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    Question Pioneer Elite SC-07 Basic configuration..am I just dumb?!

    I'm not sure if I'm just...dumb...or what, but I'm having absolutely zero luck getting this Pioneer Elite SC-07 receiver properly configured to handle audio from my TV (Hisense U6G). I can get audio through Toslink but HDMI... no such luck. Is there any definitive test so I can know if the...
  2. C

    Solved! Pioneer elite remote only works with vol and power button on ant mode

    Hooked up ant to cut cable. Remote only works for vol and power. Pioneer elite plasma tv
  3. S

    Solved! 6 OHM Speakers and 6 Ohm Reviever.

    Hi Audioholics, I’m looking to purchase a pioneer lx 503 receiver to power up my Jensen elite 404/303/202 inwall speakers in my theatre room. This receiver specs are as below. 180 WATTS PER CH (6 OHMS, 1 KHz, THD 1.0% 1 Ch Driven) The Jenson speaker specs are below. 140W RMS / 140W RMS 6...
  4. S

    RGB Fusion Perfomance issue

    My RGB fusion on my motherboard (z390 elite) paired with corsair vengeance rgb pro lags. Music mode is also doesnt work and is stuttery. Any fix?
  5. R

    TV Antenna wind resistance

    Wineguard elite 7550...this antenna seems to be rated pretty good by tom's guide. Mounting it on a roof of a camper, would it withstand the wind while driving?
  6. M

    Jabra 65T elite charging case

    Hey im not sure if this is the right place to ask this but i didnt find other similar threads, i recently got the Jabra 65t and i used 1 ear bud and then returned it to the case to charge (the other bud was charged in the case) and after a few hours i went to listen again and the bud i used...
  7. J

    Remote does not reset pio. 103

    Remote to a 103 elite by pioneer. Does not reset
  8. K

    Solved! Fire Cube + AVR + Projector 4k Issue

    I have an Amazon Fire Cube connected to a Pioneer SC-LX501 Elite receiver that outputs to a Sony VPLVW600ES 4K Projector. With the Fire Cube connected to one of the receivers 3 HDCP 2.2 ports, I get no picture and a notification from the receiver saying my tv/device isn't HDCP 2.2 compatible...
  9. S

    Solved! Hi, I've hp elite book 8440p and can't get @ sign but it is indicate on the key with ' and " signs.

    Hi, I've hp elite book 8440p and can't get @ sign but it is indicate on the key with ' and " signs.
  10. G

    Can’t get surround to work with MXQ PRO and Pioneer Elite SC-81

    Please help. Connected with HDMI from Mxqi to receiver to tv. Only plays thru 2 speakers (center).
  11. K

    Need Help For VSX 43

  12. M

    WiFi authentication problem

    Authentication problem on zte warp elite. I have put in password correctly and caps are correct . When I try to connect it gives me authentication problem message
  13. S

    can i run games like wot and snipper elite 4?

    im new to laptops and have no clue what i can run on the one i just got(still in shipping) can i run world of tanks or snipper elite 4 with this one https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B079TGKLNR/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 im not looking for great graphics i have a gaming rig i...
  14. M

    How to install fire stick to pioneer elite plasma tv with marantz surround sound receiver

    How to install fire stick to pioneer elite plasma tv with marantz surround sound receiver
  15. R

    Solved! pioneer elite sc-81 Popping sound

    Can anyone tell me what causes a loud popping sound ,and can that Damage my speakers Pioneer Elite SC-81 Definitive Technology BP 8020 Speakers surround sound seems to come out of the right speaker. Thanks Rob
  16. G

    Should I upgrade my Pioneer Elite SC07 Receiver that has hdmi problems?

