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    Power switch issue

    HI I have a HP 15g094sa and I recently repaired screen hinges. While doing so I accidentally damaged the power switch ribbon cable so it wouldn't power on. Upon buying a new switch and fitting the laptop still won't work. When the ribbon cable is connected the laptop switches off. When...
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    Solved! Lap top does not take power

    I did not operate my lap top for 2-3 month. Now on pressing the power switch the lap top does not start. Even the power button light does not come. Further when you connect the charger the power light also does not come. Need solution.
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    Laptop dissasembly problem.

    So basically I've been taking apart a laptop recently, and I have taken off the front case and keyboard, but everything is still in place and nothing has really been changed. Whenever I turn the laptop on (using the remains of the power switch), the fans turn on and the LEDS, but the screen...
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    Solved! How to power on LeEco Super4 X43 Pro TV with no remote

    Hello, I have a LeEco Super4 X43 Pro TV and my girlfriend washed the remote so now I can't turn on the TV. I flip the power switch (??) manually in the back and a red light comes on at bottom middle of screen but nothing else. Typically this is where I would hit the power button on the...
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    Power switch light on not working

    Not screen coming in laptop
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    Clogged tablet power switch

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet. I got some good (Chinese sauce) inside the power button. Now the button is inoperative. Everything else works. How to fix? I can keep charged but i'm afraid of I forget and run the battery down I won't be able to turn on again.
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    Replacing Power switch usb board on ASUS TP300L

    My laptop suddenly wouldnt turn on. There appeared to be no resistance on the Power button. I opened up the back and looked down the side with a magnifying loop and found that the little power button was hanging off the power board. Unfortunately in trying to place it back on it sheared off...
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    Power switch where can i get

    My power button has broken in laptop wher can it b replaced
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    Lenovo y40 non responsive

    My lenovo y40 will not turn on with no real reason. The power switch lights up and the laptop can indicate it being on and charging. The keyboard backlight can also be operated but the screen does not turn on and nothing can be heard booting. Any one know anything that might help?
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    Help for laptop problem

    Hi sir can you help me to fix my laltop, my laptop isue is not starting on the charging light is present and when i push the power switch it will on for 1sec and the turn off... What should i checked, and what will be the problem... Plsss help thank you
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    my Acer 5735z shutsoff periodically, with the battery in and out. Then I have to hit the power switch many times to get it to

    acer laptop shuts off periodically, I have all the power options set to NEVER, but it will shutdown
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    ASUS X451C power pcb switch broke.

    Hi there. My laptop (an ASUS X451C) has a broken power switch PCB. Now im wondering if theres a way to turn the laptop back on without it. Thanks!
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    Opened laptop to fix power switch. Now touch pad drivers are gone.

    I have a relatively new and high end Acer Aspire VN7-591G laptop. I opened it up and fixed the power switch, after being careful to reconnect all the strips to the correct ports I closed it up (minus the screws) and tested it out. It turned on just as normal and all components seem to be...
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    Same problem as well if you diddle the power switch the relay engages then will either turn on or it won't. Do it a few times

    No pOwer on Panasonic Vieira. If you diddle the switch just like flicking the Bean sometimes it will come on sometimes it won't. You have to try it a few times sometimes it'll work after the second or third diddle sometimes it may take up to 15 diddles . But I've gotten it to work . But then...
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    I need Replacement Satellite Speakers for Logitech Z523 2.1 System

    i have Logitech SPEAKER SYSTEM Z523 http:// with faulty power switch/speakers volume potentiometer. When I turn power/volume, power light just blinks for moment and then turns off having no sound. When I return volume control back to the point of powering off, minimum volume, it start blinking...
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    ASUS won't start unless batteries disconnected first

    I have an interesting problem I'm hoping someone can help me with. My Asus Q302L laptop was in perfect working condition until yesterday, when it refused to start when I pressed the power button. It has not had any spills, falls, etc. I did a hard reboot - opened the back of the laptop and...
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    Power switch on laptops

    On my NOT-working HP G6 laptop I found that pin 1 is shortened to pin 3 on the power-on button cable when the button is pressed. Pin 1 is connected to GND (0 ohm to GND). 1. Is this the normal wiring in every laptop or maybe something is shortening that pin to GND? 2. If its the normal thing...
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    Laptop restarts automatically after i switch it on

    When I am pressing the power switch in laptop its getting power but the screen staying dark and in 10 seconds it restarting itself. I have no idea whats going... help would be much appreciated :)
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    Anybody know about DIY speaker circuitry?

