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  1. scyron

    Solved! Asus ZenBook Flip 15 suddenly died (UX562)

    Hello guys! I hope you are all doing well 😊 I need your help cause my laptop died suddenly this week while I was teleworking. It's a good one I bought 1 year ago for photography and video editing: -The AC cable was pluged in and...
  2. S

    locked bios password

    good morning sir my laptop (Dell inspiron 5559) locked to change bios settings. I removed CMOS battery but didnot solved.
  3. R

    cmos battery location Satellite C55-B5101

    I am trying to locate the cmos battery in my Toshiba satellite C55-B5101 Laptop. There is a blank spot for one on the mother board, nothing on either side. I can't find any evidence of one? Toshiba refuses to supply me with a service or maintenance guide or any schematic. I have it completely...
  4. E

    Solved! RTC Battery is Low

    My Toshiba c50-b-14d recently had a 'RTC battery is low' error, but I carried on using it normally, until yesterday. I switched the power button on and the fan runs and LED lights are on, but there is no display or anything on the screen.
  5. S

    Good mornig sir I am trying to enter a password in my Samsung np-nc108 I can't see even CMOS in side i have done almost everyt

    Good morning sir I am trying to enter a password for my Samsung np-nc108 I can't see CMOS in side i have done almost everything but my laptop it's not starting please help me out Thank you very much
  6. A

    Solved! Toshiba Satellite - no boot no bios

    I got a Toshiba Satellite in trade for some phone repairs. It was working fine, but then I did a full system reset and disk clean through the windows 10 reset menu. It went through the process but when it turned back on it had a black screen with a blinking underscore cursor (image 1). I tried...
  7. O

    asus laptop with black screen starts itself when plug in the power cable

    hi everybody, first of all,i am sorry if my english is too broken. i have a huge problem on my laptop.I would like to start from beginning to end of the issue.I have changed the cmos battery on asus n55s laptop but then i saw windows asks me to set the time after i plug out the power cable and...
  8. O

    Laptop Problem: No BIOS/Toshiba LOGO pop up, Black screen, Have a power on light, Fan is working, can EJECT DVD,

    Hi good day! I have a problem in my laptop - Toshiba Satellite C855D-S5104. I left it turn on at night, then in the morning when I check the laptop it still power on yet the screen is BLACK. I power off and apply all the solutions like RESET, then nothing works, when I check, no beep, it has a...
  9. B

    Bios suddenly disappeared. Help me find the cmos battery.

    I was in the process of restoring my Satellite L6550 laptop to its out-of-the-box state using toshiba's official CDs when the power suddenly shut down. When I turned the power back on, the laptop would only show a black screen with a blinking cursor on the top left. The boot process would not...
  10. M

    CMOS battery problems

    My laptop just powered down. There are no beeping sounds from the motherboard. When i plug in the power cable it is not showing any sign of charging. I had opened the back of my pc to see if there was any problems and i found that the CMOS battery was just lying on top of the motherboard, after...
  11. K

    How can i bios / cmos reset ?

    Hi guys, i have a big problem and i cant solve this. I need help to solve My problem. I was uptade My bios on the bios settings with usb flash disk. After, Update is completed and My notebook was restarted. Then, My laptops are doesn't opened. So, it was working, fans are rotate but System cant...
  12. P

    How can I clear the CMOS on a Lenovo Ideapad 110-14isk?

    I have disabled by mistake the integrated graphics from the bios, and now I cannot see anything on the screen. I tried to connect the laptop to a monitor using the HDMI port, but it does not send any signal, so I thought I could clear the CMOS by removing the CR2032 battery and the main battery...
  13. T

    Laptop not booting!! Help!!

    My laptop needed a replacement of windows. So smart me improvising started the laptop via a usb stick woth windows on it. I did that from bios, but the usb had another file in it so my it did not work. But now when i start my laptop, the lights of power buton and others turn on, but my screen...
  14. T

    Where is the CMOS battery in this laptop??

    http:// So I want to try to fix this 8 years old xxodd xni88cu for fun, but I can't find the CMOS battery. Does anyone have any idea where it is?
  15. D

    After setting UEFI to legacy boot mode, laptop did not boot at all, no POST either. Removing CMOS battery doesn't help either

    Hi all, so, I bought a second-hand laptop (thinkpad t440s) and wanted to check the hardware with memtest86+. For this though I needed to disable some UEFI settings to have the computer boot into legacy mode (following instructions here...
  16. V

    ASUS Zenbook UX305UA CMOS Battery placement?

