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  1. J

    is it worth it to get MSI GE60 secondhand laptop?

    so today i have an offer and wanted to get experts opinion on this matter, this guy wanted to sell me his old model of MSI GE60, the spec are as follow ; i7-4800MQ processor Nvidia geforce GT 750m/2gb GDDR5 15.6FHD 1920x1080 HDD 750gb ram 8gb the price tag is for $385 usd, didn't know the...
  2. B

    How do i reset my modem/wifi ?

    Hey. Recently my little brother gave our wifi password to the neighbours who is also his friend. I noticed them using our wifi, standing outside the home quite often. I don't want to say "you shouldn't use our wifi" directly, i think its rude. Instead are there anyways to reset my password by...
  3. L

    How can my husband watch a show in the living room, and my son watch the same show in his bedroom?

    I have two TV's in two different rooms. If my son wants to watch a ball game, my husband cannot watch the same game. Do I need to buy another firestick for the other tv. I am only using one now.
  4. S

    Trying to get past my bfs number password on lock screen for stylo 2

    My boyfriend has a number password set on his lock screen and I'm wondering if theres a way to break threw it before he wakes up.. please help asappp
  5. I

    Instagram multiple accounts: how to not delete on logout?

    Looking into combining my two insta accounts. I read their instructions and it says when I log out of one account it gets deleted. I also found another forum post where a user did exactly that and wants all his posts and followers back. If you have combined existing accounts, have you been...
  6. B

    I used my friends phone once to check my e mails now how do i remove my account from his phone without his phone

    I need to remove my account from his phone but his phone is lost and im afraid someone is checking my mails
  7. N

    Hard button clicking.

    I just saw my dad clicking t he keyboard keys too hard like he uses 1 finger in his both hands and I hear him and see him clicking it way too hard any possible stuffs might happen to my keyboard?? It's a laptop btw his borrowing mine
  8. H

    Lap top running slow.

    I have an l Toshiba lap top it is a L655-S5117 Satelite, that came with Win 7 home premium. My son has been using it for his work in construction doing bids. It has been running slow. I have a suspicion like there is another program running in the background, it also seems to be running slow...
  9. A

    Solved! Good laptop around $300

    Hello! I need to get a new laptop for my brother that is around $300 since his old one is too slow. He watches youtube and plays minecraft. The laptops i found are: http://www.microcenter.com/product/476554/Ideapad_V110-15ISK_156_Laptop_Computer_-_Black...
  10. L

    Solved! boyfriend hacked me

    My cheating big hacked my phone incall ui is used by his phone I need to know how I can block him out of my phone permanently
  11. J

    Looking for a cool gadget as present

    I'm looking for a cool gift for my brothers housewarming party. He's into like techy stuff and gadgets. He had that planetarium on his ceiling as a kid so thought this would be pretty awesome (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/starsailor-live-brings-the-skies-into-your-bedroom-technology#/)...
  12. C

    smart tv box to receiver

    I have been conversing with Kenton82 on this subject, but now for some reason cannot reply to his last post. Does anyone know why? How do I reach him now? I have answers for him.
  13. K

    My dell laptop keeps rebooting.

    My friend wants to sale me his dell laptop. It's a real nice one except it keeps rebooting. Anyone know how I can fix it ? It's approx 4 years old.
  14. T

    Software To Edit Website?

    Hey, my Dad's old website for his company is outdated with information, but still comes up highly on search rankings so he's decided to give it a bit of a make over so people can be directed to the new website. We have Dreamweaver already, would that work? Sorry, rookie at this stuff :/ Any...
  15. W

    Win 10 reset stuck on black spinning dot

    So my dad did a reset on his updated windows 10. Had no real trouble with until today with it sort of glitching on having the blue spinning wheel always running. So we decided to do a semi-factory reset that keeps your personal info since its good to get some of that junk ware out and all. So...
  16. T

    How to get pictures back from doing a reset on phone after being locked out.

    My son got locked out of his smasung galaxy 4 n had to do a factory reset now he cant find pictures....help
  17. po6pwn

    CIA Exploits - How to protect oneself

    In the light of the CIA exploits (Vault 7) which potentially affect every OS in the world, What steps can one take to protect his/her personal data and privacy?
  18. L

    Solved! Stolen sd card from Samsung On5

    Someone stole my son's sd card from his phone and it had his pictures on there is there anyway to recover the pictures??? Please I need a response as soon as possible. The phone is a Samsung On5. Thanks in advance.
  19. M

    My Son is 9 and wants to add voiceover to his gaming to upload to YouTube. Can anyone recommend a cheap microphone that does t

    Microphone purchase for future YouTube gamer! Young lad so nothing tOo expensive to start with but one that will do the job!
  20. T

