Is it possible to start a laptop without a power button?


Mar 20, 2016
I have an HP Pavilion G6 laptop, with an AMD-A10 processor and 8gb of RAM, and I had it since late 2012. Recently, it was overheating quite a bit and so I decided to finally clean the laptop, particularly the fan and the heatsink. To be honest, the architecture of the laptop is quite puzzling, so it took me some time to disassemble the laptop.Once I started reassembling, I got to reconnecting the power button strip to its connector, and I accidentally damaged it. Due to this, my power button no longer functions, thus I cannot start my laptop. I know it's working because I have done this process before with other laptops, so I know what I'm doing. It was just this one accidental and costly mistake.

I've tried to look up the problem on this site and elsewhere to no avail.
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