Laptop now won't power up after accidentally connected positive to negative, which I since rectitied but still no Boot ??


Jan 16, 2011
Hi,Rob here in South Australia.. Urgent Please anyone - Yes A stupid mistake when too tired working on laptop

Am having problem with Toshiba Satellite L50D-B.. 19volt model. Need to see photo of underside of motherboard with all items fitted, just need to see routing of wires from screen to M/Board, wire to Speaker Socket on M/Board, wires to fan etc. Basically all main wires and sockets on M/Board as some come up short and can't be plugged back in right places, no problem with flat ribbons at all just all other leads and the route they run around components to fit properly without risk of breaking away soldered connections to plugs and wires. Can you help please as it seems you don't have the L50D-B 19 volt listed and available... Desperate please help if you can ???


Jun 26, 2016
I was looking and this is what I found: The L50-B is silver/gray, and the L50D-B is apparently only black.
From that, I looked for teardowns of the L50, and looked for ones especially with a black laptop.
See if any of these look like the motherboard you have: and (They're the same one)
This one's white but just see if they have the same MOBO
This one's the L50-A, but again, they may have the same MOBO


May 7, 2017
Title refers to reverse power damage... I was going to say look for a burnt over-voltage protection (zener) diode very near the pcb's dc power connection (this will have behaved like a regular diode on reverse power-up, =dead short)... Unfortunately, main text sounds like the laptop is a connection disaster zone as well ¿!
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