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  1. lunarsunlight

    Question Best apps for Android Auto?

    The Android Auto revamp just got rolled out. I really like the sleek UI. It makes navigating so much better and easier. Right now I mostly use Android Auto as another navigation screen, but I'm wondering if I'm missing out on anything. Are there any recommended must have apps? I already have...
  2. MartyMcfly999

    Solved! I need to write emails while driving.... Help!

    Does anyone else find the need to "write" emails while driving? I'm not saying take your eyes off the road, but I am looking for a great mobile assistant, ideally something that would integrate well with Android Auto or Apple Car Play. Just picked up a new Toyota Rav4 that features both Android...
  3. crawdish

    Solved! What car stereo should I get?

    Been chugging along in my old gen 3 Toyota 4Runner. It's an old car, but still runs like the day I bought it. The seats may be torn, but I'm far from giving it up any time soon! A few years back I upgraded to a touch screen Pioneer stereo in an attempt to bring the car into the 21st century. It...
  4. mememan2578

    Question Android Auto Podcast Addict

    I love podcasts and listen to them everyday throughout my commute. Does anyone know of any good apps to use with Android Auto? I was using Podcast Addict but it won't play. I hit play, but no dice. Maybe it's my connection? I'm not sure and nothing helps with troubleshooting. What are the best...
  5. tvd8809

    Question Problems with Google Assistant Audio Level

    Just got a new car and it has Android Auto. I'm a big fan! It's really made my commute to and from work significantly better. I am having some small issues though. I don't get why the audio levels are all over the place with Android Auto. It will be way too loud when hear the OK Google assistant...
  6. rutherfordsc

    Hyundai Sonata is First With Android Auto

    It's time for other car makers to catch up to Hyundai, which has become the first company to ship Android Auto, as seen on the 2015 Sonata. Hyundai Sonata is First With Android Auto : Read more
  7. rutherfordsc

    Android Auto Test Drive: Meet Pioneer's In-Dash Unit

    We test drive Android Auto on the streets of NYC with Pioneer's AVIC-8100 NEX in-dash receiver. Android Auto Test Drive: Meet Pioneer's In-Dash Unit : Read more