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    Solved! Needing help with Win Vista and ?

    I use a HDD from a Satellite A205 and install it on a ProBook4430. Some how the Sat.A205 ended up with a Bios lock and asked for a password .(I NEVER PUT A PASSWORD ON IT! ) I have the ProBook4430 working except missing drives and can't get WiFi to work to download. Any advice is greatly...
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    Solved! Sony Vista laptop VGN-CR590 needs something

    My old Sony Vaio Vista laptop model VGN-CR590 is in dire need of getting by until I get a job only for light use. Is there a device or add on for storage, memory, driver, speed or anything I need for cheap to help me get by? I know nothing except it is not compatible with new commonly used...
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    Solved! How do I Unlock my Network-Locked Lg G Vista?

    How do I Unlock my Network-Locked Lg G Vista phone? I want to use it with my Sprint SIM card/number.
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    Sd on lg g4 vista

    How to set sd card as default for downloading and installing apps.
  5. V

    Can't connect to phone hotspot

    My tosheba with Vista won't connect to my hotspot in androud phone
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    I'm trying to reset my Toshiba satillite laptop I've tried everything not working please help

    I have a Toshiba satillite laptop and I can get past the password and I can't factory reset it nothing's working it's windows vista
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    Solved! DELL XPS 1330 Random Shutdowns

    I recently inherited an old Dell XPS 1330. I know it is old... but it is in great shape. It originally had Windows Vista on it. I do not know if this current problem existed when it was running Vista. I just did a fresh install of Windows 7 Pro. It is an OEM version, I own and it is...
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    Solved! I have vista. which anti malware and anti virus do I use

    I have a Dell desktop which is 10 years old and it has VISTA. Which anti malware and anti virus should I use
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    Solved! my father gave me his an aspire 5315 with windows vista on it, how can i update this device?

    my father gave me his an aspire 5315 with windows vista on it, how can i update this device? thank you for answer
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    i ave an older hp laptop which ran vista, want to upgrade to win 7 since vista is not supported, but wont power on completely,

    have older hp laptop is media ready in other words can be used for all media, anyways removed battery since wasn't using , was with vista, since vista is not supported, want to upgrade to win 7 for time being, (not sure ill run win 10) going to try to look into so for now win 7 cheapest option...
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    Solved! sony windows vista connected to wifi but wep pages arenot

    Sony laptop windows vista says connected but web page says not connected why ?help
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    Dell Vostro 1510 freezing

    I have an elderly Vostro 1510 (OS Vista) which, whilst rather slow, was working fine when, a few days ago, it suddenly started freezing after a few minutes use. Since then, I've moved a lot of files onto an external drive to free up space on the hard drive (which necessarily took several lots...
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    Solved! What to update first?

    I have a Toshiba Tecra A9-S9019V that has Windows Vista Business 32-bit as its OS. Since everybody has stopped supporting vista, I was thinking about switching to Ubuntu Linux. There are some windows apps I still would like to use. Should I first try to upgrade windows to Win 7 or switch to...
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    Solved! Upgrading Lifebook A3130 for better performance.

    I have an old Lifebook A3130 with 2G ram 120hdd, AMD Turion64 running Vista. I've checked the prices to go from 2G to 4G ($10) and 120 SSD ($25). SO I'm looking at dumping Vista for something better. I then see this in the specs: "The system can support up to 4GB of physical memory, but the...
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    Won't open, black screen

    My Toshiba has black screen and window won't open [Windows Vista]
  16. M

    Windows laptop running under vista suddenly won't boot

    My older Dell laptop running (please don't laugh) under Vista has suddenly stopped booting (suddenly, as in it worked a day ago). It also can't run startup repair, repair your computer, safe mode with or without networking or command prompt, and boot using last working configuration. It's also...
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    Vista will not load a webpage after system recovery

    I just ran a system recovery on my brother's Gateway laptop. It is a Vista system. Afterward, the network shows connected with strong signal, local and internet access. However when I launch Internet Explorer it always says "Can not display webpage" If I run diagnostics, it says everything is...
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    Press at .f10 nothing happens

    Laptop screen not working but using flat screen rca.also have Vista 10 I believe. Help
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    windows Vista screenshots

    I have a laptop with windows Vista and it wont allow me to do screen shot with alt prtsc, is there another way of doing it
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    Operating System Not found HP Pavilion DV6800us

    I am using HP Pavilion DV6800us model since 2008. This Monday when I switch on the laptop power button, it surprised me with "Operating System Not Found" error message. From this point it is not moving further. I bought this laptop in the year 2008. I never had a problem before. Any help in...
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    Time Available for this call

    I have LG G Vista phone. How can I stop the voice from telling me the time available for this call every time I dial out?
  22. G

    To Buy or Not to Buy...?

