Laptop shuts down after a few seconds (no image shown)


Mar 27, 2017
Hello all, and I apologize in advance if I'm not posting this on the right thread.

I have a Sony vaio VPCCB2Z8E (from 2011) with the following specs:

Chipset Intel® HM65 Express
Intel® Core™ i7-2620QM
8gb ram ddr3

Being and old laptop I know maintenance has to be on point and I noticed I was having extremely high temps while gaming (around 90° and 70° idle) so I decided it was time to open it up, clean the fan, remove the dust and change the thermal paste.

Everything went well, bought a good thermal paste, compressed air and an isopropyl alcohol to clean the the old paste.

After reassembling and turning the laptop it shut down after 3 secs with a clicking sound coming from the hard drive. Thinking I maybe screwed the drive I switched it with another and the same happened. Tried without a drive and the same happened. The problem, I think, is not in the drive.

Did I screw up plugging anything on? Maybe the fan? Reassembled everything and the same happened (the fan works I feel the cold air coming out during the 3 secs)

tried to dissipate the electrical charge (removing battery and power source and pressing the on button for 30secs-1min). The same happens.

That leaves Ram or board. Removed the RAM cleaned the sockets with compressed air and re-inserted. The same.

Removed board power for 30secs. The same happened.

It was working fine before the disassembly, I didn't spill (neither did I have liquids near) anything on the board. I didn't loose screws so there's nothing causing an electrical discharge.

I'm no expert that's why I turn to you guys, I've read a lot about this and mostly is a Ram problem or anything regarding a malfunctioning usb. I feel like the pc is going to start normally and the power fails randomly.

What can/should I do to try and identify the problem? I didn't remove either the cpu or gpu from its places

Thanks in advance, kinda desperate here, a diagnosis alone costs around 90€ (its free only if I agree to go forward with the repairing, bah)


There is almost no way to check what the issue is without being there to take apart and re-build the laptop, you already checked things over. Going by the fact that it was working before you took it apart, either something broke or is not hooked up properly.
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