Upgrading Lifebook A3130 for better performance.


Jul 26, 2010
I have an old Lifebook A3130 with 2G ram 120hdd, AMD Turion64 running Vista.

I've checked the prices to go from 2G to 4G ($10) and 120 SSD ($25). SO I'm looking at dumping Vista for something better.

I then see this in the specs:
"The system can support up to 4GB of physical memory, but the system will use up to only 3GB (1GB ~ 1024MB) accessible memory."


#11 on page 2.

It has shared video memory, so I guess the other 1G is used by the video card?

Q. is there an advantage to getting the 6400 800 vs 5300 666 speed ram? They are the same price, so wouldn't the faster be a bit better?

Q. is upgrading from Vista to Win 7 or some other Win version a good idea?

Q. Would going to Linux a better choice over Win 7 for performance?

Q. Is there some way to really strip down Vista or Win7 so that it just runs YouTube and tutorial videos? Basically I just run Chrome and use this for videos and running tutorial software like Udemy or iTunes U videos.

Other than 2G -> 4G and HDD -> SSD, is there any other cheap upgrades that should be considered?

The total costs of the 4G and SSD is about $40, so maybe a new CPU and overclocking? Can this be done?

I don't carry this with me, it just sits on the desktop, so battery life is NOT an issue in any way, it doesn't even have a battery pack anymore.


Jul 14, 2016
I don't think it's worth it to upgrade any of the hardware due to the laptops age/specs. However, you may find the performance is better with a light weight linux distro. A couple to try are Puppy Linux, Linux Lite or Lubuntu.
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