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  1. M

    My docs are in a collection print button not lit?

    I have photoed my doc but the print button his not lit no print only cancel?
  2. B

    Laptop shuts down after some minutes.

    Hello, my friend has a problem with his laptop and I've been trying to solve it with no success so far. The laptop boots normally and is working for around 5 minutes and then it shuts down. Here's what I've noticed: ■ It shuts down after some minutes even if I enter to BIOS setup and stay...
  3. S

    Can I use my phone to block my mom from calling husbands phone? Willing to pay!!!

    My mom is on drugs and knows I won't let her see my son so she's constantly calling him and he just hits ignore but it's causing problems with our marriage because she's calling him to get to me and he can't change his number die to corporate job
  4. J

    Help me find game...

    Hello. I am trying to find one game. I dont know name of that game, so help is needed. I want to find what is that game, because I played it when I was young, and It is very old game. I will describe it now... There was old men inside of one house, and then young boy - "postman", who went...
  5. K

    how do i get rid of viruses on rca 10 viking pro

    you have 2 viruses download his immiedily. its porn
  6. S

    How to block a number of spam person from my sim card permanently

    One guy is calling me daily. I have blocked his number from truwcalleril. But that notification is coming for me whenever they call me. I need to block his number permanently from my sim.i am using idea sim. It's my personal number so I couldn't change my number.
  7. S

    My husband and I are on the same phone plan how do I send a recorded voicemail from my phone to his,I don't want to take a cha

    We both have a moto e phone I'm on his plan,I've got a voicemail from my daughter that I don't want to lose so I want to send it to his phone,that way if I should lose it he will still have a copy of it.how do I do this.
  8. M

    iPhone 5- AT&T to Verizon?

    My brother gave my mother his old iPhone 5 model md638ll/a that he had with AT&T. I wanted to add that phone to my Verizon account. I called Verizon and they said I can't do it because it's not for use with Verizon service. Is there any way around this?
  9. S

    Looking for help fixing a YouTube lag

    I watch the Joe Rogan experience on YouTube allot and recently the videos started to lag. It only lags when I watch his pod cast, I've even went back and watch older videos I already watched and they are doing it now as well. I can watch any other YouTube videos with no problems. Can anyone...
  10. J

    Dell Latitude E7240 takes 2 hours to start up

    So I'm trying to help a friend out and speed up his boot time. He has a Latitude E7240 Ultrabook, but every time he restarts it or powers it on, it takes in excess of 2 hours. One of my possible theories is that his System & Reserve is at an astonishing 101GB. We downloaded the Dell Support...
  11. D

    Lenovo L412 Fingerprint

    Hi there My friend will be giving me his Lenovo L412 and I would like to ask if there is on any Lenovo L412 fingerprint scanner or only in few models ?
  12. P

    Half the Screen in the laptop is loose

    So my friend's ask me to his fix his laptop when i turned it on half the screen is flickering like half of the screen powers on then powers off My best bet is the ram but i dont want to take any chances Specs:Acer Laptop Ram 200mb Vga 250mb Its an old model so i dont know the full name of...
  13. M

    Python Error Messages

    Hi, i am writing this code in python for a project and i am getting this errors. Code: def early(): print("How was Bernie Taupin Influenced?") answer = input(">") if answer == "Mother": print("Bernie Taupin was born May 22, 1950 as a English lyricist, poet, and singer...
  14. D

    Can myself or someone I know transfer voicemail messages from one phone to another without having to call that other person yo

    I left my son a voicemail earlier and I was wanting to know if he could send it from his phone to somebody else but I'm not sure what kind of a phone he has I know it's a smartphone.
  15. L

    iPhone +Netflix+ Mimi projector= ???

    I bought my son a Tenker LED light source mini projector. The thinking was he could watch his Netflix on the wall versus his little phone. We can get things like games and YouTube videos to work but not Netflix. Why? And, is there a fix for this?
  16. A

    how to lock my account hacker phone

    My acc login to another user.his ph is Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro is not my use phone.My phone is SS J7+ i location is Burma(myanmar)Kyondoe Kayin State.his location is Burma Yangon myanmar.I'll be lock for his phone.plz help me. This is my gmail. [don't post your email address on the forum] Help me
  17. mealingsfam

    Sony STR-DN1080 US/AU Voltage Issue

    Hi all, I have a new model Sony AVR that we got in the US but was going to use it in Australia. Now I know voltages are different (110 vs 240) and already have some other US appliances using a step down transformer - however my son in his eagerness noted it said on the back 'AC 110v~60hz...
  18. C

    Note8 Please Help

    I bought me and my boyfriend a note8 he has found a way to access my phone from his phone. He can lock me out of my phone change the Passover and view info like text and etc. The phone and services are all in my name. How is he doing this so I can either do it also or stop him from doing it...
  19. E

    Is there a good recommended headset?

