Help: which to replace with


Jan 21, 2008
Last week I asked what was a good laptop for under 500 and you guys said the k55n from best buy. Now I must be unlucky but the first one I bought the touchpad randomly stopped working when I did windows updates so I returned it. Then the second one I picked up worked fine but as soon as u do a windows update it knocks out the touchpad completely unusable... So I returned it and geek squad said to not update windows tell there is a fix so I had them turn off windows update auto. The third one worked fine then this morning I go to boot it up to do some school work and as soon as windows loads it restarted and said the operating system was not found so I'm about to take it back into the store and think its time to try anothe laptop.

Which is better??
Acer V3
AMD A8-4500
6Gb ram


Lenovo p580
Intel I5- third gen
6gb ram