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  1. B

    MSI GS70 Stealth won't turn on.

    Hi. I've been using an MSi GS70 Stealth for the past couple of years. Last night, I was playing a game and I think I yanked the power cable by accident. This has happened before and I'd usually just plug back in and reboot, but now it's not powering on at all. All I get is a white led for a...
  2. E

    power up problem

    I have a Lenovo ideapad 305 that is difficult to power up after shut down especially when charge before shut down. I have to wait for days before it occasionally power up. Any help to remedy this will be great!
  3. T

    Lenovo flex 3 boot loop

    When u power up it's shows the Lenovo logo then goes black just cycles over and over again...i have f8 and f11 and trying the power button suggestions nothing is working maybe I'm doing it wrong.. Plz help
  4. L

    BSOD - Page Fault in Non-Paged Area

    (MSI GS63VR 7RF) Blue screen of deaht on power up after periods of being off/asleep (Note that if I immediately bring stuff back from sleep, power the system back up the issue does not occur. If it does). After it restarts the issue doesn't come up till, again, the laptop enters sleep, or is...
  5. A

    brand new packard bell 14.1 Note Book will not start

    I have a new Packard Bell 14.1 Notebook and it will not power up. Please advise
  6. I

    Will the acer run without a battery I it strictly off mains

    Acer aspire v3 571 won't power up. Can it be run without a battery in it. Strictly off main
  7. M

    P9 froze and crashed

    I was using my phone when it froze and crashed. Now it won't power up again and I have tried everything. I'm using a huawei p9
  8. Z

    Lap top fix

    Think pad want power up
  9. F

    ASUS VX1 not charging

    There is an Asus Lamborghini VX1 for sale very cheap, and seller says it does not power up neither with batteries, neither with the charger. My question is: is it possible that only a cheap, replaceable part is broken, or is it more likely the MB is fried and beyond repair? (I ask this because...
  10. S

    Packard Bell 14.1 won’t power up

    So how can I get a new power jack for this unit and what is the power requirements ?
  11. C

    laptop does not power up

    laptop screen come on nothing else happens
  12. D

    Flex 4-1470 Laptop (Lenovo) won't stay on/power up unless charger attached.

    Lenovo dx show no issue with battery - ran all of the hardware diagnostics on their site. this has escalated recently - where periodically it would just shut itself off, even tho the battery had at least 20% - now it won't power on without charger and shows 98% battery. I've read some threads...
  13. T

    Upon power up only get blank blue screen?

    Upon powering up lap top only have a blank blue screen?
  14. L

    Dropped hp won’t power up

    Dropped hp15 won’t power up
  15. B

    battery full wont come on

    Samsung Galaxy view 18.4 wont come on have a new battery show the battery charging but wont power up help
  16. L

    Wont power up

    How can i tell if i need new battery
  17. B

    ellipses 7 tablet shows charging but when I unplug it, it shows 0%

    I have had my tablet plugged in over night. When I went to use it, it showed charging but when I unplugged it, it showed 0% and won't power up.
  18. Q

    My dell will not power up

    Will not power up - green light on power brick on and also tried another power cord with no luck will not even attempt to power up
  19. H

    Lgms330 wont power up after it died. I plugged it in and it isnt even charging

    Phone died and wont turn back on and when i plugged it in phone wont charge now either
  20. V

    Laptop doesn't turn on after changing the screen backlight

    My old laptop Fujitsu Amilo Li3710 doesn't turn on after I changed the screen backlight. The fan doesn't start and the power LED is off. The battery indicator is blinking which means the battery is charging and there is electricity going to the laptop. Any ideas what might be the problem?
  21. M

    New (old) Toshiba Satellite Laptop won't power on

    Hello! I have been given a Toshiba Satellite laptop which has been sitting unused for several years in it's carry case since new. It looks absolutely immaculate, not a spec of dust nor a fingerprint. It does not turn on. Upon powering on, the green light shows that it is on, the fan spins for...
  22. D

    HP 2000 shut down while using. Only light on is beside power cord

    HP 2000 will not power up
  23. A

    Crackling sound from speakers on startup

    When I power up my laptop, a moderately loud crackling noise that lasts about 1.5 seconds can be heard from my speakers. From what I can tell, there is no other effect to the sound quality after Windows starts. There have been no recent software changes to my system. How do I fix this? Are my...
  24. S

    power problem solutions

    My Toshiba M50-180 won't power up, wen i trying power it up both with battery and adaptor, it will flash green power light and won't power up. Pls any solution.
  25. R

    I have a 42 lg slowly blinks red then to blue but doesn't power up

    Help me anyone im lost on this
  26. P

    Asus x205t won't power up!

