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    Solved! Getting error 502 Bad Gateway, is it proxy or website itself

    I've been connecting to a website through someone's proxy server, he just provided me a link to the website through his proxy. Recently I've been getting "502 Bad Gateway". Does that mean that he closed his proxy or something and is it possible that it's not related to that but the website...
  2. Z

    Phone number forgotten

    I have a friend who has forgotten his phone number and pin number he can't switch on his phone because it requires a pin he forgot. He has already attempted once and he is left with two chances. I advised him to attempt it until it is blocked then we can request for a PUK to unblock the sim...
  3. D

    How do I find a scammer's location with skype? He scammed thousands of dollars from me and I want to call police in that area

    address of scam person, his address isn't on the profile
  4. M

    Why would friend switch SIM cards and why all the weird stuff happening

    Why would someone want to switch SIM cards? I was getting notification that my sim had one too many numbers possibly. Then when doing chk on friend, his phone number came back as dba federal something or other can't remember it all. I asked him and no response. Later I notice my sim has markings...
  5. B

    Friends dell laptop wont boot (says the hard drive isnt installed)

    My friend got his pc back after his hard drive in it broke 2 times prior to this time. This is the third time that the hard drive in his pc failed thanks to dell. Before he sends it back, AGAIN, is there anything we could do to fix it? Hes already tried opening up the pc and making sure all the...
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    Solved! How do I remove someone else’s iTunes account off of a phone

    I bought an iPhone from a coworker on the pipeline and he did not remove his iTunes account from the phone. It is unlocked he just forgot to remove his iTunes account.
  7. A

    Solved! Offloading apps - recovering data

    To save memory space I had to offload several large file games - phone instructions said it would save all data within the app and restore it, but my son has lost all of his data and his original profile. Can I get it back? What does saving data mean?
  8. V

    Dear sir, These is the number of my old frnd i don't where he is now so iw ant to now his address by traceing this number plea

    Dear sir, These is the number of my old frnd i don't where he is now so iw ant to now his address by traceing this number please can u find it for me Please sie if u get the address mail me to these
  9. C

    Galaxy J7 is the phone in question

    He forgot his pattern on his phone an now I can't turn it off with out the pattern.. How can i get it unlocked
  10. O

    Solved! Earphones being detected as "Line In"

    I'm trying to help a friend out with his laptop. His earphones that also have a mic is being detected as a line in recording device. The mic and sound do not work for the earphones when plugged in. Any idea on how to get the sound and mic working properly? The laptop is the Dell G3, it only has...
  11. S

    Solved! If my friend is connected to my hot spot why won't it work

    His tablet says it's connected to my hotspot which is on but it won't work no internet but I have data
  12. Q

    Solved! My dad got me a RCA Voyager III tablet while he was out of state when he got home he lost receipt. He paid with his debit card

    Dad got me a RCA Voyager III while out of state from Walmart paid with debit card lost receipt how can i get a copy of receipt or an activation code??
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    Restorr Google password (ex made a pass to my Gmail)

    My now ex husband when we were still together he set up a new password for my Gmail and he used his # and his email address as the recovery info to my account. I somehow accidentally did a factory reset to my phone yesterday and now I'm unable to get back into my phone due to not knowing my...
  14. M

    Solved! nested switch case example in c programming (please help)

    Write a C code that ask the user to enter his ID, if the ID is valid it will ask the user to enter his password, if the password is correct the program will print the user name, if the password is incorrect the program will print Incorrect Password. In case of not existing ID, the program will...
  15. A

    Solved! my father gave me his an aspire 5315 with windows vista on it, how can i update this device?

    my father gave me his an aspire 5315 with windows vista on it, how can i update this device? thank you for answer
  16. W

    Solved! Please help us.

    My dad has problems with his Lenovo 1000. When he switches his sim cards the contacts dissappear. We tried calling him and reseting his phone but it got worse. It stopped working. Im sorry if I'm asking a question that has been answered to but I would really appreciate if you help us. Thanks a...
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    Solved! Help boss mad cause new stereo won't work with his oder Samsung. Used adio it on tvnot working

    Switched TV s audio me from internal audit to external..Used in puts on stereo NO sound. Do I need something else to convert signal from older Samsung est 15 year old TV for stereo input help
  18. H

    Solved! Audio playing trough headphones and speakers

    (Reporting for a friend) His laptop is playing audio through speakers and headphones. We've tried everything on here and nothing is working. The playback panel only shows the speakers and not headphones (Apple EarPods). Not sure what to do now. He already reinstalled all drivers...
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    Solved! Transfer pictures from an old flip phone that has no screen to a new phone. My son died a year ago and have lost all his pic

    Transfer pictures from an old flip phone that has no screen to my new phone. My son died a year ago and lost all pictures and messages from my son
  20. M

    Solved! my nikon d3400 won't rurn on i m remove the battery and put it back but his still not work

    my nikon d3400 won't rurn on i m remove the battery and put it back but his still not work
  21. S

    Downloading sites offline shows links to porn sites in the code

    Not sure I'm posting this in the right section but I downloaded a friends site using ctrl +s and noticed that there were a whole lot of links to porn sites - his site is a law firm. I thought it was odd so I downloaded the site using wget and there were no links to external sites. So I...
  22. D

    Cannot install Windows on a laptop

    So my friend had Kali Linux on his laptop and wanted to switch to Windows 10. He couldn't boot to the Windows installation with his USB because he would always get a GRUB like this but he only had Kali Linux option there. He asked me if I could help him out and I tried everything but couldn't...
  23. R

    Can anyone help me with a carrier lock?