    Reliable and good quality laptop for less than €600

    So a friend is looking for a laptop after his 6 year old acer aspire died on him. He seeks for a laptop with an i5 cpu and good built quality. He is not into gaming but wants cpu power for some data analysis and calculation programs he uses, along with normal internet use and some ms office and...
  21. J

    my sons nextbook ares 8

    I bought my son a ares 8 tablet for christmas. Somehow he has managed to report his own tablet as being lost. Wehn it powers up it shows on the display "Lost" and will not let anything be done on it. Ive searched with no luck on finding out how to get it working right again so he can enjoy his...
  22. H

    how to use ccleaner

    I HAVE ccleaner installed on my pc what happens when you use it and what do i need to look out for before running it,i also want to use it on my kids pc as his has possibly been hijacked. I have not used the safe mode enough as that i believe that will be the only way to remove what has taken...
  23. L

    Privacy of Portable Wifi Router using a SIM card

    my friend is using a portable wifi router with a SIM card registered to his passport. The government in his country is stepping up surveillance and he wants to protect his privacy. If he pays for an iPhone vpn, will his information be safe from spying/tracking? Would his SIM card be hidden like...
  24. H

    my laptop is asus and his battery is built in when i need to play game should i plug it (charge) to play?

    i need to kow what is the best usage to my battery which is built in and i can't remove it
  25. marcbacor

    Eustaquio Bacor - Please help our grandfather

    For: Eustaquio Sambolot Bacor Iligan City, Northern Mindanao, Philippines Organizer: Marc Edwin Enricoso Hello Everyone! Our grandfather Eustaquio Sambolot Bacor who have a prostate cancer needs everyone's prayer and help. We love our grandfather so much. He takes good care of us when we we're...
  26. R

    Ram not working

    My laptop has a 1.35v ram ,and i tried to run my laptop with 1.5v but it didn't work Then my friend tried to run his laptop which had a 1.5v ram with my ram and it worked well I just want to know that why 1.5v ram is not working in my laptop Is it because of the voltage then how did my ram...
  27. vdr369

    Solved! best laptop for autocad,revit for civil engineering student

    Hi, I am stuck between below these two, my friends brother need a laptop for his civil engineering his budget is 55k inr. i selected below two but have the doubts on gpu. which is best suited for cad, revit, and all 3d designs. he is going to use if for next 4years...
  28. N

    Tablets blocked from WiFi?

    My boyfriend's mom's tablets suddenly can't connect to our WiFi. His dad has the WiFi split into two, and we suspect he may be able block certain people from it. Our friend used to be able to get on our WiFi but was suddenly denied. He had to go to this site and type in another password. But his...
  29. D

    Protag duet locator

    I wish to attach a reminder to my husbands keys so he doesn't forget his phone, which is not a smart phone. I bought the Duet but I don't think it is possible to perform as I would like.
  30. M

    Inspiron 14R 5437 Loose metal inside?

    A guy gave me his Laptop to save his data and reformat the drive because he tried to restore the system but it failed and the lap was in a loop of BSoD. So i went ahead and took the drive out conect it to my pc , saved all his data in my drive and then i was ready to put it back inside the lap...
  31. J

    Samsung Galaxy S2 Tablet won't Come On

    My son's Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet turned off while he was using the Cozmo app to play with his Cozmo robot, then It wouldn't turn back on. What do I do to get it back on?
  32. B

    How can I find my samsung j2 2016 mobile location n by his hindi no

    Smart phone samsung J210 2016 imei <<Personal info removed by moderator.>>
  33. S

    How do I decrypt the files?

    So, this is the situation with my friend's PC. He called me over today to help him solve this. He couldn't specify exactly when or how this ransomware infected his PC. Now, he did reinstall Windows after the infection(but no change whatsoever). I did some googling and found out that a...
  34. B

    formating a laptop with a broken screen

    Hi a friend gave me his old laptop ne56r49u. its screen is broken after a fall from his car. I`d like know how restoring `cause I can`t access bios or boot system, even using a monitor
  35. M

    How to factory reset my Toshiba Satellite l305-s5911without any password

  36. T

    Recognizes charger but not charging

    My son was playing his tablet like normal on couch with me. It died completely so I put it on charger. It is recognizing the charger but keeps saying 0%. I have even tried another charger...same thing.. This has been going on for a week now.. Can anyone help
  37. JaymesD0ve

    3DGAMEMAN no more?

    i noticed that his website doesnt existing anymore nor does his other 1 i wonder what happened does anyone know???
  38. D

    A Sharp Canon Lens

    My friend has a high end Nikon camera and lens, I noticed how sharper his digital images were. I have a 50D and the stock 18-55mm lens. What Canon lens could I buy to equal his. A lens that has a wide angle and mild telephoto. Thank You. Jim
  39. A

    My Dad's Christmas Present

    So me and my mom are trying to get my dad a new laptop for Christmas. His current one is like 8 years old so anything is a step up. She has tasked me with finding out which of these two laptops are better the link is too long so I can't put it in, all I really need to know is more ram or a...
  40. J

    Keyboard typing on its own and random links

    my dad got an entire new setup after his last PC was crashed and the firewall got turned off permanently. Installing the main software on his new computer , the keyboard started typing on its own . Before freaking out i put the keyboard in my PC and suddenly it sent me to weird random links...
  41. M

    Java recursive help!

