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  1. MartyMcfly999

    Solved! I need to write emails while driving.... Help!

    Does anyone else find the need to "write" emails while driving? I'm not saying take your eyes off the road, but I am looking for a great mobile assistant, ideally something that would integrate well with Android Auto or Apple Car Play. Just picked up a new Toyota Rav4 that features both Android...
  2. crawdish

    Solved! What car stereo should I get?

    Been chugging along in my old gen 3 Toyota 4Runner. It's an old car, but still runs like the day I bought it. The seats may be torn, but I'm far from giving it up any time soon! A few years back I upgraded to a touch screen Pioneer stereo in an attempt to bring the car into the 21st century. It...
  3. kratos2000

    Solved! Do I have to pay a monthly charge to use Apple CarPlay?

    I'm thinking of upgrading my car stereo to something new. I have an iPhone so I want a head unit that has apple car play. I thought I read somewhere that Apple CarPlay has a monthly subscription fee, but I can't confirm it anywhere. Do you know if this is true?
  4. Bobhashtag

    Solved! How To Customize Apple CarPlay?

    I have an iPhone and love it. A huge apple fan boy :) I just CarPlay and it is sick! I really want to customize it though. On my iPhone I can move apps around and delete them. How do I do that on Apple CarPlay?