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  1. Harbourlights

    Acer travelmate 800

    How do I replace the cmos battery in this please
  2. R

    Toshiba p105 s6114 CMOS battery location and replacement

    What is the location of the CMOS battery and how do you replace it on a Toshiba p105 s6114 laptop
  3. M

    Accessing the CMOS Battery on a Toshiba L55D-B5364 Satellite Laptop

    I am trying to replace the CMOS battery on this laptop. I got a message about the RTC clock battery not being charged. There is no access panel on the bottom of the laptop for RAM or HDD, so I removed the bottom plastic panel, exposing the motherboard. Trouble is, there is nothing that looks...
  4. K

    Question where is the CMOS battery on a Toshiba C55-B5296

    So i have taken apart this laptop i am working on when it got factory restored a bios password somehow got added......thing is there doesn't seem to be a CMOS battery anywhere on the motherboard. Am i just missing it?
  5. okrobie

    How to replace the CMOS battery in a Samsung QX411?

    I can't get the case open for this unit. Is there a trick? Thanks, Jim
  6. assassinslo

    HP Compaq 6820 CMOS

    Hello everyone. I have this laptop, but the main battery is dead and it works only while plugged. So my problem is that everytime I unplug computer, and then plug it again and start, it shows me an error "163-Time & Date Not Set", and then the time is 00:00 1.1.1980. I already replaced RTC...
  7. I

    I have an Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 Motherboard and am having issues with the CMOS clock resetting every time I switch the Power Off

    I have an Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 Motherboard and am having issues with the CMOS clock resetting every time I switch the Power Supply off at the end of the day. It is a pain as I have then to manually reset the time every time I power up my PC. I've replaced the CMOS battery and still no...
  8. I

    Hard Drive unrecognized after disconnecting while on

    I need some help figuring out how to fix a hard drive. i accidentally disconnected the HDD while it was on and now the computer does not recognize it. I already tried resetting the CMOS and doing the "Battery Trick" (which resets the CMOS). none of the components of the drive are physically...
  9. J

    Unable to Boot & unable to fresh Installation

    Dear all, I would like to share my desktop configuration first. In this configuration I had worked with my PC for 3 years. Processor :- Intel Dual-Core RAM :- DDR2 2GB 800Mhz OS - Win 7 64 bit Motherboard : Asus P5KPL-AM/PS HDD : 500GB SATA Then I had added a additional DDR2 @ 2GB RAM into...
  10. R

    Asus K24F Notebook stuck on black screen after few changes in ROM

    My Notebook Asus K24F wont boot after doing few changes in BIOS (I don't know what) Now after pushing power button, it stucks on black screen, Power lights works, HDD light just blinks once, No keys works (F2, F9) What to do for hardware reset or to clear CMOS Will be thankful for suggestions...
  11. P

    bios/RTC missing off motherboard?

    Ok guys I have a Hp presario CQ57 when starts fan starts but gets faster and faster eventually shutting down after sometime ill explain bit more first boot after pressing power to drain, or after leaving stood for a while, power on and would get the following boot message: enter is...
  12. I

    Asus A75V / A75VM Notebook CMOS Reset

    Hi, can someone tell me please how to reset the CMOS on this Notebook? I changed some Settings in the BIOS and now it doesn't start anymore. I would be really happy if someone could help me solve this problem.
  13. J

    CMOS jumper location Toshiba Satellite Pro L450

    Hi first post as i stated i have a Toshiba Satellite Pro L450 and i cannot for the life of me find the cmos jumper. I don't know the laptop even has a cmos jumper. ive located the battery(i think) but it soldered on and im terrible at soldering and i don't want to end up making the problem...
  14. D

    Samsung SERIES 3. NP350V5C.cant locate the CMOS BATTERY.please help me

    Samsung. Np350v5c. Cant locate the CMOS battery.
  15. A

    Good way to splice connector to CMOS battery for laptop....

