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  1. R

    Solved! Which one can run The Sims 4 better?

    Huawei Matebook D 14", AMD Ryzen 5 2500U, 256Gb SSD, 8GB Ram, AMD Radeon Vega 8 Lenovo Ideapad 320S,Intel core I5-8250U, 256Gb SSD, 8Gb Ram, Nvidia Geforce mx150
  2. J

    From Blackberry to Cerwin-Vega

    I have a Blackberry Key2LE. I would like to play music from my Spotify app to my Cerwin-Vega speakers. How would I do that?
  3. K

    AMD ryzen 3 2200u and Vega 3 enough for fallout 4?

    I’m wondering if I can run fallout 4 with AMD Ryzen 3 2200u and a Vega 3 a cheap budget pc but can play other Bethesda games well .also I have 8gb of ram .
  4. G

    which one is better for gaming?

    which one is better, gt930m with i3 5005u or ryzen 3 with vega 3? Thank for aswering ^^
  5. M

    Solved! AMD barely supports their Raven Ridge Mobile APUs and we consumers have to pay for it...

    This is both a rant and a cry for help as I recently bought an HP EliteBook 755 G5 with the Ryzen 7 PRO 2700U and have been dealing with endless issues that couldn't be fixed (yet) even after contacting AMD and HP. HP claims that they will be able to fix the issue by replacing some hardware...
  6. A

    acer aspire 3 laptop vega 8 + radeon 535 2gb GDDR5

    Hello, i just bought an Acer laptop with ryzen 5 2500u cpu, it's equipped with the built-in vega 8 graphics + dedicated Radeon 535 with 2GB of GDDR5 memory, which seems like a weird combination as on paper the vega 8 seems stronger than the dedicated graphics, i'm having lots of problems...
  7. Exia00

    Solved! Ryzen 5 2500U Laptop question

    Hi i didn't know if this was the right place to be asking this but i was looking at this laptop which is within my price range and i am wondering if the Vega 8 in the system is able to be overclocked and even if it is only by 5%...
  8. S

    Dell inspiron 5575 amd ryzen 3 lagging

    i bought a dell inspiron 5575 ( ryzen 3 2200u with vega 3 gpu) two days ago and it came with windows 10 home pre installed but it is slow and lagging and takes a lot of time to load application. please help as to what i should do, it is not performing like a new laptop should. i updated the...
  9. J

    I am planing purchase of an HP 17" touchscreen laptop Need win7

    I am contemplating the purchase of an HP 17" touchscreen laptop, AMD 3 processor & 6 Vega graphics. I am 84 and barely get by with win7. Is i t possible to change back from the installed w10? Any similar laptops which would be better? thanks, JOEL
  10. 6sultan9

    Solved! crossover rebuild cerwin vega

    Cerwin vega vs150 crossover rebuild..i bought them at circuit city new and was wandering if its time to rebuild the crossovers?they are close to 25 years old ..loosing fidelity it seems..
  11. E

    Can't find Ryzen 5 2500U and Vega 8 drivers

    I just got new laptop(Acer Aspire 3) and did fresh Windows 10 install. Installed drivers via DriverPack Solution Online. I wanted to install AMD software from their site and i couldn't find drivers for components even on manually search. They didn't list mobile Ryzen components there. I tried...
  12. M

    Solved! at-12 crossovers:cerwin vega house speakers.

    I need help with hooking the wires up. I am building a new speaker.Think You
  13. M

    Can i run gta v on amd ryzen 3 2200u with rx vega 3 gpu and 4gb of ram?

    Looking for budget gaming laptop
  14. J

    Solved! Chewin vega powered subwoofer home problems with turning red and green with poping sound

    Like the sub getting the bass signal then it pops and looses the signal in a constant one or two sec back and forth kind of thing.
  15. T

    Receiver to power Cerwin Vega VS-150s

    Hello all, I was recently given a pair of cerwin vega vs-150 speakers from a friends dad who was moving and I took them without really knowing what I was getting. After reading reviews and specs I now realize I know NOTHING about home audio! I need to get a receiver to power these beasts but I...
  16. PetarV

    Will RX Vega 56 work in the eGPU adapter EXP GDC?

