Laptop Died During Windows Update -- No Way to Recover?


Dec 3, 2014
Recently my laptop was forced to do a Windows 8.1 update, and somehow (without me realising) my charger was not plugged in all the way. My laptop died after I walked away, and I came back and hadn't realised that occurred. Upon turning it back on, it gave me a repairing windows screen or something, and then proceeded to boot up as usual. I couldn't log in though, because for some reason the keyboard was not working. I found the mouse was working though, and was able to open the on-screen keyboard to log in. Once I was logged in, my desktop loaded momentarily, but then began to flash insanely between a blank red (my settings colour) and my wallpaper with no icons/folders. I can't move the mouse or click on anything, and the keyboard does not work at all. I believe the display driver is wrecked, but there's no way I can find to get into any safe mode, or recovery mode to fix things. The keyboard doesn't work, and there is no possible way to get into settings from the desktop screen, as it just flashes repeatedly forever. Any suggestions or help would be amazing, as I've tried to look at every option on my own but can't seem to find anything else to do...
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