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  1. G

    ASUS N56V CMOS Reset

    Hi, I need to reset the CMOS in my ASUS N56V. I have taken it apart, but I can't seem to find the CMOS battery. Any information would be extremely helpful. Thanks!
  2. Y

    do smartphones have real time clock chips/circuits?

    All, I would like to know if smartphones have cmos batteries, pram batteries or real time clock chips/circuits. I looked at alot of tear down reports and did not find them, but wasn't sure if that's because they just don't report such components. thanks. Yoshi
  3. J

    How to fix cmos settings wrong with new battery

    Hey i am new here and my laptop everytime i turn it on tells me that the CMOS settigs ar wrong and the CMOS date and time are not set. I have changed out the battery, but the problem is still there. I dont know if i am in te wrong thread or not. Will someone point me in the right direction.
  4. Maliceinslaughterland

    Cmos failure

    Gateway MS2285 will not boot, the screen will not come on. Computer will start up but nothing happens. I replaced the Cmos battery and does the same thing. Can not hear the Hard disk working but can hear the system running. Whats the score here?
  5. M

    Compaq Presario m200, which cmos bios batteryn goes?

    Hello, Which cmos bios battery is used for Compaq Presario m2000 laptop?
  6. E

    Hdd master password set itself on acer aspire laptop and clearing cmos with jump

    is there another jumper to clear hdd master password on acer aspire cmos j3 jumper does not clear it
  7. S

    How do i clear the CMOS password on the toshiba satellite a350d-ba3

    hi there I am trying to reset the password on my sons laptop he forgot the password. have it apart but can't find the jumpers others have spoke about with other modela they are under the ram not with this one. any help would be much appreciated. it is a toshiba satellite a350d-ba3 thanks so...
  8. sid3695

    Pleas help me choose
  9. B

    Portege M400 Boot Password

    My laptop asked for a password when i turned on yesterday and i cant boot without it. I never had to type a password before. I called Toshiba repair service and they told me it would cost 170 dollars to fix. Ive already tried removing the cmos battery for a few days and i cant seem to find the...
  10. Y

    How to clear CMOS of Toshiba Satellite l745

    i have a toshiba l745 laptop. I want to clear cmos. can anyone tell me how to do it?
  11. H

    How to replace cmos battery on toshiba satellite m105

    how to replace cmos battery on toshiba satallite m105-s3001
  12. K

    Location cmos battery

    Hello, where do i find the cmos battery for an alienware Mx11 R2 laptop? Thanks in advance.
  13. G

    How do I reset the cmos in a Acer 5515 notebook?

    How do I reset the cmos in a Acer 5515 ??? :bounce:
  14. P

    Toshiba satellite 2410 service manual

    Does anybody in this wonderful world of ours know what and where the cmos battery is on the Tohshiba model: Satellite 2410???
  15. W

    Help with registration

    Hello, I bought a Cannon PowerShot ELPH 110 HS CMOS Didital Camera with 5x Optical Image on April 6,2012 through I would like to register this camera, however, I can't find the registration #. there is a # on the camera: 432020033966 Please help. Thank you
  16. K

    Cmos pasword removal for acer travelmate 5530

    What is the BIOS password for the TravelMate 5530 Model#M52231? I spoke with our local computer shop and they said I had to request myself to Acer, on line. If anyone can help, would muchly appreciate.
  17. F

    Keyboard doesn\'t respond

    my keyboard doesn't repond after replacing the cmos battery what might be the help.bye
  18. W

    Toshiba Satellite L305D-S5934 CMOS battery soldered?

    Hey, From reading up across the internet, it seems as though my girlfriend's CMOS battery in her laptop died. So I disassembled the laptop, and when I got to the battery - I found that it's soldered in. How do I proceed with replacing it? Can this model's battery be replaced outside of a repair...
  19. S

    Cmos battery not working it is posiible that the laptop will be no display

    cmos battery not working it is posiible that the laptop will be no display
  20. D