    My friend was offering me his Astro A40's. Mixamp,Cables,etc etc. For $160. Is there a better headset then the A40's for that kind of money
  20. K

    Best gaming laptop for under 800 bucks.

    Trying to help my boss pick a laptop for his son. It’s a Christmas present and I don’t wanna screw it up for him. His budget is 800 bucks max. He wants it to be able to play Skyrim on ultra with a decent frame rate. Please help me help him!
  21. Y

    I am only using this for doing doucments no gaming. charged it his morning and just typing and surfing the net in between. the

    Have only had my Acer E 15 for two months and after a full charge it is saying 8hrs remaining, although it has a 12hr life expectancy. do not do gaming on the system it is for working and surfing the internet.
  22. G

    Laptop Liquid Damage on Keyboard

    My friend spilled some mineral water on his laptop and now some keys outputs are wrong but all keys are working. He immidiately turned laptop over and waited a few minitues. After that appearently keys didn't dried enough and not working as it should. So what solution we might have apply to...
  23. A

    Should i change the battery?

    I tryed to charge my laptop with a 19V adapter instead of 20V. Now my laptop doesn't charge needer with his adapter witch has 20V. The light that turns on when the charger is plugged in (usually blue) is now red and flashes.
  24. C

    Best Games for Adults

    Hello, i’m thinking about buying a console for my father who is in his early 70s. As such I am looking for the best console that has games for adults (mature story line, drama, cinematics, etc). Which console has the best titles for this demographic?
  25. B

    Cant get samsung account off my phone i bought it from a freind he cant remember it i keep getting his email

    I need too delete a samsung account of my j16 it was my freinds phone he cant remember the id for it etc.
  26. P

    Xfinity mobile data is way above what phone and experience says it should be

    My partner just signed up with Xfinity mobile as we are now living where comcast is the cable service provided. He rarely used much data and his new phone reflects his prior type data amounts, BUT, Comcast/Xfinity is showing tons more data and refuses to share what apps are supposedly doing...
  27. W

    Is it possible to find the previous owner of a cell phone number?

    I am looking for a friend that has a very popular name. I have his previous phone number and I was wondering if I can back track previous owners.
  28. G

    how do I move apps and games from internal storage to my ad card?

    my friend has a government smartphone ZTE model 817.... how can I move any movable app from his internal storage over to his ad card... what do I do to make his ad card the 1st.choice when apps .music.or other things are downloaded?? ...thanks. Gary Gossett <<Personal info removed by...
  29. B

    Deleted texts on my flip phone

    My husband is hiding and deleting his messages inbox and outbox on his flip phone how can I recover deleted texts on his flip phone
  30. P

    how to find mobile number status when it is switched off or not reachable

    my husband went for fishing his mobile is not reachable or switched off how can i track the number and find the status
  31. Y

    how to redo android

    My friend gave me an a Samsung Galaxy J1 that he had from his boss to use for Waze and his boss uninstalled all apps including settings, is there anything i could do about it?
  32. C

    No storage but little on the phone

    My dad has the Samsung galaxy j3 2016. He keeps getting messages saying that his storage is full , however he only has 4 apps on the phone. He has tried to move photos etc to his 32g SIM card, but still no storage! Please help!
  33. C

    Samsung R720 wont boot

    My housemate loves his Samsung R720 but it kaput itself a few days ago. He is now pining and trying to fix it. He has tried the 'usual' tactics of resitting the RAM, removing the hard drive, holding down the button, attaching the lappie to an external monitor. Nothing works. The lappie powers...
  34. D

    need help with speaker system

    so a friend of mine just gave me a bunch of speakers from a sony surround system because his receiver broke and i was wondering if there is a cheap alternative to buying another receiver? all i need it for is to be able to hook up to my computer and play some music
  35. J

    Bubble bobble not working on ios 11

    What the word on bubble bobble update?, I paid $5 for his now I can’t play it smdh!!!!!!
  36. W

    Can a Gt 740M handle 1440p?

    So, I got a simple question for you guys: My friend has a laptop and it’s basic specs are : Gt 740M, i7-4700MQ and I don’t really know the others, and we had a bit of an argument about whether his laptop could handle watching videos in 1440p WITHOUT another monitor, just on his laptop. If you...
  37. A

    Question regarding Home Theater

    Hello, dear forum My cousin recently received from his friend an old home theater Sony HCD-FR1 however he wants to connect it to his laptop and we don't know how.
  38. T

    Autoclick Bot for Adwords

    I have a problem with my competitor, he currently run a campaign with my domain name in display url but visitors redirected to his own website. I don't know how he do that and I have already report this to google but anything since one week. It's realy not fair. Someone can tell me how I can...
  39. J

    TDashDog1 should really mind his own damn business! FREAK.

