Question Cannot change sample rate and audio bit rate in Windows Realtek(R) Audio

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Mar 14, 2022
my audio is stuck at 16bit 44khz, and i need to down it to 16bit 44.1khz because of compatibility issues for a certain task. In Speaker Properties > Advanced, the Default Format is disabled and greyed out, so i am not able to change it.
What I've Tried:
I have uninstalled the RealtekAudio drivers and reinstalled them from manufacturer's site. Didn't solve anything.
I have uninstalled RealtekAudio drivers and installed Realtek High Definition Audio Drivers. Normal sound comes, but still didn't solve my issue. (windows later updated the drivers to Realtek(R) Audio, still the issue didn't get solved)


My friend, with same laptop (ROG Strix G513) has options till 24bit 96000hz for speakers and with headphones, even more.


May 18, 2022
I'm not too sure why it would be greyed out. Is it possible to use a completely different driver than Realtek? I remember I had a similar issue, but it was with my focusrite soundcard, and I was able to use an alternative driver for the stock soundcard that came with the PC. I can't for the life of me remember what it was called. If it comes back to me, I will let you know,.
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