    Okay, I have an old Acer laptop (tablet actually) that I love dearly. It still works and does what it needs to do. Moreover, because it is basically worthless it is the perfect machine for me to bring to teach my classes because if it were broken, destroyed, or stolen then it literally would...
  16. J

    computer dont power up after reseting cmos

    i changed the cmos battery of an hp laptop then when i tried to power up nothing happened i followed the steps from one of the questions here that said to reset the cmos again and disconect all except ram and cpu after that the computer turned on but not at all it just started the fan and some...
  17. M

    how to find CMOS battery in toshiba satellite c50-b920?

    its shows like RTC battery error. i guess it would be CMOS battery. i cant find cmos battery anywhere
  18. D

    Had to replace a cmos battery in laptop, sepearted the screws but dont rem what part they went in?

    I took apart a laptop to replace the internal cmos battery, so I have several groups of small screws and im not sure what part they will go in. Any suggestions? It looks like a lot would fit in to slot not meant for it.
  19. C

    How to reset laptop CMOS?

    (Model # NP365ESC) - CPU: AMD Quad-Core A8-4500M Accelerated Processor GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7640G (Discrete Graphics) I have absolutely no video when I turn on laptop after messing with BIOS. Different people have given me different advice but one I just...
  20. R

    CMOS battery problem

    recently i changed my PC cmos battery. After two months again same problem with date and time settings. this is happened last 3 times. what should i do?
  21. B

    I have accidently broken the RTC Battery Slot, while removing the cmos battery, the complete slot came off the motherboard. No

    I have accidently broken the RTC Battery Slot.Actually while removing the cmos battery, the complete slot came off the motherboard. Any help? Is it possible to solder it back on motherboard?
  22. M

    Did I kill Lenovo G550 using CmosPwd?

    Hi, I've been trying to sort a neighbour's laptop on which someone put both BIOS and HDD passwords. I used CmosPwd on it tonight without realising that it is not suitable for laptops, and now the laptop is completely dead - pressing the power button does absolutely nothing. Is this possible? I...
  23. A

    How to change CMOS Batter in Vaio CR 363

    Hi , From past many days My laptop watch starts showing wrong time when ever i keep it in hibernate mode thus want to know why is it happening so ? Is it my CMOS battery on Sony Vaio CR-363 series is dying and sign of replacing it or there is a way to remove this problem without opening...
  24. V


    hello, I did the stupid thing of setting a BIOS password on administrator level on my k55a laptop with a special character. "!" Bios doesn't recognize it and it doesn't let me in BIOS anymore. Basically, I'm an idiot. I've tried everything I can to reset the bios, without luck Clearing the...
  25. D

    if i could only get a permanent method of clearing computers bioses

    guys.. i know clearing the bios of a computer is to remove its cmos battery and leave it for some amount of time while its not supplied by power of any source (battery, charger or power supply) and later power it on the cmos ram might be wiped. that's the traditional method but latest machines...
  26. I

    Asus K50IJ not starting after killing CMOS using cmospwd

    Hi, I was in the process of reinstalling windows 7 on my computer, and I had to bypass the BIOS password in order to change the boot order. I used the cmospwd program to kill the cmos on my laptop, and now it wont start unless I put the BIOS password, and Ive had this laptop for 9 years and I...
  27. S

    Toshiba Satellite doesn't fully boot

    Hello, My computer is a Toshiba Satellite A660D. The specs are as follows: CPU: AMD Phenom II P940 / 1.7 GHz Quad-Core 8GB RAM ATI Mobility Radeon 5650 Graphics Processor 500GB SATA Hard Drive This problem arose one day after the battery died. I heard it beep from across the room, signaling...
  28. C

    Is my motherboard shot?

    I have a laptop that is having some boot issues. First, I usually have to reset the date/time in the bios when I boot. Second, when I shut down the laptop I cannot boot it back up. There are not any lights on (charging, power, etc.). I can boot it by removing the battery and power chord...
  29. J

    cmos replacement toshiba satellite c50d-b-120 cmos battery

    does anyone know where to locate the cmos battery on a Toshiba satellite C50D-b- 120 ?
  30. G

    How to reset the cmos on a Asus G751 dh71 ROG Laptop

    I have recently purchased a Asus G751 dh71 ROG Laptop and need to reset the cmos. I removed a partition that I previously put on to install Linux Ubuntu but never installed it. When I removed the partition I rebooted the laptop and it showed the blue screen telling me the system was missing...
  31. W