    Hey! As a part of trying to reset my computer as it suddenly turned off now give no sign of life whatsoever (no light, no nothing) I want to remove the CMOS battery as a last resort of reseting the computer. But the only tutorials I can find in doing to is another type of setup of the ASUS...
  17. Lutfij

    How To Find The BIOS Jumpers On Toshiba Laptop Motherboard

    On a desktop, having access to a BIOS jumper can come in handy. If you need to reset the BIOS to default, or you’ve messed up with your overclocks. The same can be necessary for your laptop. If you’re suffering from a black screen issue, or you need to reset your BIOS to defaults in order to...
  18. Lutfij

    How To Fix A Laptop That Doesn’t Start

    Laptops play a major part in our daily lives be it in the house as a home office machine or at the office when we’re on the move from one location to another. Like all electronic devices, laptops have their fair share of succumbing to failure or death. There are a number of us who have had to...
  19. M

    Asus S550C Black Illuminated Screen, No BIOS, NO POST, Trouble booting

    Hello, My Asus S550C laptop is having trouble getting to POST and booting. The hard drive, I have noticed, will power up and then wind down and remain doing nothing, as will the laptop which will continue to run a black, backlit screen, as well as all fans, lights, and the CD drive, but no hard...
  20. N

    ASUS A42F won't post

    Two weeks ago, my Linux based os detected that the last mount time was in the future, meaning that the cmos battery was dead. so yesterday i opened the laptop and replaced the battery, then it booted just fine into bios. so i changed the date and turned on UEFI, (no HDD inserted to the laptop...
  21. S

    Lenovo Thinkpad T520 - Some keyboard keys (b, n, space) and Power button are not working

    So a few months ago I moved out and I forgot my laptop in sleep mode for a few days. When I tried to open it, I couldn't succeed. I put the charger in, kept pressing the Power button, nothing happened. Eventually, I managed to boot it by removing the battery and the charger, remove the CMOS...
  22. N

    Replacement CMOS for Toshiba E45T-B4106

    Wrenching on a friends Toshiba Satellite E45T-B4106 (Part# PSPNCU-004002). Upon boot up it asks for the date and time. Everytime you unplug it you have to input the date and time. Needs a new CMOS or RTC battery? Right? Opened it up and just can't find anything that resembles a battery...
  23. R

    Dell studio 1558 CMOS slot on motherboard damaged

    My Dell studio 1558 did not boot up last night. So, I opened it up, took out the RAMs, cleaned and replaced them. Then, I felt that the CMOS battery might have gone bad. So, I attempted to take out the CMOS battery from its slot. But, unfortunately the case which is soldered to the motherboard...
  24. D

    cmos jumper location

    looking for either the cmos jumper spot location on a cyberpowerpc fangbook ms-17631 motherboard?
  25. S

    Solved! Laptop cmos replacement

    Toshiba Satellite L505D laptop suddenly won't boot. No lights come on. Read that it could be the cmos battery died. Does this sound correct?
  26. D

    my pc is not showing current day and time though i have changed a new cmos battery

    Cmos battery is changed but bios date,and time is wrong
  27. R

    5 Beeps when lapotop boots up. Changed CMOS battery but still beeps 5 times.

    Hi, When I turned on my laptop it started continous 5 beeps. Which usually means CMOS battery failure. So I replaced CMOS battery with a new one. But the problem still exists. But sometimes laptop boots normally. I noticed one thing that sometimes no beep when power adapater is connected. But...
  28. M

    I have to reset (unplug, replug) CMOS every time I startup my laptop otherwise it won't power on. HELP!