    Hi All, Several years ago I acquired a Pioneer Elite SC07 receiver and it was a wonderful receiver at the time and still a good audio receiver. I was mainly connecting to it a home theatre PC with Auzentech Home Theater HDMI card and still. So there is as well some audio processing in the card...
  17. B

    hp elite book 8460p

    looking for memory for hp elite book 8460p
  18. J

    New Samsung UBD-KM85C DVD Player to Old Pioneer Elite VSX-39TX A/V Receiver

    I am trying to hook up a new Samsung UBD-KM85C DVD player to my old Pioneer Elite VSX-39TX A/V receiver. I am replacing my old Pioneer Elite DV-37 DVD player with the Samsung. The Pioneer DVD player accepted three cables red, blue, green from the Pioneer receiver into its "Component Video Out"...
  19. C

    Old Pioneer Elite to new Vizio sound bar

    Have a Pioneer Elite TV from about 2004. Bot a new Vizio sound bar. How can I connect the older Pioneer TV to the Vizio sound bar?
  20. J

    Plasma for Sale

    I have 720p Elite Plasma (with speakers on sides) for sale. Where is a good place to post it for sale? Thank you!!
  21. J

    Looking to replace my Elite THX Select2 VSX-72TXV

    I am a 70 year old lady and my current AV multi room system is malfunctioning. It seems that my AV receiver has finally bitten the dust and I need to replace it. I am using it along with a Harmony Home to control TV,Audio, Streaming etc. I have a 2 Zone set up, with in-ceiling Klipsch speakers...
  22. S

    Connecting Turntable to VSX 45

    I have a Pioneer VSX 45 Elite receiver and finally have gotten around to getting a turntable to connect to it. There is no turntable input on the VSX 45, but I was led to believe that wouldn't be a problem. I have the turntable's left/right RCA output cables running into a Pyle phono pre-amp...
  23. T

    Connect my galaxy j7 to may old Pioneer home stereo,

    I have a Pioneer elite home sterestereo add nd would like to hear my metro pcs galaxy j7 on it
  24. D

    ZTE black screen

    My new ZTE Warp elite is almost 3 months old. I had set it on the charger over night i had woken up and my screen was black wouldnt turn on at all. I have tried to hard reset and still no response. Also left it on the charger all day it turned onto the start screen once then went black and will...
  25. J

    Solved! Help with 7.2 setup

    I have a Front receiver that has 2 speakers and and one subwoofer Side PC speakers with a subwoofer Rear chair with two speaker in it Now I was wondering if I could direct all bass to front and side For example in elite dangerous my bigger subwoofer (front) gets no bass while my side gets...
  26. A

    i disabled my avast antivirus to install a program which eventually became a virus and freezed my pc. After system reset, i co

    Its an hp elite laptop. Please help. Here is my email: Removed by Moderator.
  27. R

    subwoofer not working

    I have a Pioneer Elite SC-LX501 everything works fine except when I press the Stereo button. The manual states it should playback only from the front right and left speakers along with the subwoofer. After the stereo button is pressed its only playing from the front right and left speakers, no...
  28. L

    Pioneer Elite vsx-55TXi vs denon avr-790 7.1 receiver help

    looking for a budget receiver, iv got the denon guy down to 150, pioneer's starting price was 150 but don't know if hed be willing to haggle. (these are cad prices used on kijiji) or should i look for something else?
  29. E

    Hp elite book, need to enable mouse pad

    I disabled the mouse pad on my hp elite book laptop. Unable to use pointer
  30. N

    Decent computer for video editing

    Is this a decent computer to edit five minute videos with no special effects but maybe music? http://www.microcenter.com/product/460151/EliteBook_8570_Windows_7_Professional_15_Laptop_Computer_Refurbished_-_Gray http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2409194,00.asp
  31. P

    Connecting a A/V receiver to another as a pre amp.

    I have an early 2000 Pioneer Elite A/V receiver (#1). I do not have enough inputs for all my equipment. I just picked up another Elite receiver (#2) with Pre Amp Outs. I hooked it up tonight and I get sound but no video. I connected RCA cables from VCR2 out on #2 to VCR2 In on #1. Now...
  32. K

    HP laptop keyboard issue after screen repair.

