Receiver to power Cerwin Vega VS-150s

Feb 20, 2018
Hello all, I was recently given a pair of cerwin vega vs-150 speakers from a friends dad who was moving and I took them without really knowing what I was getting. After reading reviews and specs I now realize I know NOTHING about home audio! I need to get a receiver to power these beasts but I don't want to spend 500+ to get something decent. Can anyone recommend a good budget friendly(sub $200) receiver that I could use for these? General specs for these speakers is below.

DESCRIPTION: 15" 3-Way Floor Standing Loudspeaker
POWER HANDLING: 5/400 Watts RMS (Min/Max)
SENSITIVITY: 102dB (1 Watt @ 1 Meter)
LF DRIVER: VSW 15" Die-Cast
MF DRIVER: DXM6 6.5" Cone
HF DRIVER: VS-T3 1" Dome
PROTECTION: Self-resetting PTC (high frequency)
DIMENSIONS: 35.5" x 18" x 18.6" (H X W X D)
PORT DIMENSIONS: (2) 4" dia. X 10" long
WEIGHT: 90 Lbs.
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