    A week ago my 16 year old son was held at gun point the guy wanting his wallet, my son didn't have his wallet on him so the guy took my son's phone. I have a extra phone that my son can use but it is carrier locked and T-Mobile says they can't unlock it. When I was using it I was going through...
  24. T

    How can i remotely see text messages and replies on my tech saavy teenagers phone without them knowing or being able to find a

    My teenager is very tech savvy when it comes to his cell phone. I've noticed a drastic change in him lately. I want to read his text messages and replies without him having any idea that Mom is invading his privacy. Is there anyway to do this remotely to monitor his device without having to pay...
  25. S

    Solved! screen sensor stopped

    my phone dropped but none of his class cover is broken in fact nothing happens but its screen sensor is not working it is not feeling the touch of my finger
  26. Y

    Instead of bookmarks, can I put shortcuts on the main browser screen?

    My husband is fairly computer illiterate but can use shortcuts I put on his Windows 8 laptop to access his favorite sites. Can I do the same or similar thing on the Internet Browser screen on a Smart TV to give him a simple 2-step access?
  27. T

    Gmail Acc problems!

    My friend logged on to his acc on my phone with his email and I really don't want his acc and now that he changed the password which we thought would resolve the issue but now I have this message that I can't delete and it is telling me to sign into the acc please help.
  28. S

    I did not save his phone number

    Hi! This is urgent and extremely important. I have an acquaintance whom I met last Wed afternoon in Delhi . We got our SIMs from Delhi. Problem is I did not save his phone number correctly. Instead of saving his cell phone number, I saved his SIM SERIAL NUMBER thinking that was his cell phone...
  29. K

    Same problem. I bought my son an Acer Aspire One D270 and now we can't get into it because he forgot his password. I have trie

    Acer Aspire One D270 unknown password and no bootable device insert boot disk and press any key
  30. G

    My lap toptook longer than his usual

    Todayi wanted to use my lap top and I open it up and proceeds I did I noticed that the last time I try to pull it up the Wi-Fi was not on it so today I press the power button it took longer than usual for it to come on then it popped up the screen came up and it worked said Dell then poped up...
  31. S

    Asus x553m bios settings

    Hi all, A friend has asked me to have a look at his laptop as the bios keeps loosing it's settings. He bought the laptop second hand a little while back and we downgraded it to Windows 7 as he was struggling with windows 8. In the bios is a setting to set it to windows 7. He doesn't use the...
  32. M

    I've got some preoccupation

    What's Ai Tweaker means and what his job ?
  33. S

    laptop for uni

    hello everyone my mate is going to uni soon doing engineering and is look for a laptop he really likes the HP Pavilion x360 14-ba094sa 14" 2 in 1 so anything like that would be great his max price is £400/£500
  34. D

    2 PCs 1 Mixer

    So I have a unique issue. I have this mixer: My buddy comes to my house and brings his PC to play games together. So we have our xlr mics going to the mixer between us. And the mixer goes out to headphone amplifier: So going to each of our headphones is a split connection one from our own...
  35. P

    my brother has lost his oppo f1 phone in a road accident and now i want to trace that phone only with IEMI number. i as dont h

    my brother has lost his oppo f1 phone in a road accident and died on spot and now i want to trace his phone only with IEMI number. i as dont have any other details with me. Please help to find his mobile phone.
  36. K

    rca factory reset now programs won't open

    A friend reset his rca tablet to factory settings without backup now none of his programs will open. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  37. FlashExplorer

    Combining Old Console/TV sound and PC sound into one headset?

    I'm asking this for a friend who is having a hell of a time finding a headset that does what he wants. Currently, He has an old Turtle Beach PX22 that is able to combine sound inputs from his PC and his TV via a split USB/3.5mm audio jack style cable; the sound from his TV/old consoles comes...
  38. K

    Mic is not picking up voice, but playing PC sounds

    So, my friend has an issue, where his mic doesn't pick up what he is saying, but when we are on teamspeak, discord, skype or whatever, everytime I talk, I can hear my self through his mic. I can also hear all his sounds on his PC. He is using a headset with jack sticks, but he says he has 5...
  39. M