    After the screen was replaced on my elite book the keyboard won't work? It is detected and have tried pressing escape, took out battery, tried num lock the etc... Just can't see how it could,ve been damaged by the screen?!
  33. M

    CPU cooler clearance

    Can the Zalman CNPS8000B 92mm FSB fits inside cooler master elite 130
  34. A

    Would Hp Elite book 745 run These games GTA V, BF3, BF4, Prototype2, Medal of honor

    I wanna know if these games could be played on this Laptop ......As a matter of fact i'm not even able to finish the setup installation, where the 97% installation is done and the 3% gives me a "FILE NOT FOUND ERROR"
  35. E

    No Audio From Xbox 360 Elite

    I have the 360 Elite, a computer, and a monitor with 1x hdmi, 1x vga, and 1x dvi inputs (Acer gn246hl). There are no built-in speakers. How can I get audio from the xbox? I would like to use my headset (Creative SoundBlaster Tactic 3D Sigma), but I will take any option at this point. The...
  36. L

    Pioneer Elite VSX-92TXH HDMI Input setting not working

    I had Rogers cable come over to install a 4k Cable NextBox and because my Pioneer does not support 4K they unplugged the old cable box and my android media box from the receiver. I then had to plug and Optical cable from my tv to the receiver in order to get surround from the new 4K. However now...
  37. N

    What is the best headset for FPS gamers? Help me decide!

    Help me decide between Kingston HyperX Cloud II and SteelSeries Siberia Elite Prism. I am looking for a good sound quality, not comfort. The HyperX Cloud 2 doesn't have a software for customizing sound so I am afraid I can't hear footsteps clearly as I do before. I am currently using Razer...
  38. N

    Steelseries Siberia V3 has worse mic than V2??

    Me and one of my friends own a V2, and when we skype call theres literally no flaws. No background noise, no "cancer" when you eat or when you blow gently into it and the overall quality of the audio is just perfect. Now, my other friend is buying the V3 or the Elite Prism, and i heard the mic...
  39. B

    Does the av 1912 have optical out?

    Trying to plug in a Turtle beach elite 800 to the AV 1912 but the optical port does not seem to be working. Some confusion as to whether the port in the back is an input (as mentioned by many) or is an output (as mentioned in the manual)
  40. P

    Headset wont work when plug in jackstick but works fine when i use USB

    So, about 1 year ago i bought this Steelseries Siberia Elite headset, which had an issue with the jackstick. If i plugged it in, it sounded like i was underwater and the bass sucked and i couldn't hear what there was being sung if i heard a song.. But it worked fine with USB! Now i just got a...
  41. I

    i want to install windows 8 on my HP elite book 8440p switching from windows 7 what should i do ?

    switching from windows 7 to windows 8
  42. S

    Best headset for under $200

    I'm trying to find a new set of headphones or a headset for my PC. I recently returned a steelseries v2 frost edition set, so i could trade it in for a newer model. I originally got the steelseries v3 prism headset, but i returned it when i found the v3 elite prism headset for 10 dollars more...
  43. K

    Looking for ~200$ or less headset/headphones

    i have went trough yet another headset that seems to break after a very short time (Turtlebeach px3, sony pulse elite and now steelseries syberia v3). i am looking for a good sounding headphones with or without an attached microphone. i was simply disapointed in the sound of those last headsets...
  44. 1

    Gaming Headphone ?

    Hi guys, im looking for gaming headphone Im from ASIA, and i hope your suggestion of headphone are available in here. At this moment i got Steelseries Siberia Elite, just bought it 4 months ago on europe and the left side of headphone sound not coming out. So at this moment im only hearing with...
  45. T

    Pioneer Elite TV Speakers making a popping sound

    I have a mid 2000s Pioneer Elite plasma TV. The TV has external speakers (mounted on the side of the TV) that are connected to the TV. (similar to the photo in the link: http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Home/Plasma/PRO-1130HD). The speakers just recently started to make a...
  46. Alexis92

    Best Gaming Headphones And Speakers Under $750

    so i am looking for the best gaming headphones , the one i am looking at right now is a Siberia Elite and it looks like its good but i am also trying to pick between the Siberia Elite and the HyperX Cloud Pro, they are both 7.1 and both have surround sound but i am still trying to find a good...
  47. R

    sub woofer not working on pioneer elite vsx 43

    my sub is not working cant under stand wy
  48. B

    Is the SteelSeries Siberia Elite Prism good for FPS?