    I am currently trying print a doubly linked list in reverse order recursively, but can't seem to make it work. I have even emailed my prof and followed his directions and still nothing works.. can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong? import java.awt.List; public class DoubleLinkedList<T> {...
  42. T

    Process named Ferview.exe

    My friend currently has a program running on his computer with the name ferview.exe We keep pretty clean computers so if anyone could be of help it would be much appreciated - http://prnt.sc/ddxgfw - There's a link to a photo of the file. We've searched and found nothing and are concerned...
  43. T

    MacBook 13 (early 2011) water damage

    A few weeks ago I was sitting at the table with my MacBook (on) and a full glass of water (had it about 20cm/8inch from my MB). I threw a ball for my dog, but he head butted the ball and jumped after it landing with his paws against the glass. Long story short, all the water fell over the...
  44. A

    my pictures aren't showing up on my roommates phone

    I use my roommates phone to take a few pictures I transfer them to my phone and that was all I did I tried to delete some of them I think I missed a few now all my pictures should be showing up on his phone and it says that he's posting them on some kind of thing how can this happen
  45. N

    Friend having issues with laptop

    Hello. A friend of mine is having issues with his laptop. He has an amd fx 8800p cpu, with integrated graphics. He said his computer was lagging, and decided to check for new gpu drivers. He went to amd's website, and downloaded and ran the automatic driver checker thing to see if there were any...
  46. C

    What would be a fair price to sell my laptop at

    So for background, I purchased this laptop a little over a year ago for 1074 USD http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834152739 I have been looking to sell my laptop and my desktop to buy something a little more portable and faster (pascal), and have really been holding off...
  47. M

    Viber Question thanks

    How would I know if a contact I have saved on Viber still has me saved in his contacts?.. Is there anyway of knowing he still has my number saved to his device if I were to reactivate Viber?
  48. D

    My child changed his number but I still have the imei number. How do I use this to find his mobile number

    I have the imei number to my child's phone but he changed the phone number. How do I get it with imei
  49. KiL3MaNjAr0W

    Challenge by my Security+ Professor

    Okay so my professor for Net+ has offered a challenge to his students that will be enrolled in his Security+ class next semester. The challenge is getting passed his network security and obtaining his windows product code if successful we will not have to attend a class or complete an assignment...
  50. Z

    Graphical Glitches appearing on desktop, appears like "holes"

    Hey, my friend just booted up his computer, and his display is filled with these "holes." He has tried restarting his computer already to no avail. Any tips? Image should be below. If the image doesn't show up, use this link: http://tinypic.com/r/ir86lx/9
  51. trainey120

    Inspiron 13 7000 Series 2-in-1 Laptop Charger no longer Charging

    Awhile back, my friend gave me his Dell laptop that he got at the beginning of the year. Since he isn't a Windows guy, and traded it out later on for a Macbook. The laptop seemed 100% fine, until I started to plug in the charger. Automatically it gave me a "plugged in, but not charging" message...
  52. A

    Laptop does not connect to internet through wireless, ethernet and hotspot. Network availible but wont connect ?

    My brother took his laptop to a friends house and tried connecting to their internet (it never connected) but since he came back last night his laptop wont connect to internet via wireless, ethernet cable and even his phone hotspot. Up until yesterday he was connected through wireless and his...
  53. P

    I wanted to install firefox to his pc from my pc, please help me both side internet we connected

    I can't find the answer, please help me to install software through net to my friend pc about 500 km.
  54. C

    What happens if my kid plugs the red cord from his dvd player into his tablet

    I can't find answers anywhere I need help
  55. B

    Were his the @ on my Toshiba laptop key broad

    Were his @ on key broad
  56. S

    Asus x551m Missing Network Adapters

    My uncle wants me to help him get his Asus x551m laptop working and install all he drivers after having been forced to reinstall Windows 7 on it. Problem is, the computer refuses to connect to the network, whether wired or wireless. Keeps giving me a message saying, "Windows did not detect any...
  57. K

    How can I get the head band fixed on my beats solos

    My son smashed my beats in his locker now the head band is broken
  58. S

    What is the app used that uses a.contacts number but is actually another unwanted caller?

    Unwanted caller harassment. Boyfriends ex is harassing me by using his number but in actuality it is her calling. This is crazy. I heard that this is an app.
  59. F

    Is there any free app i can download on my phone where i can see his location just by calling or texting without his phone nee

    Is there any type of free app i can download to my andriod phone so that im able to track my husbands location just by calling or texting him without anything needing to be installed on his phone too?