ASUS won't start unless batteries disconnected first

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Jan 11, 2017
I have an interesting problem I'm hoping someone can help me with. My Asus Q302L laptop was in perfect working condition until yesterday, when it refused to start when I pressed the power button. It has not had any spills, falls, etc.

I did a hard reboot - opened the back of the laptop and disconnected the battery and CMOS battery, held down the power button for about 30 seconds, plugged the AC cord in, and the laptop started normally. I then powered down the laptop, unplugged it, reconnected the batteries, started it up again via the power button, and it was fine.

When I turned the laptop off the next time, it would not turn back on again. I once again disconnected the batteries, held the power button down, plugged it in, and it started. However, this time when I powered the laptop down after the hard reboot, it would not restart. I had to repeat the process and plug the batteries in while the laptop was on and plugged into the AC cord in order to get the laptop to stay on.

Now, the laptop stays on regardless of if it is plugged in or not, but if I turn it off, I have to go through the entire process again. If I "Restart" instead of "Shut Down," it comes back on with no problems. But if I "Shut Down," it will not turn on again via the power button and requires a full reset of the batteries. Basically, everything is working fine. I can charge the battery fully and can use the laptop without it being plugged in, can access all my files, and it isn't running slowly. I just can't turn the thing off without having to go through the annoying process of disconnecting and reconnecting the batteries each time.

Any ideas what is going on and how I can fix it so that it turns on and off normally via the power button?
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