    I read a review that stated that the headset is good but not very good when it comes to sorround sound. I am interested in what you guys experience with this headset is, and wheather or not you would recommend it to me who plays lots of different games (in lots of genres) but probably most of...
  49. M

    Should i Buy Hp Elitebook 840 in 700 dollars

    Greetings to all members I want to buy a laptop moslty for casual work and normal gaming. When i checked local market, i found an elitebook 840 in good price. But i just want to ask is it good to play games with dedicated graphic card 8750m. I already faced problem with hp switchable graphic on...
  50. T

    12 flashing blue lights on my pro 940 elite plasma and it goes from power up screen to input and resolution screen and quickly

    Pioneer elite plasma shuts off. Originally it would just show the power up screen and then shut off. I unplugged it for a few days and now it get to the input and resolution screen, but then powers off immediately.
  51. T

    Steelseries Siberia Elite on PS4

    I am considering to buy the Steelseries Siberia Elite-headset. Does anyone have any experience of the headset on PS4? Is it possible to use the Steelseries Siberia Elite-headset on PS4 with Dolby 7.1 surround sound? Does the mic work properly? Please help!
  52. M

    Headset Siberia Elite very very LOW sound !!!!! HELP!!!

    Hi guys, i bought a Siberia Elite headset and using USB conecction sounds very very LOW, even at 2.0 and dolby off. I dont know what else to do, but 7.1 sounds so low that even my apple cheap headphones had lowder sound. Any ideas?? I have a asus p8z77v-lx motherboard (using realtek drivers)...
  53. TheFaceOff

    Siberia Elite V2's (Kingston HyperX Edition) or Logitech G930's

    The hyperX's are 50 bucks, but its about 30 bucks cheaper than normal v2's, does this mean that there is a sale, or are the sound drivers shittier in the hyper x ones? the g930's i heard has better reviews, but there's a 40 dollar price gap, my budget for a pair of gaming headsets is $100
  54. N

    7.1 Surround Problems?

    I'm using Siberia Elite 7.1 Gaming Headset. I don't think my Headset have any problems because when i test with stereo it really loud. But when i use 7.1 it's like medium not full volume? Windows 8
  55. S

    Difference between Sibera Elite and Anniversary Edition

    As the title says, I want to know the difference between the Steelseries Sibera Elite and the Anniversary Edition (better Mic or so). Also, I would like to know which Headset you guys would buy at the moment. I, for myself, am torn between the Sibera Elites, V2 and the 9H.
  56. B

    Wrapping parts of a headset in carbon fiber texture

    Hello everyone I own as Sony Pulse Elite headset and after seeing the new GTA V Edition I've been inspired to do a little modification of my own. I was thinking of a carbon fiber texture on the glossy part of the headset (picture attached). Can anyone recommend a vinyl/shrink wrap I might use...
  57. D

    ATH-M50 or V-Moda M-80 or Siberia Elite

    I'm looking to buy a pair of headphones to use with my PC for gaming, as well as for travel and just everyday use. I just want to know your opinions on these three headphones ATH-M50 V-Moda M-80 Siberia Elite This isn't just about sound quality I'm curious what you guys suggest based on build...
  58. M

    Hp Elitebook 8440P Dim Disply

    My Hp Elite book 8440p Suddenly when to dim screen I can't solve this problem. I Connect a external Monitor showing same dim display please help me to solve this problem.
  59. J

    Home theater sub not working

    I have a Sunfire Signature sub that I set up in my home theater room connected to a pioneer Elite VSX-52TX that is connected via optical connection to my TV. Day 1, it worked great but now does nothing. I checked connections, etc, even played with Auto and Manual MCACC. It works fine when I...