Solved! Laptop wont charge

Apr 21, 2018
My friend gave me his old laptop which is only a couple years old, he used it pretty recently and had no issues but now suddenly its not charging at all. He was using it normally under 2 weeks ago so the problem happened suddenly and while not being used. He was surprised when it had no charge after bringing it over.

It works fine plugged in and stays on but since its stuck at 0% it will die when unplugged.

At first its said "plugged in not charging" I then uninstalled/reinstalled battery drivers and now it says its charging but never goes up in %. Also it sometimes pops up saying "plugged in discharging".

While turned off and plugged in the light stays orange showing its plugged in but every so often turns green for 1-2 seconds.

Sorry if the post is all over the place, its 2 am and I've been messing with this laptop for hours so just giving all the information I have before sleep. If anyone can tell me the best steps to take to make this computer charge again would help so much. Thanks!