    I have a 10 year old Dell laptop with Windows Vista and a battery problem that keeps me attached to the cord 24/7. I also have a newish(<3years) Samsung Galaxy Tab A. I occasionally use the laptop for Windows Office and when I want to view a webpage in full version not mobile version. I use the...
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    Solved! Toshiba with Windows Vista showing disk read error

    Toshiba laptop with Windows Vista showing disk read error. At first when booted up it tried to do a Windows repair but would never finish. I tried that about 3 times. Then it came up disk read error. I tried using the recovery disk that came with it,it would say loading Windows files and go no...
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    Help! Trying to get Sony Vaio working, replaced hard drive and cannot figure out next steps

    I have a sony vaio vgn-c150p that i got from a friend, it has no operating system but is otherwise in perfect condition, at least physically. So far I've bought a new hard drive, and I've only been able to get my hands on a windows 8 install disc. When i start it up, windows starts to install...
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    16GB to 32GB

    Move my 32 GB from my Galaxy Alpha to my LG Vista 2. Please say as simple as possible. It's a shame that my old phone has 32 GB. And my LG has 16.
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    How do I activate new Sims cards in old phone without a phone number

    I have a G Vista LG-D631. It was giving to me without a Sims card. It is a AT&T carrier. I went to got a AT&T Sims Card. How do I go about getting them activated
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    Bought Toshiba satellite w windows vista. Had previous owner password and tried every reset still no luck... help

    I have tried every utube tort and keeps bringing me 2 the original owner name n not admin. Can't get 2 a factory reset. I've held 0, I've F8 and I can't get it to get me to a point to factory reset. F12 does me np good either, I've zero'd out passwords. This has the finger security too
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    how can I move apps from internal storage to SD card in LG Vista VS880

    need advice for managing storage and moving apps from internal storage to SD card
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    Can't get past lock screen on Windows 10 after upgrading from Win 7 (free upgrade)

    Hello, few days ago I've upgraded from Windows Vista Home Basic, to Windows 7 Home (using .iso file on bootable USB drive) and then used the free upgrade to Windows 10 Home without any DVD/USB, just Media Creation Tool, located on C: disk. Installation and everything worked fine, it said that...
  30. T

    Toshiba vista satellite A135-S2276

    My Toshiba windows vista satellite A135 won't run I turn it on and all I get is a black screen I have tried to restart and press F12,F11 and the "Zero" key and have had no luck it was given to me wiped and now it won't run what so ever no cursor or Microsoft emblem
  31. D

    Inherited a older Toshiba laptop with Windows Vista how do i reset the password

    I inherited a older Toshiba laptop with Windows Vista I've never known the pass word and was wanting to reset the old password anything I can do
  32. R

    White Screen on regular mode - NO problem on Safe Mode

    My Toshiba Satellite displays a White Screen some time after startup. I replaced the Vista by Windows 7 and I still have the problem. Only one I enter in Safe Mode I can use it wihout any problem. This make me think that it is not a connector problem. Any suggestion?
  33. N

    Egpu doesnot recognised by windows .

    I install my Egpu with help of dock on dell inspiron 1525 have windows vista . Fan is properly working but hardware doesnot detect by windows if any one knows whats the problem guys please rply .
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    format a cd-r in a vaio running vista

    I cant get to the autoplay screen to format a cd-r disc
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    can i use old laptop hdd on different laptop

    I had an old Fujitu laptop and now i bought an old laptop to fix it. Can i use the Fujitsu hdd to use the recovery disk and install fresh copy of Windows Vista on it? I don't know the laptops name it's some kind of Ordi Enduro or something.
  36. F

    Keyboard not allowing multiple key press

    Hi So I have laptop Asus N56J and I cant press more than 2 buttons at the same time and its really is annoying for most of my games since you need to press many buttons/combination to be fast. Is there any way to fix/solve it?
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    Toshiba satellite A-105 intel Centrino duo Vista capable - Loaded Win10 Pro - need updatable graphics card? works but is slow

    Recently bought an olderToshiba A-105 Laptop with ubuntu OS & a locked unknown password on it [tags on unit say it was originally xp pro & upgradable to Vista] I went to the Toshiba site and found how to bypass the password & then upgraded the BIOS . Seller said it already had Win 10 but was...
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    How can unlock Toshiba satellite windows vistsa model numberPSAFGU-058002