    Hello, I have an asus x205t and it won't power up. I've tried resetting the inbuilt battery as per the instructions I read on several sites including this one but to no avail. With the battery connected and the AC adapter connected the battery light indicator used to be a solid green and even...
  27. R

    it wont power up

    I have a gateway laptop model MA 7 When I take the battety off and push the little push tester on the battery it self but still don't get nothing the little blue lite the power button on and off doesn't lite up not sure if it is suppose to but it looks like it should but my problem is it...
  28. P

    Sharp Aquos TV 70" powers up but screen won't display - LC-70LE733U - 2012 from Costco

    When I power up and the Sharp "arrow logo" lights up on the front and slowly blinks. But the screen won't turn on.
  29. P

    Laptop power problem

    My Toshiba satellite C50-B-14-D won't power up I recently had to replace my screen after it was damaged After replacing the screen my power button light was on for about 10 seconds then started to flash also Orange light was on. I read a comment about doing a discharge. (Removing the power cable...
  30. J

    Hp x360 won't power up

    Hp stream x360 will not Power on no screen display
  31. G

    Toshiba C55D wont start after replacing hard drive

    After swapping out my hard drive, my laptop wont start. I have checked the power up to the board, and without a battery (but plugged in), I get a steady blueish led, but nothing else... I have taken out everything including keyboard... I am trying to pick up any kind of troubleshooting technique...
  32. T

    Satellite no power

    Satellite won't power up
  33. R

    Toshiba L75-B7270 will not power up

    I just upgraded my RAM in this laptop. I purchased this from Amazon: G.Skill Ripjaws Series Laptop Memory F3-1600C9D-16GRSL 16GB (2 x 8G) DDR3 SO-DIMM 1.35v Dual-channel I installed the memory and turned it back on and all I get is the power light will turn on for about 10 seconds and it will...
  34. Zii

    HP laptop powered off suddenly; will not turn back on

    My lil bro was using his HP Envy laptop for what he said was about 6-8 hours straight. It was plugged into the wall, with a standard AC adapter. He was in the middle of something when it suddenly shut off. I wasn't there when it happened, but he said there was no popping noise, no burnt smell...
  35. T

    My Acer is not charging and it can onluy power up when I switch it on immediately after connecting the charger (If I wait for

    I don't know what could be wrong with my lap top. It is not charging.
  36. S

    Spectre TV will not power up.

    Spectre x60 TV will not power up. No hint of trouble prior to that. Have checked all the basics. Only 3 years old.
  37. M

    Lenovo x301 black screen on power-up but internal screen works if external monitor is connected

    Hi, I've read plenty of posts that describe a problem similar to mine, but have never read this exact problem. On power-up running Windows 7, the screen works at first but once the point in the power-up sequence comes for the Windows splash screen, the screen goes black although the laptop...
  38. M

    what is the cause of this problem?

    my zotac en970 mini pc wont power up anymore and it just shut down while browsing with google. then a spark came from the dc input jack and a bad smell. unplugged and checked the adapter plugs to make sure they were in properly and when plugged back in again it sparked at the dc input on the...
  39. MFatihOzcelik

    Power Up Problem in MSI GE60

    My laptop, works perfectly, without problems. For the last 3-4 days, it developed a strange habit. When I make it sleep or shut down, it does. But when I try to power it up,it powers up for 2-3 secs, then it gets closed by itself. At second time when I press power button, after it cuts the...
  40. C

    sound level max at powerup

    Greeting, I have a Samsung LTN4671FX/XAA with sound issues at power up. The sound level is at the max. level, lowering the level is OK for as long we watch TV. Need to start the process of lowering volume at each power up. Power capacitors looked in good shape no leak or bulging. I believe BD...
  41. Y

    Monitor power cable issue?

    can I use 6A 250v power cord instead of 10a 250v power cord to power up my monitor?
  42. B

