Question What car stereo should I get?

Feb 19, 2020
Been chugging along in my old gen 3 Toyota 4Runner. It's an old car, but still runs like the day I bought it. The seats may be torn, but I'm far from giving it up any time soon! A few years back I upgraded to a touch screen Pioneer stereo in an attempt to bring the car into the 21st century. It worked. It's great, I love the bluetooth feature, which is pretty much all I use it for.

I'm itching to upgrade once again and I want to know what the best car stereo is? I am super interested in Android Auto and Apple Car Play. I'm not a fan boy so whichever one has the best features.
usually both apple´s and google´s system is compatible to 3rd party head units.

if possible stay away from the cheap china units, saw really bad quality there.

Maybe someone else can help you by checking the best one, but I would chose between these brands:
Sony, Pioneer, Kenwood, Alpine