Audio playing trough headphones and speakers

Jun 17, 2018
(Reporting for a friend) His laptop is playing audio through speakers and headphones. We've tried everything on here and nothing is working. The playback panel only shows the speakers and not headphones (Apple EarPods). Not sure what to do now. He already reinstalled all drivers. (Pictures from control panel)


Apple uses different pinouts for their audio connections.

If your friend is trying to use Apple earbuds on a PC they will not work.

Google "TS TRS TRSS pinouts". You should easily find the standards being used. (T= Tip, S = Sleeve, R = Ring)
Jun 17, 2018

This is a new issue that started today. He has been using these same earbuds without problems for months. An adaptor seems unnecessary.



Has he run the built in audio troubleshooters?

And double check all of the audio related windows, tabs, and properties: The driver updates may have changed back to some default value versus the previous working configuration.
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