    So, in order to shop at the S
  40. Tifredall

    Horizontal line's aorus x5v6

    Hi, I need a new laptop (mines getting kinda old) and someone showed me this laptop and the screen looked like this: I was wondering if it can be a problem with the drivers/software/... or what hardware problem can cause that (If it's only the panel, I can change it without problems, and I'd...
  41. M

    Computer locked and no Password

    My son recently died and though I have his computer but can't use it because I don't have the password to open it. How can I open it?
  42. S

    MSI-GT70-ONE Drivers killed GPU

    So my buddy when I told him to update his nvidia driver, decided to install some 30 dollar program and installed 30+drivers all at once and caked the Laptop. I manager to get it back up and running, although if the GPU chip is in, it will be stuck at msi logo and will not go past. This ONLY...
  43. K

    How to get a phone without a SIM card

    Its my friends phone the one he has just died, how can he keep his number for new phone without a SIM card?
  44. S

    Got my lenova hacked no passwords to log ijjrd

    His jot my laptop hacked and cannot get back in it as they have changed passwords everytime I lift the lid of the laptop it looks like they are still retrieving data please help it is a lenovo
  45. A

    Recommended Laptop for $1,000

    Hello, my Dad's laptop broke and he is searching for a new one. He has a budget of about $1,000 and just uses it for his work. He wants a 17 inch display with an i7 and SSD. He does no sort of gaming, so a GPU is completely useless to him. I couldn't seem to find anything with his...
  46. D

    New TV no audio out jack for earphones no Bluetooth in tv.

    I just purchased a Samsung Smart TV model UN58MU6100 My dilemma is that my husband needs his own set of headphones to be able to hear the tv without the neighbors hearing it. The sound bar is plugged into the audio optical jack and there seems to be no way to plug in the audio transmitter to...
  47. S

    Transfer my information

    My old phone won't turn on I bought a new phone and I desperately need to transfer everything My husband just passed a week ago and all his videos and pictures are on their please help
  48. Buffstickman

    Two sound devices on one computer.

    Here's my situation, My son loves to watch Elmo while I game so I bought a second monitor so he can sit in my lap and watch Elmo. The only thing is i have the speakers (for him) playing his TV and my headphones playing my game but, I hear his Elmo through my headphones and he hears my Overwatch...
  49. K

    Replaced Avery Chromebook 14 Screen, now it won't power on

    I replaced my sons screen on His Acer Chromebook 14, now the screen is black and won't power on. Same everything! I even made sure not to touch any connections with my bare hands. I've power cycled it off and even let it charge over night. Still nothing.
  50. T

    No Idea What To Do

    When my son turns on his desktop (ASUS k5130) it only displays the BIOS screen can anyone help.
  51. markdewis

    DVa Pachimari Plush

    Last Saturday my friend place an ordered of new dva pachimari plush and he send me the link as well. The picture is awesome but I am waiting for his delivery to confirm that the actual product will be same or not. [spam link removed]
  52. M

    how to find name of mobile user by getting his mobile number

    name of the mobile holder
  53. S

    How to stop someone tracking my phone

    I have a sponsor who is helping me right now with my phone bill. I am on his account and he is tracking me but says he isn't. Is there a app or something I can download to stop him?
  54. H

    In-depth internet history search

    Hi. I recently synched my laptop to my husband's google account from his android phone. Unfortunately I found questionable pages he has visited in his internet history (which he now knows about) however, even though it shows me pages he has searched, it doesn't let me see which videos he clicked...
  55. I

    i5 6600k+gtx 970 vs i5 6300hq+gtx 1060 6gb

    I was just offered by a friend to trade his Alienware r3 with the 1060 and i5 6300hq for my custom built tower with an i5 6600k and a gtx 970. His laptop is portable, which is a plus, but lower in some sepcifications. It has less memory and no ssd, where my tower has a 256gb one. Is it worth the...
  56. A

    Cheating husbands or wifes

    How can i get my husbands passowrd to his social media accounts
  57. B

    Sony Vaio Laptop VPCCW23Fxr his heating up

    I just had it power cleaned by Office Depot and it still gets hot
  58. C

    My laptop works slow compared to different lower spec laptop

    Hi guys! I bought my Dell Vostro 5459 few months ago. It has Skylake i7, 8GB of RAM and Samsung 850 SSD. My friend has Dell XPS 13" with i5, also 8GB of RAM (i don't know about his SSD). Well, I noticed that my laptop works much slower compared to his. Tabs in Edge keeps crashing, especially...