    I'm doing an eGPU set up and I'm choosing between the 1070 (I know it works with my laptop and the adapter) and the Vega 56 (not sure if it works). I know the 56 is a bit better than the 1070 in terms of performance (plus that nVidia is f*cking with the drivers) but the main question is will it...
  17. E

    Buy a gaming Laptop now or wait for Vega/Volta

    Yesterday my laptop died while playing intensive games with it. A GT70 dominator pro with a gtx 880m. All of the sudden I unintentionally read a news about AMD Vega and Nvidia Volta, some say they will be launching on Q3. And I was wondering, Should I buy a pascal gaming Laptop now or wait for...
  18. H

    Can I run a TV and a record player to the same set of speakers if I don't plan on using them simultaneously?

    I have a pair of powered Cerwin Vega speakers that I run to a record player. I would also like to run them to my TV as the current sound isn't ideal and I don't want to purchase a soundbar. Can I do this if I don't plan on using them simultaneously? I do not want to have to disconnect the...
  19. D

    Solved! "2 Speaker Sound Issue"

    It's kinda hard to explain the problem. I have 2 old speakers that I plug into my AMP unit and then into my pc. After a while the speakers started to randomly buzz, stop working, then work again. But never both at the same time, either the right one or the left one. Recently I upgraded my pc...
  20. D

    i need some help connecting my pa system....

    i have a QSC RMX4050HD amplifier so i want to use my four subwoofers with it 2 cerwin vega EL-36B 8ohms each 2 JBL MP255s 4ohms each what would be the best way to connect them
  21. Knucklehead545

    Cerwin Vega sub 100 makes a crackle sound

    I made a subwoofer cable for 30 feet and I bought a cerwin Vega sub 100 for 35$ and it now makes a crackle whenever it is turned up loud
  22. R

    Cerwin Vega LW12X Amp Problem (VIDS/PICS)

    Hello community, I've recently bought a Active Subwoofer ( Cerwin Vega LW12X ) it was picked up for £50 which i thought was a great deal. The ad was listed as faulty and the guy mentioned the amp was faulty, i bought it as i could just hook the woofer up to an external map separate. After...
  23. Z

    Help with stereo speaker setup

    I want to set up my stereo system as multi-channel. I've done this before but there is an issue. My one larger speaker (cerwin vega at-8) has foam missing in the ring so obviously only one of the two can be used.. Is there any way to set up the one good at-8 as a rear channel all by itself?
  24. Dragonblids

    What speaker cables?

    I recently bought 2 Cerwin-Vega SL-15's. i got a Onkyon TX-SV515PROII. I'm a "normal" person, not really a HIFI enthousiast. Will i be able to notice any diffrence between low cost copper cables, and high-end hifi cables?
  25. M

    Cerwin vega vs sony

    Hello community! We are renovating home and we are going to buy new speakers. I have my eyes laid on two different speaker pairs. The Sony Shake 5 and Cerwin Vega VE-12F. The sony shake are about 800 GBP and come with an amplifier, but the cerwin vega don't so if u can recommend an amp, i will...
  26. tuanmai

    New Mass Effect Prequel Anime Trailer Unveiled

    James Vega stars in Funimation's upcoming Mass Effect anime adaptation. New Mass Effect Prequel Anime Trailer Unveiled : Read more
  27. jacobboe89

    Cerwin vega e315

    recently picked up a pair of vega e315's :) trying to find out what size fuse belongs in them as the woofers are fuse protected and i would like to make sure the correct fuses are installed . thankyou in advance for anybody who has the answer .
  28. exfileme

    AT&T Cracking Down on Cell Data Usage

    AT&T's Ralph de la Vega said that subscriber incentives need to be in place to reduce or modify data consumption. AT&T Cracking Down on Cell Data Usage : Read more