my father gave me his an aspire 5315 with windows vista on it, how can i update this device?

Oct 25, 2018
my father gave me his an aspire 5315 with windows vista on it, how can i update this device?
thank you for answer
Oct 25, 2018
Try one of the Linux variants and you may be surprised! I did so with a Lenovo 3000 g530 and it is doing great running Antergos (rolling release), SparkyLinux (rolling release) is a snappy little OS, and you could also try the latest Ubuntu (long term release) of you want to limit the regular updates of rolling release distributions. Do some googling on the topic and hop on to and give it a go! You might also consider looking into replacing the hard drive in that laptop with an SSD, which will really speed things up for you - best of luck!


Jul 1, 2018

+1, this is a great idea.


aspire 5315
Intel Celeron M530 or 540
1GB of RAM.. ouch
80 GB Hard drive
Intel GM960 Express chipset... ouch
32 bit OS only.

Not sure what you're going to do with that, even with a Linux install it's going to be rather slow with just about anything, As stated above Linux would be a better option over an older version of Windows but you're limited on Distros you can use.

For 1GB RAM use

Bodhi Linux
Damn Small Linux
Porteus ( Cinnamon and MATE desktop will use less than 512mb RAM)
Puppy Linux
Linux Lite "1GB RAM minimum better with 2GB)

More RAM allows better Distros.

This is equally as slow and I had 10 to do. They boot faster than Windows xp and Vista under Linux and you have a large amount of free software you can access via the App center. Older versions of Windows are a security risk and that is something Linux allows you to avoid since very few virus are direct at it.

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