Solved! Switching between Apps on Cube and Apps on Samsung Smart TV?

Apr 2, 2019
I've removed and replaced my cable box with Amazon's fire TV Cube and connected it to my 65" Samsung Smart TV. So far I am happy with the Cube with one minor exception: I've been unable to figure out how to get Alexa (running on the Cube) to switch to the Apps installed on the TV (Samsung Smart TV) and back again. For example, I use the Spectrum TV App on the TV to get live, local TV and Spectrum's full channel lineup. Alas, the Spectrum TV App is not available on the Cube (as far as I know). Moreover, there does not seem to be a source in the Equipment Settings that would cause the Cube to switch to the TV's apps.

So, I need to be able to command Alexa (on the Cube) to switch to the TV's application menu and run the Spectrum App.

ATM, I can do this manually.

Here are some specifics if it will help:

Amazon Fire TV Cube - Wired ethernet to the internet router, HDMI to the TV
Samsung Smart TV - 5G wireless access to the internet.

Thanks, in advance, for any guidance you can provide
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