    Can't remember password for Toshiba satellite windows vista model number PSAFGU-058002 laptop. Please help! What can I do My email address is [don't post your email address on the forum] My name is Michelle. Thank you.
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    how to get free anti virus protection for windows vista

    I have an old PC running windows vista, does it still have any antivirus protection for it ?
  40. C

    Macbook Will not turn on after installing windows vista without bootcamp

    So I decided to install windows vista on my MacBook pro, and I was able to successfully install it and use it for a couple of days. All of a sudden, it would not start at all. My macbook would not turn on at all. Now I really need it and It won't turn on. Someone help me please! I beg you! ...
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    How do i move an entire app to my sd card on a lg vista

    Hello I have an lg vista vs880 and I've been struggling with memory, I have a 36gb sd card and 8gb internal storage I have an app to clear data and I use application manager. But when I use application manager it only moves half the app to my sd card and I can't fill up my entire sd card can...
  42. Rafael Mestdag

    Does anyone still use old OS's like Vista and XP just for the sake of it?

    I mean as a collection or something, like some ppl keep old motorcycles and old cars in their garages even though they can afford new ones?
  43. I

    Laptop freezing/shutting down when low fan speed/idle/low temps

    Recently I've been diagnosing my mothers laptop that at first seemed to randomly freeze/shut down/crash due to overheating. But upon extensive testing it freezes/shuts down with low activity and I can replicate these conditions. It also shuts down/crashes while in BIOS but with opposite...
  44. Navitus

    Is it safe to remotely connect to another desktop?

    I'm in the process of building a PC for someone to replace one that's about 10 years old and has Windows Vista. They want me to transfer their pictures to the new one. I could do it locally when I bring the PC to them, but it would be better if I could do it now. Are there any good free programs...
  45. U

    Can I play Xbox 360 on laptop

    Hi can I play Xbox 360 on laptop I have windows vista
  46. K

    How do I reset Toshiba Satellite with windows vista to factory settings without recovery cds

    I have inherited a toshiba laptop with windows vista from a friend who passed away. I don't have any recovery CD's, etc., and am not very tech savvy. I would like to reset to factory settings and have tried the pressing zero process. it goes through the loading but then just goes blank...
  47. E

    Laptop no video anymore

    Hello, My Toshiba Satellite Laptop L-355-S795 Windows Vista (Model PLSD8U-0Q3033), was working good. Suddenly the laptop start, I clearly hear she arrives to Windows but NO video anymore. Greetings, Exeter
  48. N

    Looking for upgrade my laptop

    I have window vista laptop with core 2 processor & 1GB Ram. How can I upgrade my laptop & speed up its performance
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    Hello Everybody.How to find out my Windows Vista>7>10 serial number?

    I ve bought laptop toshiba LP 500 in 2008. Sticker very old. I attempt Find SN as in "" but without succes. Is there way find out SN win according to SN Laptop toshiba?
  50. J

    Dell Inspiron 2 beep window vista

    Hi, I have a Dell Inspiron dest top​ 2 beep and black screen no reboot.... need help...thanks
  51. M

    Need Help!! Lg Vista vs880 kitkat 4.4.2 no Service on WIFI only.

    I have kitkat 4.4.2 on an lg vista 880 with no service, I use wifi only, so I cannot update any of my system or internals. Only apps. And alot of those wont work because my phone itself is not updated. I need a way to update my phone. Pluse I cant seem to get rid of alot of old proccesses...
  52. C

    forgot user account login password

    cant remember login password on Toshiba Satellite c855d-s5320 vista
  53. S

    built in cam

    I switched from vista to windows 7 and now my built in camera won't work. HP Pavilion DV6627 om
  54. K

    Toshiba Factory Reset

    How can I reset my laptop to factory settings?
  55. M

    Windows Vista Problem

    I have an old Gateway computer with Windows Vista that I am unable to start up.
  56. D

    xp machine upgrade?

    i found a old advent laptop on xp i formatted and installed vista it wont work can anyone tell how to install an os?
  57. C

    Solved! i have a dell inspiron 1545 that has windows vista its 32 bit with 3 gb memory can i upgrade this computer or is it time for a

  58. C

    Toshiba Satellite L Series Laptop display wont turn on

    My computer was woking perfectly find, I shut it down, and then now when i turn it back in it has a green light and it turns back on, but the display wont turn on. The orange light that turns on when it turns on normally doesnt work either. Please help! It is a toshiba satellite l series. I...
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    No drivers or internet after installing Windows XP

    My Dell D630 Windows Vista was acting up. I installed Windows XP with a disc I had from my HP, now it is missing a bunch of drivers and no internet connection. I cant log in to download the drivers