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    Hafler 220 Power Amp connection to pre amp

    A friend gave me his Hafler 220 + pre amp but I don't know how to connect the power amp to the pre amp.
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    How a singer changes his voice at every music?

    Hello I ever put this question for a while, and even google couldn't help me much. I'm listening to multiple bands and I realize every song they have the singer has different voice, and I don't think that's natural at all. My final question is how they make it ? What computers/programs they use...
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    Help Selecting Tablet for my Grandfather

    Soo my grandfather wants to make the switch from a laptop to a 2 in 1 or tablet. Hes only used windows on his computers. My grandmother has a small cheap android tablet they have all kinds of issues with. He just wants something to check his bank accounts, email, amazon, facebook (for family)...
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    tablet wont turn on please help!

    tablet was plugged into the wall charger, but my cousin walked by and his foot yanked the cord out, now it wont turn on, how do i get it to work?
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    I bought an Acer laptop from a friend who has moved and im unable to reach him to get his password to get logged on. Can I do

    Bought Acer laptop from ex and he won't answer me to tell me passwords to get past his icon. Is there any way I can factory reset without hurting laptop? I don't care about keeping any of his info
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    Time to upgrade my msi gx70

    Hi everyone. Before begin my questions i have to say english is not my native language, so sorry for my mistakes. I have a msi gx70 destroyer , his motherboard is a ms 176k and supports only 16 gb. I have 8 gb ram with a kingston 1600 mhz one channel and i would like to ugrade to 16 gb dual...
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    Is this laptop any good?

    I found this relatively cheap used acer aspire v5 laptop and the seller claims he played bf4 all settings high but I want to make sure it's a good laptop. The specs are: 1 tb hdd 8 g ram Nvidia geforce 710m 1g Core i7 3537u 2.5 ghz 15 inch screen Windows 10
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    lcd horizontal line problem

    i saw one horizontal line on my lcd monitor when i change my monitor resolution, line change his place. what to do?
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    Attempt at a 500 euro desktop build

    As the title says I'm trying to make a build for a friend, his budget is 500 euro's and lives in france. https://fr.pcpartpicker.com/user/iTzLemonade/saved/#view=m69qqs
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    My bf gave me his mom's old att IPhone 4. We had the password and reset the phone. How do I make my metro pcs sim card w

    unlocking someone's old iPhone 4 given to me to put my different carrier sim card into
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    the youtube views

    hello, so my friend uploaded a video to youtube and he has no subscribers this was his first video. Every time he refreshed the page the view count went up by one and it got to 100 views. Are these real views?
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    Help! with factory reset

    My father passed away and I now have his laptop I have no need for any info on it. I just want to do a factory reset so my wife can use it and stay off mine Haha. it is a Toshiba Satellite C875D-S7105. can any one help me?
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    You think it's dead?

    So I traded a Gamecube for my friends broken laptop. He gave it to his friend for something and his friend said how he turned it on one day and it just stopped displaying anything. I got it and looked up the name of it and black screen. Found some videos saying how the GPU overheated which...
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    Need help with Computer and Internet

    So I've been trying to get a computer and everything for my son, but I don't know how to connect it to the internet. There is no Ethernet jack in his room so I can do that. I was thinking if his computer could connect to my wireless router that is connected to my personal computer. The only...