    Address find from mobile number

    I have some one mobile number I want his address
  40. S

    Best HDMI Adapter

    Hello, My dad has an Emerson LCD TV (Model LC320EM2). Both of his HDMI ports are being utilized and we'd like to get him an Amazon Firestick. Any recommendations on a HDMI Adapter that's extremely to install and use? Many thx!
  41. J

    I need help with a 'broken' speaker

    Dear users, Last year my dad passed away and I inherited his amplifier (Denon AVR-1801) and speakers.(Magnat Collection 99). A week ago I tried connecting my electric guitar to the amplifier to see how it sounded, but when I finished playing I accidentally stood on my distortion pedal, which...
  42. A

    i want to find mobile number by using ip address

    someone logged in i have ip address but i want to know his mobile number give me the method to how to find it.
  43. E

    Login issues with ig

    my login id does not have the gif and slider features for ig story. But when my friend login his id on my phone, it appears on
  44. N

    Solved! how to track my husband lost phone using his imei number?

    My husband lost his phones this morning.
  45. 3

    My S9+ is slower than my friends S9

    I bought a S9+ about a month ago, and my friend bought a SO about a week ago. His S9 feels so much faster than mine, especially with bixby vision, etc. Is this due to the firmware? My firmware/CSC: AP: G9650ZCU2ARC6 CP: G9650ZCU2ARC6 CSC: G9650CHC2ARC6 Model: sm-g9650/DS Baseband version...
  46. M

    help me on his matter

    mine,both speaker and headset speak and i have used all answers displayed here i have failed where i have to choose playback devices ,the place is not sensible ,and i have just finished to put windows 10 1709 the problem stayed the same
  47. N

    Solved! Blue Snowball Not Working

    ***Solved*** So, i just got this blue snowball and tested it out but for some reason my computer wont register it picking up sound. on my brothers computer it works fine, and earlier in the month i was using my brothers blue snowball and it worked fine on my computer. not sure whats changed and...
  48. S

    I want to track the location of my son by using his mobile no. Kindly guide me

    My son is studying in kota n i m in my hometown ..i want to know where he is time to time as i m always in tense.kindly guide me how to track his whereabouts by using his mobile no.
  49. G

    Solved! Laptop wont charge

    My friend gave me his old laptop which is only a couple years old, he used it pretty recently and had no issues but now suddenly its not charging at all. He was using it normally under 2 weeks ago so the problem happened suddenly and while not being used. He was surprised when it had no charge...
  50. P

    In addition to his problems, my laptop is sometimes showing as No Operating system Found. And it is not working at all.. It is

    I have a Dell inspiron laptop with Windows 10. In addition to his problems, my laptop is sometimes showing as No Operating system Found. And it is not working at all.. It is
  51. K

    My son forgot the password to his Acer computer and entered the wrong email address for his Microsft account. How can I unlike

    My son got an ACER for his birthday. He set it up on his own and entered his email address incorrectly and doesn't remember the password. How can I reset it to factory default?
  52. H

    How is someone blocking my number from my boyfriend's phone by using their phone

    My boyfriend's ex-wife has some kind of access from her phone to block my text messages through his phone how is she doing that when he has a prepaid phone how can I stop at where she can't do it anymore
  53. A

    My husband passed away and i cant remember his pin to get into his dell inspiron 15 3000 series how can i fix this.

    my husband passed away and but he had a pin code lock on his laptop but I cannot remember what it was I know it starts with a 5 and might have a 7 in it but that's all I can remember it has important information that I need off of it how can I break into it or get around the lock
  54. M

    jvc amp to rockville equalizer

    I have a jvc rx 50-60 reciever ans i went and bought my husband a rockville REQ 42 equalizer for his birthday and we can't figure out how to hook it up can u please help me. I would greatly appreciate it
  55. A

    Refreshed Windows 8.1 and now its stuck at 95%

    My laptop was not at his A-Game,so i searched the laptop and found the refresh windows setting..I did what it told,'Confirm' : 'Next' and 'Refresh'..and now its STUCK at 95%..its not even loading..Please help this stupid girl in need..
  56. G

    Wii U Minecraft

    My son wants to add new worlds/Seeds to his Wii U Minecraft. I havbe no idea where to begin. is there any place i can get directions to do this for him??
  57. S

    Need help with tv and computer tower

    My boyfriend just recently brought his computer tower into the living room and connected it with out tv with an HDMI cable but
  58. P

    Solved! Asus ROG GL752VW Battery Problem

    So my friends laptop the ROG GL752VW has a strange battery problem, his laptop is staying on 1% despite attempts to fix that problem and whenever he pulls out his charging cord the laptop crashes Thanks for answering
  59. R

    Locating husband's phone

    My husband has misplaced his phone and the location is turn off and he don't know where he put it or lost it.. cricket wireless does not have a way to track his phone how can I locate his phone without the GPS being turned on
  60. S

    Connecting sub to amp

    I bought my dad a Pioneer 5.1 channel amp to go with his Polk PSW125 subwoofer but it isn't working. He's only getting either a loud hum or very low sound. What's the best way to set it up and what plug ins do you use?