Solved! Possible Adware; Opening Tabs

Jan 22, 2019

I have this problem of where every now and then when I click a new tab opens up on a malware-infested site (don't know what the site is about, I get blocked by Google), the sites that pop up are;

https:// click. eclk. club/click?i=
http:// www9. thrgh. space:8880/click?id=
(Left blank, as the string changes all the time),

I've scanned Avast; found nothing, AVG; nothing, Malwarebytes found and removed pup.optional.installcore, thinking that was the problem, but alas, still going, I also get "fake" adds, which in themselves turn into malware/malicious sites themselves (

The only time I can think of when this happened is when I had a Windows update a couple of days ago when it asked me to reset my computer (Monday or Sunday).



Apr 3, 2018
You have a virus. Often if you install an AV solution after being infected it won't see it. If you didn't keep your AV up to date it may not have been in it's "list".

If you search (on another device) there may be a method for removal. You could try an online scan from a reputable vendor. Otherwise I would reformat.