    I am building my own speaker box for my desk, my question is this. I have a DROK DC 12V Micro Stereo Amplify Board, How would i wire the power switch to power the board and an LED when it is on. it is a totally custom build, so i bought a custom 2 prong power switch button and a custom LED that...
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    Galaxy Tab S 10.5 would not turn on...did the volume/power switch re-set. now, on the black screen, all it does is repeatedly

    Galaxy Tab S 10.5 would not turn on...did the volume/power switch re-set. now, on the black screen, all it does is repeatedly show the battery charge icon --showing 99% charge. Any suggestions?
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    Htc power solution

    Hello am Paul,my HTC ONE S, has a power switch problem and I can't turn it on or off because the components have removed from the board,so can someone help me with a jumping solution..Thanks in advance
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    Is it possible to start a laptop without a power button?

    I have an HP Pavilion G6 laptop, with an AMD-A10 processor and 8gb of RAM, and I had it since late 2012. Recently, it was overheating quite a bit and so I decided to finally clean the laptop, particularly the fan and the heatsink. To be honest, the architecture of the laptop is quite puzzling...
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    Laptop won't turn on

    So I was using my laptop in the living room and while it was plugged in, my niece flipped the power switch on the power strip and it crashed. I got it to turn back on after a few tries yesterday and this morning but now it won't. The power light turns on and the disc drive starts spinning but it...
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    Gaming FPS dropped after power failure on the laptop.

    I was playing Warframe on my HP Pavilion 15-P045TX laptop. I used to get around 50 FPS normally. An hour ago i unplugged the laptop charger and the FPS dropped to around 5 FPS. I used to run the game in normal FPS even without the power input. But this time i don't know what happened but the...
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    dell studio 1555 not turning on

    Hi, Last night I replaced the internal speakers of my dell studio 1555. After that when pressing the power butn it is not turning on. But the power button is glowing. Please tell me what could be the reason.. ./Selva
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    Lenovo G580 20157 my laptop is not getting

    Lenovo G580 20157 my laptop is not getting on but while pressing the power switch the white light and fan will run then it will go turn off then it will start automatically off on off on and the Display will be blank. so kindly let me know what is the problem..?
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    what is the function of the buttons beside the power switch???

    What are the functions of the keys at the bottom of my screen?
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    my scrren on my laptop goes white as soon as i turn it on.how can i use f8 when i cant reboot it

    White screen shows on my laptop as soon as I hit power switch how can I hit f8 if I cant reboot
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    Laptop Power Switch Light is on and computer doesn't start

    The laptop power switch has 2 lights one of which is on every time I plug the ac adapter in and the switches don't work at all and don't turn the laptop on. I checked the power adapter and it's good, removed CMOS battery multiple times and it still hasn't started up. Please help fix this!
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    Power Switch Problem - Dell Inspiron 530 Tower -

    Power switch would not work - so I did the work-around on Tom's blog(OLOD orange light of death) - power on BUT :1st: orange light (Power UP Button)stays on(should be blue) -2nd: computer system not working - does not get to BOOT system even (where you select F2)? What's the problem?? This is...
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    my laptop when i shut down the power buttons are still blinking and it was not shut down properly why what is the problem

    i will shut down my lenova b460e laptop but after i shut down the power (switch on) button does not off and all the charges were going
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    Power switch may be failing (MSI gaming laptop)

    All, I have a 15-16 month old MSI GE70-20E laptop (out of warranty) that is beginning to exhibit strange behavior with the power (on/off) button. If the unit is off I have a very hard time starting it. I press the button and the light turns on (amber) and the system begins powering up but then...
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    Hi I have a laptop and when I plug it in to power the charger light comes in and when I turn on the power switch it lights up

    Hi I have a laptop and when I plug it in to power the charger light comes on and when I turn on the power switch it lights up but nothing comes up on the screen every 3-4 minutes it boosts up and a fan cuts in but nothing happens and it goes on for around 30 seconds and then I cuts back out...
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    Asus - motherboard change - turns on off on off

    Hi, I've a problem with ASUS K73SD - I've bought a repaired motherboard from buymotherboard.net Changed and now: - the notebook turns on when I plug electricity adapter. - nothing happens on screen - after few seconds it start switching on off on off... (like power button is permanently...
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    How do you replace the power button/switch on a Dell Latitude d600 laptop

