i ave an older hp laptop which ran vista, want to upgrade to win 7 since vista is not supported, but wont power on completely,

Oct 24, 2018
have older hp laptop is media ready in other words can be used for all media, anyways removed battery since wasn't using , was with vista, since vista is not supported, want to upgrade to win 7 for time being, (not sure ill run win 10) going to try to look into so for now win 7 cheapest option, any how replaced battery in slot and plugged in to power will start to power laptop up and attempts to boot up but stopsfew seconds into process then shuts completely down, although the time has lasted longer still wont boot up, is this old battery that needs replacing or defective power circuitry? ac adapter seems fine, works, no issues in other laptop model hp pavillion dv 7 my options are repairing, replacing battery, upgrading to win 7 or repairing and keeping vista but offline maybe as a home media player , please help


The post is a bit confusing, what exactly is the current status of the system? Was it running fine without the battery, then when you tried the battery it won't start? Does it start without the battery fine? In most cases systems that shut down randomly the issue is with the motherboard in laptops.

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