My Acer Aspire V5 431P will not power up even with the fully charged battery


Nov 26, 2016
I have had this laptop Acer Aspire V5 431 P for over 3 years and it's been working fine. One day, just over three months ago, I had played a movie and had my two nephews watching. One of them had been drinking soft drink and knock it over the table. Some of the fluid had perhaps go into the power outlet of the laptop and immediately the sound disappeared that's when I was alerted and I checked and realized there was fluid, so I unplug the power code and took the laptop to dry under the fan. After about 30 minutes, I tried to turn on the power and it was slow but eventually powered up and I got back to into the files but couple of days later, it started to play up, and with the some tips from the internet, I tried pressing down for 60 minutes and it powered up but over weeks that was not working, so I tried removing the battery but that didn't help either. I tried the Fn and Escape and it initially worked but couple months now it is not working. So I just left the laptop for two to three days and then tried pressing the power button and it powered up but few minutes it died. Today I pressed the power button after almost a week and it powered up so I quickly plug the power in, the battery light was orange and the power button was blue, I got into my files and played
my favourite music and listened to it for about 10 minutes but unfortunately the laptop shut down on me. I have tried twice by pressing the power button and it got me back in even with the power plugged in, but the laptop shut down again. I then decided to have the battery charged and after the battery light turned blue, and while the power was plugged in, I tried pressing the power button but this time unfortunately it did not power up at all, even pressing down for 60 seconds and removing the battery couldn't help. Can someone please help me. I love my laptop so muich I do not want to lose it, not just yet.. Lawrence,PNG.
Hi, the only advice I can give you is to open the laptop and look for any marks that the liquid has left on the motherboard and clean them with alcohol.