    L75-A7283 laptop Toshiba

    Won't power up
  43. C

    TV makes popping noise won't turn on unplugged main from power TV lights up

    Samsung LCD TV won't power up Unplugged main from power board and it turns on .Bad main board? Power board? T con?
  44. T

    Same problem powering off constant also can't find suppler for genuine Lenovo charging cable

    Continuing closes down as soon as I power up approx:on search or reading up info Lenovo 10-1 closes down .Another one today logging in few seconds log me off screen
  45. A

    Turn on laptop when plugged in

    Hey, I am running windows 10 on my laptop (G501JW) is there any way to make it turn on every time its plugged in?
  46. D

    ASUS won't start unless batteries disconnected first

    I have an interesting problem I'm hoping someone can help me with. My Asus Q302L laptop was in perfect working condition until yesterday, when it refused to start when I pressed the power button. It has not had any spills, falls, etc. I did a hard reboot - opened the back of the laptop and...
  47. E

    Lenovo Flex 4 1470 won't turn on please help

    I have a lenovo ideapad flex 4 1470 which will not power up. The small white light beside the power button will turn on and off but the screen will not turn on, nor can I hear any fans etc. Can't disconnect the battery either. What do I do?
  48. A

    Laptop problems toshiba

    My toshiba satellite power button keeps flashing white and won't power up this is the only show of life. I can't access the battery without unscrewing the back how do i fix this?
  49. M

    Samsung galaxy 10

    Samsung galaxy note 10 screen not showing when I power up but hear sound. What to do? Tried holding power button and didn't work.
  50. M

    New LG49UH850V screen goes black <5 minutes after power-up; audio stays

    Hello, apologies if this has been covered elsewhere but I couldn't find anything relevant after searching on the site (and others!). I just received my new LG 49UH850V LED TV today, followed the start-up instructions and connected to my Virgin Media Tivo box. Less than 5 minutes in and the...
  51. H

    Laptop now won't power up after accidentally connected positive to negative, which I since rectitied but still no Boot ??

    Hi,Rob here in South Australia.. Urgent Please anyone - Yes A stupid mistake when too tired working on laptop Am having problem with Toshiba Satellite L50D-B.. 19volt model. Need to see photo of underside of motherboard with all items fitted, just need to see routing of wires from screen to...
  52. K

    ASUS Turns on and immediately shuts off with a beep

    Hi all, I hope you can help me sort this out. A while ago my laptop started failing to power up. Pressing the button would cause it to start up and shut off within 2sec. It would however succeed every now and then (1out of 20 or so) and I would hold on to it like dear life. However, even going...
  53. L

    My Acer Aspire V5 431P will not power up even with the fully charged battery

    I have had this laptop Acer Aspire V5 431 P for over 3 years and it's been working fine. One day, just over three months ago, I had played a movie and had my two nephews watching. One of them had been drinking soft drink and knock it over the table. Some of the fluid had perhaps go into the...
  54. J

    How to transfer pics from a moto wx345 phone to a galaxy note 4

    I have an inactivated, but will power up, Motorola phone that I would like to transfer pics from to a Galaxy Note 4. I'm not tech savvy. Can someone help me?
  55. M

    Hard re-boot hasn't worked...won't power up...blinking light

    I factory-reset my Toshiba Satellite laptop last night, and it proceeded as it should. The next morning it won't power up...just the blinking orange light. It was fine before. I have tried the hard reboot in every suggested way to no avail.
  56. P

    Toshiba C55Dt B5153 won't power up

    Hello, My Toshiba laptop is only 6 months old and has been running like a dream! Last week the DVD drive just stopped recognizing discs so I did the Google search and found the posts with directions on how to fix the issue. After trying two of the three posted fixes on one thread I attempted the...
  57. T

    Toshiba Satellite Radius - I've disabled my only way to power Up!

    To start with, this Windows 10 Laptop used to power up fine by way of the "Lid Open Power On" setting being enabled. Curiosity killed this cat though, because a naïve user (no names but initials are tattman23) deliberately DISABLED the lid/power option while trying to troubleshoot the actual...
  58. B

    My Hyundai mobile cell phone won't turn on or recognize a charge why?

    I try charging n won't power up or just trying to turn on n it won't why?