    It all started with a problem at the fan. It started making very loud and unusual sounds and the laptop started overheating a lot. I had over 100°C temps and super lag in games(also 80°C when idle). I decided to disassamble the laptop and fix the fan/clean up the laptop. I managed to fix the...
  29. A

    Cmos jamper location toshiba satellite c850d-118

    I want to rest bios password and i cant identify the jampers
  30. M

    Asus zenbook related cmos battery strange issue

    Hello, My laptop (Asus zenbook) refused to turn on recently so I tried this: -I unplugged the cmos battery then plugged it again after that the pc started succesfully however it only start once, it stops from working as soon as I shut it down and I have to repeat the same operation in order to...
  31. A

    Manually Resetting Bios with CMOS Battery

    Hello, everyone! I recently got into a spot of trouble with my Toshiba Satellite e45t-a4300 laptop. I can elaborate on what lead up to this if necessary but right now Im trying to reset the bios manually using the cmos battery, but I can't find any guide videos for my specific make of laptop...
  32. M

    My sister's laptop is booting up, but the screen is staying blank

    She owns an MSI Apache Pro GE72, and I'm trying to fix it for her. She said she saw a BSOD flash right before the problem began. The issue was that when she booted it up, nothing would come up and it would shut down immediately and boot up again after a while. After fiddling with it for a...
  33. M

    No CMOS Battery From Toshiba?

    I just purchased a Toshiba Satellite C55-b5300 and after resetting the rtc time removed the battery to install more memory only to find that on startup the boot required the rtc clock to be reset. I went back and disassembled the bottom to find the CMOS battery and there was NONE! So what's that...
  34. R

    CMOS battery good replacement

    Hello guys, I have an old Acer Aspire 5732ZG, i had some problems with it not booting or the battery light would flash orange and so on, i put all the blame on the battery and on the motherboard after that, but it really was just the charger. The thing is before i tried checking the charger i...
  35. M

    Cmos battery for laptop

    So i bought a ML1220 cmos battery at ebay for $2.99 and its not rechargeable. So my question is Is it okay to changed the CMOS battery from rechargeable to non- rechargeable? Can i leave my laptop open (24-7) with non rechargeable cmos? Please advice me Thanks
  36. M

    reset CMOS battery in a Lenovo Ideapad U530

    Can anyone tell me where the cmos battery is located and how to do a cmos reset in lenovo ideapad U530. Also how do I get into the BIOS? How do I findout if the bios neds to be updated?
  37. S

    Clearing cmos on Dell xps L702x

    Does shorting the pins between rtcr1 and rtcr2 next to the battery able to clear the CMOS on a dell XPS l702x laptop with battery removed?. I know my password. Just wont to reset to factory.
  38. N

    laptop screen remains blacks after replacing cmos battery

    i replaced the cmos battery and after that the laptop screen is just black . the hdd light doesnt flash
  39. S

    bios supervisor password problem

    please ......i need clear cmos in toshiba radius satelite p55w-c5316
  40. R

    Solved! display error problem

    Hello I've dell insprion 3442. I'd issue on cmos battery failure. I've changed my cmos battery n still there is 5 beep sound. But now my display doesn't turn on it's black out. Please give me some idea about how to solve it as soon as possible.
  41. L

    Working on a toshiba c55-b5382

    Trying to reset the bios for the toshiba c55-b5382 and was told I needed to take out the cmos but I can't locate it could someone help me with this please.
  42. D

    lenovo boot problem

    pxe boot failure how to get cmos screen in lenovo g50 laptop
  43. M

    Solved! Toshiba 850 cmos

    Where can I find the cmos battery on my Toshiba Satellite p850 Won't boot. No lights no action. Tried to discharge come battery but this is my next option
  44. S

    get to menu when won't reboot or anything it goes to set up or boot settings with box enter password

    Can't reboot wellet can't get pass turn on without password
  45. R

    Laptop starts, screen doesn't

    So I've had my laptop (HP Probook 450 G0, i5 3230, 8 gb RAM, swapped 1tb hdd for 128 gb ssd, amd 8750M) for about 2 years now, and recently, everytime it shuts down, and I start it back up, the computer will start, fan will after few seconds start to run, but the screen doesn't. After pressing...
  46. C

    Solved! Asus A42JK powers on but no display or BIOS

    Hi guys, I just took a leap, open up and upgraded my Asus A42JK from i5-520M to i7-840QM. Cleaned up and changed the fan and CMOS battery too. I put it back together, made sure everything is wired up properly as I took them out when disassembling. I reinstalled by HDD and RAM and tried...
  47. R

    Solved! Bootable pendrive not detected!!!