    Toshiba l655 s5071 cmos battery

    How to reset the cmos battery in a Toshiba satellite l655
  21. 1

    How to replace the CMOS Battery in the acer 5315

    my hhd is locked and cannot boot in acer 5315-2142
  22. Q

    Cmos location on toshiba

    Hello, where is the place cmos batt on Toshiba Satellite L645
  23. P

    free acer laptop support

    where is the cmos battery located in the acernote light 350c
  24. R

    Laptop CMOS issue

    Hello, My ASUS X50SL laptop recently develoved this problem,whenever i shutdown or Hybernate laptop, at startup it always shows somthing like this CMOS settings wrong TIME/DATE not set Press F2 to enter setup Press F1 to load default settings and continue Usually i use F1 but when i am in...
  25. M

    Replaced cmos no hdd or monitor

    Hello, I have an E Systems 3083 laptop running XP home. It was loosing time and date so I attempted replacing CMOS. When I reassembled I get no bios,no monitor, no HDD, just the cd drive making noises. can anyone please help
  26. E

    Resetting the cmos on a toshiba satellite L655-s5075

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L655-5075 that won't POST. I reset the CMOS by taking the entire motherboard out of the laptop and taking the RTC battery out and I got it to POST ONCE! Now it's going back to the way it was. Any way, I really don't want to take off 50 screws any time I want to reset...
  27. A

    Acer laptop cmos reset

    Acer 5720z 4126 Aspire one repeats, current password: ? I ampretty well diy so tell me how to reset the cmos password. tks
  28. C

    Asus G51VX CMOS Battery Replacement

    I have an Asus G51VX laptop I'm repairing. The date and time will not hold with the accompanying results. After searching 8 Gazillion web pages, I still can't find the details on how to locate and change the CMOS Battery. So I came to the experts. Any help? Pete
  29. M

    Solved! Hardware

    I would like to know about the relation between Firmware-BIOS-CMOS-ROM and their functions. I think the Firmware is a software embeded on hardware, ROM is a newer version of CMOS and BIOS.... Am I missing something here?
  30. T

    How to replace the RTC (CMOS) battery in a Toshiba Satellite m35x-s111

    I've taken this thing apart, removed everything but the motherboard from the bottom casing. Can't find anything that looks like a battery. Anyone have a clue?
  31. C

    Lost cmos password

    Hello, I have a emachine e-725 laptop that has a bios password. Forgot the password. can not change the boot order to reinstall windows on new hard drive. How can I bypass it or remove it. Thanks for your help
  32. T

    Cmos battery type for toshiba satellite L305D laptop

    Hello, where might the CMOS battery be located on a Toshiba Satellite L505D S5965 laptop ? And what type of CMOS battery m ight that be ??
  33. T

    Reset cmos and gettin an error 5 on cd

    i bought a new hard drive because i have a fualty hard drive on the previous.. plus i gettin a code cdboot is gettin code 5 when tryin to install 7 on it.. oh yeah its hp dv-2000
  34. V

    Where is the cmos battery on the Gateway P-6860 FX laptop computer

    does this product have a button battery or cmos batter inside?
  35. O

    Bypass cmos ibm600e

    how to bypass cmos to windows
  36. S

    Toshiba Satellite L505 CMOS Password

    Hello, I have tried everything from everyone on the internet about how to reset the cmos password on this computer, even left the batteries and power supply disconnected for weeks at a time, called Toshiba (no help at all), can't locate any BIOS chips to try jumper method...anyone have any other...
  37. G

    Question Think pad laptop cmos problem

    I was told by the tech support people that I needed to discharge my cmos battery in my thinkpad t60. Can anyone help me?
  38. M

    Toshiba satellite Cmos battery A200

    Please can you help me locate my CMOS battery on my Toshiba satellite A200 motherboard.. because i want to resert my BIOS password. My Serial NO: 77086142Q. Thank's. Matani
  39. M

    Solved! How to replace cmos battery on toshiba satellite a105

    Hi, I bought a new motherboard for my Toshiba satellite a105 laptop. It did not come with a cmos battery. There is one on the old motherboard. How do I take it off and put on the new motherboard?
  40. G

    Cmos battery travelmate 4070

    Where is the CMOS battery in a travelmate 4070 ??
  41. T

    CMOS RTC Battery Toshiba Satellite M45 M55

    Can some one tell me where to find the cmos batterey on my Toshiba Satellite M45 plz.... thank you!
  42. M

    Solved! Hp Mini 311 cmos checksum is invalid ???

