Solved! How can I connect a Marantz Home Cinema receiver with a Samsung Smart TV

Jan 20, 2019
Hi. I got a Marantz receiver bought in 2004 (so, no HDMI connection).

I bought a Samsung Smart TV and I don't know how to connect the Smart TV to the receiver, so that the Netflix stuff streaming on the TV set sounds digital through the whole home cinema equipment.

I already have a Blu-ray player and a Gigaset media player connected to the receiver via components cables. Both the Blu-ray and the media player work fine.

The Smart TV shows these two connections at one of its sides:
-A blue "component in"
-A yellow "AV in"

To the blue and yellow spots, you may attach component (blue) and AV (yellow) adaptors which are meant to get connected to the receiver at the other end. At the end of the adaptors which is suppossed to go in the receiver, there are 5 connectors: red, blue, green, white, and red again.

The thing is I don't know where those 5 connectors are suppossed to fit in in the Marantz receiver (which, as I said, doesn't show an HDMI connection because it is an old Marantz receiver).

I attach 2 images:
-Marantz receiver (rear panel)

-Component in/AV in connections on the Samsung Smart TV

Thanks so much!



Jan 20, 2019

Thanks so much for your answer.

It's a 49 inches Samsung smart TV set (bought it a year ago, and should go find which exact model it is), which only shows HDMI connections and two coloured connections meant for non HDMI devices, such as this Marantz receiver.

The "component in/AV in connections" on the Samsung Smart TV may be seen if you click on the link:

Thanks so much.