way to Recover?

    Recently my laptop was forced to do a Windows 8.1 update, and somehow (without me realising) my charger was not plugged in all the way. My laptop died after I walked away, and I came back and hadn't realised that occurred. Upon turning it back on, it gave me a repairing windows screen or...
  3. W

    ASUS N56JR win 8.1 black screen on boot up

    So about 2 months ago I had a required windows update which forced a reboot, and after it rebooted it never turned back on fully - I waited a very long time around half an hour before pulling the plug and had to wait, continuously taking the battery out and restarting it until it finally worked...
  4. M

    Laptop overheats after an update

    I was playing payday 2 with no problems on high settings, but when I went to shut my laptop off I had an update (some kind of windows update or something). This morning I went to play it again and it overheated within the first 30 minutes. Now I have to turn the graphics down and it still...
  5. P

    what is the latest w8 version?

    Windows 8 is constantly updating itself, some of which are not security. Is there a way to tell if the latest version is still 8.1.1 or has it gone to 8.1.2 or further? Thanks.
  6. B

    mouse pad not working

    I have a hp pavilion x2. It recently did a windows update and now the mousepad is not working. I reinstalled the 2 drivers on the hp website but it is still not working. I have tried a hard restart and still not working. Any other ideas?
  7. R

    Conexant smartaudio HD - driver problem after windows update, no sound

    Hi, sorry if I've started this thread in the wrong place - I've never needed to request help with a computer problem before. I have a Lenovo G510 running windows 8.1 64 bit, bought about 6 weeks ago. Installed windows updates earlier today, including an optional one for the conexant audio...
  8. MrJak

    Windows 8.1 Update Keeps PC from booting.

    Recently my mother's laptop, a fujitsu, has quit booting. It displays the error, "A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed." The first time it happened, we were able to do a system restore, and determined it to be due to an update, but instead of restoring it again, I tried to fix...
  9. A

    Driver Power State Failure installing Windows Updates on Surface Pro II

    I'm having issues installing the current batch of Windows updates on my Surface Pro II. It gets to 75% complete, hangs for 1/2 hr or so, reboots, then fails with a ":( Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart screen etc (Driver_power_state_failure)" Following the restart it gets to 75%...
  10. H

    Massive driver problems after switching to SSD (windows 8.1)

    I recently bought and installed a samsung 840 evo ssd on my laptop. I did not transfer any old files or clone my old hard drive. I did a completely fresh install of windows 8.1...and I'm having massive problems with windows update and drivers. Windows update is, well, not updating. I've...
  11. M

    My C drive becomes full suddenly!!!

    Hi all, My laptop faced some issues with windows update recently and I tried to fix it. Was browsing the net for solutions and found several. However, the methods i've tried still couldnt solve my windows update issue. To make matters worst, I have discovered a new issue with my computer after...
  12. R

    Razer Game Booster changes the settings for windows update

    (Im using windows 8.1) I just downloaded Razer Game Booster. You can either boost a game direclty from the program or boost the game in-game. The keys you have have to press to activate boost in game are by default: Controll + Alt + B. To deactivate by default you have to press: Controll + Alt...
  13. A

    Can tablets be upgraded?

    I am looking at several tablets, Including the Asus Transformer T100, some of the Vostro 11 Pro tablets, the Vostro 8 Pro, and Windows Surface tablets. I have researched the processors, and some of them can support 4GB of RAM, but the tablets only come with 2GB. Are there any tablets that cam...
  14. M

    ASUS Battery charging issue

    I believe after a windows update that my battery is no longer charging. As soon as power is unplugged the lap top is dead. To test if it was the battery I got a new battery to try and still had the same problem. Any help would be appreciated
  15. J

    Sony vaio laptop won\'t turn on but is receiving power

    downloaded windows update, after which windows would not boot up, vaios comes on but no windows the internal fan comes on and it asks for the password then nothing
  16. Z

    Microsoft Promises Windows RT Update Bug Fix in February

    Some users not able to access the Windows Store or Windows Update at intermittent periods. Microsoft Promises Windows RT Update Bug Fix in February : Read more
  17. F

    HP Printer Keeps Trying to Update

    I have an Acer 5253 using win7 64bit, I installed an HP 5520 and it keeps trying to update through windows update...but after 3 days of it trying it will not install. It is tring to install an HP Null driver ?? so I tried to uninstall the entire printer, which I thought I did, but windows is...
  18. Storx

    Help: which to replace with

    Last week I asked what was a good laptop for under 500 and you guys said the k55n from best buy. Now I must be unlucky but the first one I bought the touchpad randomly stopped working when I did windows updates so I returned it. Then the second one I picked up worked fine but as soon as u do a...
  19. K

    Toshiba Sattelite Boot Problems

    Hello, My computer will not boot into Windows. I believe the problem was caused by either a Firefox or Windows update. I only have a black screen with a cursor.
  20. V

    Windows update error

    I am asked for windows update and when i start windows update it is not getting updated and error msg is appearing after a long time.
  21. R

    Windows 7 unable to open programs after update

    Allowed a windows update as per prompt and now cannot open anyrthing on the desktop such as firefox just prompts me to open file with a 'recommended' program and lists microsoft stuff like media player etc. or search web for suitable etc. it's hopeless. Even a click on word or...
  22. G

    IE9 Not Gaining Marketshare, Trouble Ahead?

    IE9 has been available 45 days as well as 10 days through the automated Windows Update Service. Time to check in with Microsoft how the browser is doing and if it is gaining market share that is competitive with Firefox 4. IE9 Not Gaining Marketshare, Trouble Ahead? : Read more
  23. D

    What is launchHPOSIAPP

    I just recently updated my computer with windows update etc. I looked at my startup and launchHPOSIAPP is there now. It wasnt there before. Just wondering if this is a safe app? Also noticed another new app BATINDICATOR in my startup as well. System: Hp Pavilion Elite HPE-350t Windows 7
  24. L

    MS money

    Was running fine under win 7... now, seemly for no reason, it appears to run then just vanishes... no trace of it. I don't think I've changed anything, my a windows update or something? Any pointers?
  25. MrSticky

    What is the first thing you do when you get a new laptop?

    OK, my new laptop is arriving today. It’s my first laptop and my first “new” computer in at least 10 years. So my question is this: What are the first things you like to do when you get a new laptop? Do you scrub off the bloat ware? Swap to your favorite antivirus program? Over clock...
  26. S

    Windows Update error 80070643

    This just started a few days ago. Vista Ult with Office 07. All Office updates fail with this error message: Windows Update error 80070643 M$ says that it is the Office Service Engine and while there was nothing wrong with it, I did follow their instructions to supposedly fix the issue...
  27. exfileme

    Microsoft Sued Over Windows Update

    Looks as though Microsoft is being smacked around left and right, as this time the company faces a patent infringement regarding the Windows Update process. Doh. Microsoft Sued Over Windows Update : Read more