Toshiba Satellite Radius - I've disabled my only way to power Up!


Oct 24, 2016
To start with, this Windows 10 Laptop used to power up fine by way of the "Lid Open Power On" setting being enabled.
Curiosity killed this cat though, because a naïve user (no names but initials are tattman23) deliberately DISABLED the lid/power option while trying to troubleshoot the actual Power button!

Major head-smacks on me I know (Homer Simpson's voice going "stupid stupid stupid...").

Anyhow, I naively hope there is a way to persuade the stupid thing to come up so I can re-enable the Lid Open Power On. The shop I went to for diagnosis, didn't know any top secret key combinations or other "hacks" to get it to spring to life. They actually diagnosed it as a "motherboard issue". I suppose that could be technically true, since replacing the power button (whatever that means) didn't work. Ironically, the only way I can disprove a "motherboard issue", is to find a way to power on!

With a huge advance of gratitude, I'm humbly looking for ideas. I know my power supply is good, and I know my battery is good and also near fully charged. The "plugged in" light does illuminate when it is plugged in. I'm almost at my lifetime quota of remove/replace the battery and poking a paper clip into the reset hole.

Before I insanely used control panel to disable the lid open/power on, my only issue was the actual power button.

Again thanks in advance,


Oct 24, 2016
Apologies for lack of clarity - I was under duress when I initially posted.
The model info: Toshiba Satellite Radius P55W-B5220.
And to rgd101 it's not sleeping/hibernating.
And to better state the problem: Due probably to unresponsive power button, the machine had been configured to instead use "Panel Open Power On" to power on when the display panel is opened.
So I had a working computer, until I deliberately disabled "Panel Open Power On", somehow thinking that doing that might get the power button working again. Disabling panel open power on did not fix the power button; it instead left me with no obvious way to turn on the computer.
That is the problem. I'm now looking for an alternative way to turn the otherwise fine computer on, so I can fix the setting I broke.


Dec 2, 2016
Q: you have ensured that the ribbon cable connecting to the power switch is connected?

If you have ever opened the laptop, or possibly even if not, there is a small ribbon cable which connects the mobo to the power & volume switches. When I installed my SSD and extra memory, I found that this ribbon cable has nearly zero tension holding it in place and could easily fall out. On my first reassembly, the cable looked installed but was not fully inserted, and I could not change volume (the power side of the cable was making connection though). I reseated the cable, and closed it up, and have had no issues since, but I do not carry this daily or even frequently, if it gets a lot of travel, I think this might come loose just over time.

It sounds to me as if this cable has become detached, if you have been in the laptop, it is worth a look. If you haven't opened this up, you may want to take to a shop, and just have them check if the very short narrow cable between the power switch area and the mobo is seated properly, and if loose, perhaps tape it in place.
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