asus laptop with black screen starts itself when plug in the power cable

Sep 23, 2018
hi everybody,
first of all,i am sorry if my english is too broken.
i have a huge problem on my laptop.I would like to start from beginning to end of the issue.I have changed the cmos battery on asus n55s laptop but then i saw windows asks me to set the time after i plug out the power cable and start it again(i use the laptop without batter) then i thought maybe i could not place the battery properly.I opened the case of the laptop replaced the cmos battery and without screw on the case i turned on the computer to check if the battery will work but the laptop started itself immediately when i plug in the power cable with black screen.since then the computer starts itself when i plug in the cable but the screen is dark.i tried it with hdmi cable on an external screen and there was also no signal.Now i think maybe static electricity damaged is there anybody can tell me anything to fix it, any suggestion?