    Can anyone tell me in detail how to replace or repair what seems to be a faulty power switch on my older Dell Latitude d600 laptop computer? Many thanks for any assistance. Hope you're having a great day.
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    How to fix the power switch on sony str-de845

    The power on/off button broke off. I need to one, locate a new switch and two, need to know how to fix it.
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    No power on my toshiba satellite

    I switched de polarity of my toshiba charger and now I do not have any power when I press the power switch . Nothing also happens when I put a new charger with the same voltage as the original charger in. According to a repairer the board is in perfect condition. Pleàse help me as I only bought...
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    My Acer Laptop does not working, need help plz

    Dear friends... Last night i opened my laptop and it was ok as usual, but after few secnds on the screen suddenly full white display appeared which is first time I seen. I did off the laptop by pressing power switch. And later i tried to on the laptop by pressing power on switch but does not on...
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    Ribbon cable for power switch bar

    Where to buy?
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    ACER Support sucks

    I have an Acer A500 one month out of warrenty and the power switch went bad... they would do nothing for me ... want $200. plus shipping to repair it... ACER product support sucks!!!
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    Turned the power switch off last night, today it will not turn back on red light

    Last night I turned the power off on my toshiba tv, this morning when I tried to turn it on it would not, red light just blinks, turned the cable on and off made no difference
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    Solved! Resolving battery charging problem from acer laptop while power switch is plugge

    Hello, i buy acer laptop 18 month before, now problem is that it is not charging its battery while it is switch on. if i shut down it, it will charge its battery as usual. please help me in getting out of this problem.
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    How do I turn on my IBM thinkpad iseries 1300

    someone gave me a IBM thinkpad iseries 1300. I know nothing about them. Power cord is new so I am told but I don't even know where the power switch is and no instructions came with it can anyone help me?
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    Solved! Dell D600 Power Switch

    Hello, My admittedly old but usually trustworth Dell Latitude D600 laptop has a faulty power switch. I've opened the panel at the top of the keyboard and re-built the switch assembly 3 times, but it really needs a better fix. Is there a board assembly I can buy or another way to control the...
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    When power switch is pressed all lights come on but nothing comes on the screen

    Hi, I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FS215Z (aka PCG-7A1M)laptop and when I press the power button all lights come on but nothing comes on the screen. I can hear something happening but when I checked I found that the fan doesnt spin. Could this all be solved with just the fan being replaced or are there...
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    Repair realistic receivers

    Hello, Anyone know where I might find a power switch for a Realistic STA-2300? Is there a company that makes electronic parts for the vintage receiver business?
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    Solved! How to remove power switch cover on Toshiba A105

    Hello, the plastic power button, that is part of what Toshiba calls a Button Cover,broke and will sometimes get stuck in the down position causing the unit to cycle on and off. I called National Parts Depot and they told me that the button cover just snaps in place and could easily be replaced...
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    Olympus C-770

    The power switch is not working properly on my Olympus C-770. Although the camera is off when the switch is pushed far to the left, when moved to the right, it only shows the pictures already taken (playback mode), even when the switch is moved to the shooting modes (still pictures or movies)...
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    How can run laptop mothherboard without power switch

    how can run laptop mothherboard without power switch
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    Solved! Stereo receiver

    My very old Yamaha R-100 stereo receiver will be playing and then suddenly goes out. It makes a click sound when it does. Sometimes it turns itself back on in a few minutes, other times it stays off for days or weeks - maybe forever this time. Normally when I switch on the power switch, the...
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    Solved! Klipsh ProMedia 2.1 Speakers Question

    Hey, I have the speakers listed in the title. I just hooked them up actually. My question is, I can't find a switch to turn them off. There is the power switch to the PSU on the back of the sub but I don't want to hit that every time. That is way to inconveniently placed to be the correct way to...
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    Solved! Remove gateway motherboard

    I have a gateway MX7 model mx6596 when i turn it on the power switch light blinks 3 times what does this mean?
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    Sansui G-6000 Amplifier

    I have a Sansui G-6000 amp that has worked flawlessly until now. When I switch on the power switch the power is not coming on and the green power light keeps tripping on and off. What is wrong?
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    Carver HR-895

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?) I had this unit repaired 2 years ago it was turning off by itself and sometimes would not power up at all ,the tech said it was a sticky power switch that he just cleaned not replaced , Now its doing the same thing (warr. is out) looks easy to...