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  1. G

    Is it bad for laptop screen to get hot from waking form sleep when closed?

    Hi all, I was just wondering if you can advise on something. My new laptop keeps waking itself from sleep in my bag. As far as I can tell, the screen comes on and does not turn off and the laptop stays on until it runs out of battery (about 9 hours). This causes the screen and laptop in...
  2. N

    Where can I find the wiring diagram for Yamaha RX-V657 amp?

    I am trying to repair my Yamaha RX-V657 amp which does not power up anymore. The repairman needs the wiring diagram as where I am now, there is no dealer. Please help
  3. J

    Dell Inspiron 17 5000 Series

    Good Morning. When I try to turn on my laptop, it will power up, but it won't display. I have cooling fans hooked up and they power up, but nothing at all on the screen.
  4. R

    want power up

    i have a gateway laptop model #Q5WTC . it shut down and won't turn back on . what do i do
  5. K

    Asus K53E-BBr17 will not power up

    I changed the DC power jack on my laptop because the original was bad. After replacement I plugged the charger in and the orange power light came on so I powered up the computer and it worked fine. The battery charged up and after I used it for an hour I shut down the computer. Later the same...
  6. M

    PC freezes a few minutes after start up if I have anything plugged in the USB slots

    I must have nothing plugged in the USB slots when I power up the PC otherwise it just freezes after a few minutes. It is no problem if I plug something in after the PC has booted into Windows but this is annoying because both my mouse and my keyboard are using USB connectors. My motherboard is...
  7. J

    Toshiba - Radius 2-in-1 15.6, wont power up even with charger plugged in

    I bought a new Toshiba - Radius 2-in-1 approx. 2 months ago. I was watching a video and felt the bottom of the laptop getting hot. It then died because of low battery so I plugged it in and it came back on. I have never turned off the laptop before so I decided to use the shut down option and...
  8. A

    My toshiba laptop won't power up

    My toshiba laptop won't power up. I bought a new battery. It powered up for about an hour and now it won't power up again. I removed the battery, unplugged it, held the power button in for 30 seconds and it still won't power up. I took the battery out and tried to run it off the ac adapter...
  9. F

    Toshiba laptop wont power up

    I have the Toshiba C55t-A5218. I couldnt get windows to come up, but later did. However when the laptop was doing a restart, it died and now it wont power up at all (with adapter or battery. Any suggestions. The adapter is producing 19 volts. I have also completed an ohm test on the power...
  10. M

    l875 wont power up or charge

    my toshiba l875 wont power up no lights no nothing i recenctly formatted the hard drive but it was starting up. I let the battery go completely dead now it wont do any thing
  11. M

    I have a Dell i1546 it will power up but after 15 seconds it shuts back off what could be wrong

    My laptop powers up but won't stay on the screen stays black an it turns off again after 15 seconds
  12. G

    samsung dlp 50 inch tv doesnt power up

    Samsung 50 inch tv doesn't turn on and has no sound and no nothing. Made a weird noise then shut off none know what's wrong with it thanks
  13. G

    macbook air failure

    My macbook air cant power up, when i press power button it stays back and starts beeping without stopping... What hardware issue should be this one?
  14. Q

    Sony Vaio VGN-FS640/W sound issue

    i have a sony vaio vgn-fs640/w and when i power it up i hear the power up sound but then i cant get sound through head phones jack or speaker for anything else i only her sound when i turn the computer on I'm completely stumped ive went to the advanced sound settings and when i click test i hear...
  15. oldbaritone

    RCA tablet no power-up

    RCA 10" tablet RCT6203W46. Recently added employer's Outlook server account, employer required enabling the "remote delete" option in admin. With some trepidation, I did. Email and contacts sync'd fine. The next morning when I turned the tablet on, I got the factory reboot screen, but all my...
  16. R

    Toshiba Satellite l755 Shows AC and Battery Lights, but Will Not Turn On

    Hi everyone, I have a Toshiba Satellite l755-s5214 (2009 model) that I bought a few years back. Recently, I decided to replace the CPU from its original i3 2310m to a i5 560m. When I first disabled the laptop and tried to turn it back on, the battery and AC lights came on. The power light comes...
  17. A

    ASUS q500a does not turn on

    I have asus q500a laptop with windows8.. It does not turn on. I used to removed battery , unplug it, press power button 30 sec/60 sec and start again. this trick was working... but now this trick is not working at all... I plugged in other monitor but same things. I see power light, flashes...
  18. E

    Acer Laptop won't power up but the power light still comes on

    Hi, So I had just logged into my laptop (hadn't even opened any applications yet) when there was a beep and the laptop went completely dead. I try presssing the power button and the power light comes on, but the laptop doesn't actually power up. There is no sound coming from anywhere (eg, the...