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    doesnt acept the password in bios can anyone tell me where is cmos battery
  2. A

    Acer Extensa 390c CMOS battery vhere?

    Hello, wher'is the CMOS battery ,how I can replace it? thanks
  3. 7

    1984 packard bell cmos error

    Hello,my Packard 1984 has a problem CMOS battery fail what dose this mean and what do i do?
  4. G

    Dell xps clear cmos

    Hello, how i clear cmos for dell xps m1330
  5. O

    BIOS Password reset

    I can't remember my BIOS password therefore I replaced CMOS coin battery. After that I get a message "Invalid configuration information-Please run setup program"
  6. S

    free acer laptop support

    Hello, where is the cmos battery exactly in an extensa 4420-5963
  7. F

    Toshiba cmos battery

    Hello need to replace csmo battery Toshiba L45-S7423 can not get the back to seperate seems stuck all screws are out
  8. G

    Cmos battery in laptop

    Hello, where can i find the cmos battery in my portege 7010t laptop
  9. freedle60


    Can anyone tell me how to remove and install a cmos battery in a lenovo thinkpad r31 (type 2656 mu5)?
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    How to enter the cmos in apple mac

    how to enter the cmos in apple mac? what key to press to enter the cmos of apple mac.
  11. K

    Cmos batteres

    I have a toshiba A205-S5809 satellite laptop. I need to change the cmos battery, but I can't get to it. How can I change this battery. Thanks :non:
  12. D

    CMOS battery

    Hi guys, first time joiner second time poster, ok so my laptop is dead (compaq presario m2000) looked on tinternet and narrowed it down to the motherboard, can't be the power jack as there is no loose wires and nothing else I can see that could be wrong, power pack works fine and the hard drive...
  13. T

    Solved! Gateway2500 solo cmos

    Hello how could i reset the bios password on a gateway solo 2500 laptop
  14. G

    How to clear IBM T30 CMOS password

    Can anyone help me to clear IBM T30 password ?
  15. G

    Beeps after killing the CMOS with CMOSPWD 5.0

    There was an unknown password in mij Acer travelmate 243Lc. I ve tried to kill it by CMOSPWD 5.0. (cmospwd /k) now mij screen stays blank and the bios gives 3 beeps; 1 time long and two times short. Can anyone tell me how i can recover mij bios? there is NO DISKDRIVE in the notebook! Thanks, Alwin.
  16. J

    How to replace cmos in gateway m500 series with pictures please

    HI, i got the M500 series. Date and time do not get saved when i shut down. So each time i power up, date and time needs to be adjusted as they are reset to some date on 2003. It is the CMOS battery (that tiny 12V battery "hidden" deep inside). I need help to locate it, how to reach it, but with...
  17. C

    Solved! How to replace the CMOS Battery in the acer 5315

    Does anyone know how to replace the CMOS battery in the Acer 5315 laptop?