    Is this laptop's CMOS battery? My friend's laptop has gone bad and someone has suggested him to replace the motherboard part shown in above picture. Is this a CMOS battery or what? It contains a couple of 1.5 v batteries. Laptop is Toshiba Dynabook RX3 SM240E/3HD (Japanese...
  32. S

    where can i find cmos battery for my hcl me l55 series laptop

    hi everyone, i am facing serious problems with my hcl me l55 series laptop. 1. i didnt set any password to any windows installations. there is no system administrator, i am the sole user, still for some system modifications it is saying contact system administrator. no one even touches this...
  33. 1

    How do I replace the CMOS battery as pictured in your guide (the blue and silver one) on the Toshiba A105?

    The CMOS battery on my Toshiba A105 is attached to the mother board via a clip like device that appears soldered to the battery and the mother board.
  34. V

    acer laptop nor working

    i have an acer 5741 g lsptop ..when i try to turn it on with or without battery , it makes a single tick noise in hard disk section and turns off...i tried using faulty laptop's hdd in another laptop but it is working fine.. even in some instances after turning off, it automatically tries to...
  35. S

    Changed my CMOS battery and now laptop is locked by intel-mcafee anti theft!

    Hey guys! I have a Dell Inspiron 7737. I was having problems previously with my laptop shutting itself down and the time changing often because of it. I was suggested to change the CMOS battery so I did. When I put my laptop back together and turned it on it gave me a message: This computer has...
  36. B

    Acer Aspier 7738g after cleaning can't start

    Hello everyone ! I'm sorry if i have mistakes when i write, but my english is not very well. Yesterday i opened my laptop Acer Aspire 7738g to clean it, and after i cleaned all and changed thermal paste, it does'n start again. I opened it again to see if some cable was not connected to correct...
  37. M

    Toshiba CMOS Battery

    Toshiba L850 CMOS Battery. My desktop clock keeps reverting back to 01.01.2010 at every restart - even when plugged in (and fully charged). Anti Virus hasn't picked up any issues. I was told I had to change the CMOS battery? Where do I find it? Thanks, Mick
  38. K

    L1300 where to find the cmos battery

    need to replace cmos battery in amilo L1300 laptop
  39. J

    CMOS Failure D620

    My husbands laptop Dell 620 came with a Toshiba HDD2a30 and for some reason it now thinks it is a toshiba and the CMOS has locked him out. Any suggestions? Is the cmos locking the same as having a BIOS Password?
  40. C

    Cmos battery voltage on Acer travelmate 2300??

    What should the cmos battery voltage read on a Acer travelmate2300?? I read 1.18volts,Which to me is not sufficient...I know from experience that 3volts lithium battery is the norm...This battery's size is considerably smaller though...Any 1 ideas please????thnx
  41. N

    Broke CMOS Battery Clip

    Hi, i have an asus 990fx r2.0 the thing is i broke on clip from one side that is holding down the CMOS battery so now, every time and turn on the computer i have choose boot options etc, cause i think is not doing completely contact. What can i do? i dont want to solder cause i dont know how...
  42. B

    ASUS S400CA keeps killing CMOS battery

    Yesterday my laptop powered up, but wouldn't POST. So after checking that the warranty had expired (it has), I opened up and changed the CMOS battery and it worked. But then today it wasn't POSTing again, so once again I changed the CMOS battery, it worked for about ten minutes before it...
  43. T

    need help resetting bios/CMOS password

    I don't know what the password and i can't access windows and there is no CMOS jumpers Don't know the motherboard make but it's a windows 8 gateway ne52202H laptop
  44. G

    Adapting an analog camera to digital

    Hi everyone. I've worked on IT and hardware for more than 8 years, and i'm a photographer for more than 2 years. I work primarily with analog photography and its chemistry, but i also work with digital cameras as well. As i love to mess with hardware, i was wondering if i could adapt a...
  45. O

    Can anyone tell me where the CMOS battery on a Gateway SX2370-UB30P is?

