Cerwin Vega LW12X Amp Problem (VIDS/PICS)


May 17, 2016
Hello community,

I've recently bought a Active Subwoofer ( Cerwin Vega LW12X ) it was picked up for £50 which i thought was a great deal. The ad was listed as faulty and the guy mentioned the amp was faulty, i bought it as i could just hook the woofer up to an external map separate.

After trying it out, the woofer is in great condition so i moved onto the internal amp, i had come into 2 separate issues which im hoping someone is able to help me with. maybe its a simple fix, maybe not. I will list them below.

1. First issue i came across was a static noise coming from the sub woofer ( this noise is not there when i unplug the woofer from the amp ) After messing around a little, i think this is caused when i connect up my FM unit and plug it in via the RCA ports. After the static appears, unplugging or switching it off and back on doesn't solve the problem, i have to wait a while and then switch it back on. The volume dial doesn't make the noise quieter/louder, however the low level filter dial does, the static goes louder/quieter when i'm adjusting it left and right.

2. The second issue is i think kind of related to the first. The issue i have here is that since i can't use the RCA ports, i powered the internal amp up and connected cable from the internal amp to an external amp to power the sub that way. Upon doing that i'm introduced with a weird popping and crackling sound, it gets louder when i press on the cone. ( SEE VIDEO ) When these sounds occur the volume dial is literally lower than 20% turning it up makes the crackle/pop louder. adjusting the filter makes no difference either. ( remember the Subwoofer is still working fine as i can connect the woofer to an external amp and play it at high levels )

I know the Subwoofer is very old and possibly has parts that need to be cleaned/replaced, either way i'm unsure. I will post a Youtube link below and 3 pictures of the amp. Again, i'm not sure what i'm looking for so hopefully someone is able to help me out here.

Appreciate all the help the community gives!!

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJJitqkkFcM&feature=youtu.be
Picture 1: http://imgur.com/AWxLpmk
Picture 2: http://imgur.com/LGc32TU
Picture 3: http://imgur.com/e4a3rh4

If you need any more info/pictures please let me know, thanks!