    My PC is also not detecting bootable pen drive.... And I have tried everything. Is this the problem of CMOS battery???,because my date and time is not set!!
  48. D

    ASUS won't start unless batteries disconnected first

    I have an interesting problem I'm hoping someone can help me with. My Asus Q302L laptop was in perfect working condition until yesterday, when it refused to start when I pressed the power button. It has not had any spills, falls, etc. I did a hard reboot - opened the back of the laptop and...
  49. O

    Laptop Cmos Reset help

    Hi guys I recently opened up my 5 years old HP Pavilion DV7 - Intel Core i5-2410M, 8GB to clean out the fan and reapply thermal paste to the CPU. So after I was done cleaning and I tested to see if it turns on. It turned on but I got a screen saying something about CMOS reset and I actually...
  50. T

    unlock bios,reset cmos password. Gateway Lt4008u laptop

    directly after power on screen says"gateway" and "press f2 to go to set up" when i press f2 it asks for a password that i do not know. if i wait a second it says " an operating system was not found" conventional cmos reset techniques don't work -soldered in batt/no dip switch/no jumpers/ or...
  51. F

    MSI-16Y1 (Chiklet) CMOS battery replacement

    Cannot find the CMOS battery on this motherboard?? Any help/guidance greatly appreciated
  52. J

    OK to replace CMOS battery safely?

    OK… Work on wooden laptop proceeds. The base has been - though is being modified, and the screen covering. Yet to fix the screen mounting to the base or to build the keyboard casing. Given the old U135dx which this will be based on is in pieces I figured I may as well replace the CMOS battery...
  53. ITgreybeard

    Lenovo G530 CMOS Battery

    Hello. My Lenovo G530 laptop CMOS battery was "tack welded" to tabs on the motherboard. Virtually the entire laptop has to be disassembled to get to it, in order to replace it. When I levered the battery from its "tacked" tabs, it shot across the table and onto the floor, not allowing me to...
  54. D

    MoBo has no place for CMOS batt, BIOS loses date/time & complains.

    Hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite C55 B5353 that I bought a year ago. Win 8 initially, installed Win 10 almost immediately. Some time ago it had some weird power issues (turning off abruptly when not on AC power) and now it can't stay on much longer than 10 mins before abruptly shutting down...
  55. E

    DELL INSPIRON F2 F12 not working

    I have a dell inspiron 7720 (windows 8 originally windows 10 now) and i wanted to reset it because a program was not installing. So I got started and I started to reset it keeping my files and it failed. I tried again and this time making permanent reset (I backed up my files). I went to the...
  56. Karsten75

    HP Pavillion DV2000 CMOS checksum error

    If I leave the aforementioned lptop off mains power and the battery runs down, I get the error message that there was a CMOS checksum error. If I press F1, then the laptop boots up but time/date is reset. On desktops, I'd guess that this means the CMOS battery needs replacing. All my Googling...
  57. A

    Bios reset. Cmos. Broken keyboard.

    Hello everyone. Laptop: Asus K55VJ OS: Windows 7 I am unable to boot my laptop. I must highlight one of the two options to allow windows to boot. However, laptops keyboard is broken and I have installed different drivers to disable it completely. I have been using external usb keyboard with...
  58. haloxcrysis1

    Laptop NO BOOT !!!

    Hi, my Acer laptop switches on but does not boot at all. The screen is black, as in no backlight, no cursor, no OS, nothing visible. No signs of life on screen. No HDD light. Barely any sound (maybe faint sound of power on though) I shone a light on the screen just to be sure and still...
  59. K

    where is cmos battery located at on toshiba m505-s4940

    I need to know where to find the cmos battery on a Toshiba satellite m505-s4940 can anybody help me out on this?
  60. L

    Toshiba Satellite S50 B CMOS battery

    TOSHIBA SATELLITE S50 - B Part NO. PSPQ6C - 025001 ----------------------- I turn on the laptop and it keeps on prompting "TOSHIBA Leading Innovation" over and over again.. 1. I removed the Laptop Battery. 2. Put the battery back in. 3. Turn the Laptop. 4. This time, I get another popup...