    We have a Gateway SX2370-UB30P that has been working fine. Recently when we turn the computer on we get a BIOS message saying the battery is dead. I've taken the cover off - but can't find the battery.. Google searches have turned up nothing.
  46. Paul Varga

    Acer 5742G Plugged in, no led. Power on/off loop --- [SOLVED]

    Hi I have this Acer 5742G that stopped working earlier. I have searched the forums but those fixes didn't seem to work and my situation is a bit different. So what happened: I was just browsing the interwebs (point being no heavy processing or games that could lead to overheating) and...
  47. H

    Would like to clear CMOS/Bios

    Hi, My system got stuck while updating bios, so I unplug AC connection and un-mount the battery to try my luck and reset my system and now I am getting black screen only. PLEASE HELP - I have dell n5110 inspiron. Thanks
  48. D

    how do change the cmos battery on a l305

  49. U

    cmos jumper toshiba portegr

    guys please help !!! where can i find that god damm cmoz jumper on my motherbord laptop toshiba portege ss 2110 ds10l series? i need to short those jumper to reset the cmos password there were no hint on this board can somebody show me,,,im trying to google but still no luck...ive already tried...
  50. J

    replacing cmos battery sony vaio model pcg-7n2l

    I have a Sony vaio model pcg-7n2l that a friend gave me I upgraded it fro XP to windows 7 but the time continues to reset every time I turn the laptop off. I have set parental controls so my kids can not access it after a certain time of day but because the time resets they are unable to use the...
  51. C

    Samsung NP-R730 Boot Problem, MOBO-CPU

    Hi there, I hope someone can help me with this now, iv had 2 days with this problem and im still stuck. I have a Samsung NP-R730 Laptop, I have had it for 2 years, its been locked away for 6 months and used one a week, the bottom part of the chassis had taken a knock in the first 5 month of...
  52. R

    Dell Inspiron 1545 BIOS password lock

    Hi, I have a Dell Inspiron 1545. The laptops BIOS is password locked. I tried to remove the password by removing the CMOS battery but was unsuccessful with the same. There is no switch next to the CMOS battery which could be used to reset the BIOS. kindly help...!!!
  53. S

    how to reset bios in vaio vpcf136

    hi everyone. i have vaio vpcf136fx/b and i want to reset bios by taking out cmos battery. my question is how to reach to cmos battery in my laptop.plz help me with tips and step by step help. and the reason i want to reset bios is that my laptop is not turning on with battery after sleep and...
  54. S

    yea look under the cover where the hard drive siits and their should be battery that is the battery that keeps cmos or also

    yea look under the cover where the hard drive siits and their should be battery that is the battery that keeps cmos or also know as biso so po that battery out and cmos should forget everything until you boot itback up and then it will start to find onboard devices (ex:wireless ,vga,sound)...
  55. A

    How to REALLY enter setup on ASUS K75DE?

    I really have no idea what's going on here. I have an ASUS K75DE and both official manual and the official site says the Setup key is F2, however no matter how fast I smash the key constantly, nothing happens. I even did that process with "Fn" key pressed and again, nothing. What's going on here?
  56. L

    Sony Vaio VPCEE42FX where is the cmos battery?

    this old laptop won't boot, it was working fine until yesterday, I tried the 30 sec... removing the battery etc.... also connecting it to an external monitor via vga dont work either. So... I tried removing the ram and putting it back, nothing. My last option would be to "remove the cmos...
  57. N

    Laptop time problem! Replacing CMOS battery?

    Hello! I've got new laptop and now have time problem, it is stops go forward after some time please give any opinions, Thank you!
  58. C

    sony viao 671L

    hello all,i v'e just replaced the cmos battery on my sony viao 671L,now the only thing i get is a binking light on the front(power)to make sure it was that i put the old cmos battery in and still just a blinking light.i cannot get this thing to start,help please,
  59. H

    acer v3 771g cmos jumper is not resetting password

    Hello , i forgot my password for bios , i have two main problems : -bios is not recognizing boot device and show message " No Bootble device , Hit any key" -my bios is protected by password wich i can't remember, i tried cmos jumber but it's not working and still demanding password -other method...
  60. S

    HP Compaq Presario CQ62 not booting past hp motherboard splash screen

    Hi, my name is Spencer Bell. I work at Mainstreet Computer Solutions - a computer store - fixing computers. A customer of ours has brought in a HP Compaq Presario CQ62 laptop. The initial problem she was having is that her power supply was not working. To my understanding the town that she is...