What would be a fair price to sell my laptop at


Oct 17, 2012
So for background, I purchased this laptop a little over a year ago for 1074 USD
I have been looking to sell my laptop and my desktop to buy something a little more portable and faster (pascal), and have really been holding off since i need my laptop right now for school, but now the semester is coming to and end, and my girlfriends brother is looking for a new laptop to do minor video editing, and eventually expand, considering he cant really do much right now with his older HP. I don't know if he knows, but his parents are looking to get him a laptop for Christmas. I told him I was trying to sell my laptop, but had advised against it due to my laptop being a a huge 17 inch laptop with terrible battery life that wouldn't be portable at all, but since then he has told me that he wouldn't even move whatever computer he would get from his room. So now, I'm looking to sell it to his parents and there probably wont be any negotiating, so i just want to make sure I have a fair price.

the specs are i7-4720hq, 1tb hd, 17" 1080p matte display, gtx 960m, 12gb ddr3, backlit steelseries keyboard, if you need to know more about it you can just click on the link.

its in great condition, have the original box, and there should be about a year left on the warranty for non consumable hardware (cpu, hdd, motherboard, memory, lcd its just not portable enough for me. Oh yeah and I also have a spare battery. So what would be a fair price for this? looking at ebay and such, its kind of hard to tell since its mostly 15" laptops, the closes thing i found to this laptop was 950 Buy it now, i found one other that said it was the same model and specs in the title, but the product specs were different in the details, and that was for 900. But is 900 a fair price for my laptop, or not

I agree with elbert. These days $900 will get you a lot of brand-new laptops that easily outperform your 1-year-old MSI on many counts, e.g. this Lenovo (I know it's a Black Friday offer, but still):

This is only meant for reference, and you and other gamers may have specific brand preferences, but my guess is your friend's parents don't. In all likelihood, they'll hear you say "$900" and "1 year old", and if they have any common sense, they'll think "what else can we get for $900?" Also consider that, unlike buying on eBay from 'faceless' sellers, your friend's parents know you and probably expect this to be reflected in the transaction.

The MSI isn't bad given its age and they generally seem to enjoy a good reputation, which is probably your best negotiation point. But in my opinion, at $900 you're sailing very close to the wind, ethically speaking, and I wouldn't consider it myself. Alternatively, try and find someone who specifically wants an MSI device - you might be able to sell it at something closer to $900.

In your current situation, $500 seems a more reasonable, and realistic, proposition.

Best of luck,