    I have a hp mini 311 1000nr, i was upgrading the hdd so i had it open upside-down next to the window on my dresser. the window was open and i didn't know it was raining and it got soaked so i immediately removed the battery and cmos, completely disassembled it and began to blow dry it, about 12...
  43. S

    Help with the system checksum CMOS

    Hello, I took my laptop in for repairs because the date and time, system checksum cmos bad -defaults configs used kept coming up i am not computer savvy and do know how to change date and time but i dont know how to change defaults configs without messing up laptop can use computer after...
  44. B

    Cmos Password Not Wokring - Vaio

    hi! i just got my friend VAIO laptop , it has a cmos password so each time the computer loads its ask for password before windows start. i knew the password , i entered the cmos setup , i entered the security tab and entered the current password and in the new password i just hit enter so it...
  45. S

    Toshiba satellite L300 cmos battery location

    Trying to locate the CMOS battery on a Toshiba Satelitte L300 laptop - can see motherboard - but not battery - can anyone help ? Sixstring805
  46. C

    Solved! CMOS RTC Battery Toshiba Satellite M45 M55

    Hello, I need to replace the CMOS battery in a Toshiba Satellite M55-S135 not sure the best way to go about it. Every time the battery goes dead I have to reset the time & date.
  47. G

    Solved! Cmos reset for Toshiba A305-S68531

    Hello, How to Reset Cmos for Toshiba A305-S68531
  48. G

    Cmos pasword removal for acer travelmate 5530

    i got a laptop password on a acer travelmate 5530 that my ex girlfriend and she won't give it to me i can not get in to change the cmos settings of this laptop because the laptop needs a cmos boios password. could someone help me to get rid of this password
  49. H

    Where is the CMOS battery for aspire 5515

    Where is the CMOS battery located on an Aspire 5515 laptop? I am having to replace the battery and can not locate it!
  50. booboo1342

    Tecra s2: date time reset at every boot

    toshiba tecra s2: bios-date-time is resetted at every boot, though CMOS-Battery meters O.K. (3,15V), can it be that the CMOS-Battery is still too less charged or defective (too high internal resistance) after a long non-usage period? thanx for advice! :)
  51. M

    How does it look a CMOS battery in Laptop Dell Insp 8200?

    How does it look a CMOS battery in a Laptop Dell Insp 8200 or how do I reconize it?
  52. G

    What is the soldered cmos battery on a toshiba a300 -1mc laptop

    Trying to find a replacement cmos battery for a toshiba A300-1MC laptop. It is soldered on the motherboard. (Think it might be a sony ML1220) but not sure and cannot find replacement.
  53. B

    Toshiba netbook cmos battery replacement

    I have a Toshiba netbook. The Cmos battery is dead. Is this something I can replace myself?
  54. G

    How to remove CMOS battery in a laptop computer

    Hello, My grandson,for some unknown reason,put a password on my Toshiba C655 laptop computer.I know the password,but would like to remove the requirement to enter the password.I really don't want to open it up and remove the cmos battery.Is there anything else that I can do?
  55. K

    Toshiba Satellite Pro CMOS Battery Location

    Hello, Where is the cmos battery located on a toshiba satellite pro
  56. Marcus Yam

    Canon Develops 120 Megapixel CMOS Sensor

    Marketing teams would love this bullet point. Canon Develops 120 Megapixel CMOS Sensor : Read more
  57. G

    Solved! Laptop extensa 5220 motherboard CMOS location

    I want to figure out the location of COMS at the motherboard laptop acer extenza 5220
  58. J

    Cmos battery replacement toshiba

    Hello, where is the cmos battery located on the Toshiba 2805-S503?
  59. J

    How to take apart my toshiba 2180cdt satellite laptop to get to the cmos battery

    Hello, i am trying to take apart my toshiba 2180CDT laptop so i can access the cmos battery how do i do this
  60. D

    Sony Vaio Cmos Reset

    Hello, I recently bought a Sony Vaio pcg-7113L. To my dismay, there is a 'bootup password' and a 'cmos' password. I have taken the laptop apart and removed the cmos battery, and put it all back together (battery removed mind you), and it's still asking for the password. Any clues how i can...