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  1. Ashalanis

    Question Why is my PC running games slow despite my specs?

    Hello, I have built this PC around five years ago. The computer was very quick when I first built it, however it has slowed down over the years. I have wiped the desktop as well as run CCleaner to try and clean up some of the space. I also have very slow bootup times as well as slow downs when...
  2. F

    Question Msi gtx 1080 voltage or FET driver

  3. S

    Solved! Need old-fashioned speaker that uses clip-in wire

    Way back in 1994 I bought a Yamaha RX-460 stereo receiver system with CD and tape player components. I haven't used it in years and no longer have the humongous speakers I bought back then. I'd like to replace the speakers with something cheaper and smaller, but I don't even know what to look...
  4. G

    Many TVs share the component video (3 RCA jacks) and composite video (1 RCA Jack) inputs. If it is set to component and you co

    I have gone through the TOSHIBA TV menu and can not find this option. Any thoughts?
  5. M

    Solved! How can I connect a Marantz Home Cinema receiver with a Samsung Smart TV

    Hi. I got a Marantz receiver bought in 2004 (so, no HDMI connection). I bought a Samsung Smart TV and I don't know how to connect the Smart TV to the receiver, so that the Netflix stuff streaming on the TV set sounds digital through the whole home cinema equipment. I already have a Blu-ray...
  6. T

    Solved! Upgrade from 1060 to?

    Hi, I only use my comp for Oculus rift and I have a fairly large VR library. Since the RTX cards have come out I've been itching to upgrade my 1060 6gb. I'm just looking at this like a stepping stone to a completely new rig maybe later this year or next year. My question is: should I even...
  7. A

    Solved! Can I connect a PC with VGA output to a TV with RBG Phono inputs?

    I've got an old Toshiba 19" TV which I occasionally use for playing PS1/PS2 games as the quality isn't amazing. It's also got a VGA input on it, but can only handle a signal of up to 50Hz, and even my old Win XP pc is 60Hz minimum. This Toshiba TV also has component RGB-RL component phono...
  8. H

    Solved! Omen 17" not turning on at all

    Hello everyone ! I have an Omen 17" (2016 Model) and all of a sudden while trying to turn it on it doesn't turn on at all. The charger indicator lamp is off as well and wont turn on either. What I tried replacing the charger with its replacement charger and still no indicator lamp turning on and...
  9. T

    Solved! I have a Samsung tab 4 bought new battery and new charging port and tried all the holding down power and/or volume and nothing

    Tried everything even bought new components and replaced. What else is there.
  10. A

    Solved! Help with setup of 4 components

    I am really hoping someone can help me. I am trying to setup connections and I’ve been at it for 6 hrs now along with the very combo I can think of. Listed out each type,name,model and then each connection in each device in hopes it all is enough to help me. 1.Streamg Blueray/DVD (LG-BP340)...
  11. A

    Solved! Should I upgrade my Dell Inspiron 15 7568?

    It has been a long time (3-4 years) that I have used this laptop for! Most of the components of the laptop are working fine until now! But for the past few months, the laptop has been running very slowly and freezing occasionally when loading application or even browsing casually. The laptop...
  12. K

    iBuyPower BTS Mini Special

    What components did you buy to get this under $800? When I went to the iBuyPower website, I selected mostly all standard options (which doesn't add additional costs) and it went over $1,000. Please reply!!
  13. H

    Need help upgrading an abandoned tablet.

    I have a Lenovo Yoga 10 HD+ (B8080-F) upgraded to KitKat. Lenovo stopped supporting it after that. The net has been no help. Is there any way to upgrade my tablet? I'm open to stripping it of any os and starting over from just the components! Do you have any ideas?
  14. A

    Solved! LCD Panels and components compatibility.

    Hey Guys How can I replace the electronic components of a Samsung LE37S62B (sound works but shows no picture) with the electronic components of a Samsung ue55h6290ss (broken LCD panel)? Are the components and LCD panel even compatible? Other options: Samsung le40c579j1s (defective components)...
  15. F

    Solved! How do I connect my BOSE 3.2.1 Series ll stereo red and white cables to my un65nu800D Smart TV

    My Bose has a component cable and a stereo cable. My new TV has only HDMI ports, therefore I will add an AV to HDMI converter for the component cable. Where should I connect the stereo cable? We use the BOSE to enhance TV musical programs and to play DVD'S. Fred D.
  16. G

    Spark/something fried display cable

    So I was trying to replace my LCD back cover and forgot to unplug my battery before plugging in the display cable. There was a spark. Something smelled burned. Now the display on my laptop no long works. I think I found the fried component (next to the bottom of the display cable on the left)...
  17. P

    Help with choosing components for laptop

    Im have a dilemma with what laptop i should buy. It would be used for college stuff, photo and video editing, lite gaming etc. My 3 current best options are 1. Intel core i5-8250u 16gb of RAM 1Tb+256gb storage MX130 2Gb...
  18. Y

    Sound buzz through headphones from GPU

    I am having problems that makes a buzzing high pitched noise coming from the components. I can hear it inside my headphones . High pitched noises increase with fps in game. Tone changing while moving mouse . I can also hear them inside of the case but its not that big problem because i wear...
  19. L

    Solved! audio component recommendation

    I have a new home with some nice speakers wired to the outdoor patio. We are currently able to play music to those speakers via a receiver in the house. However, we live in the country and the receiver's antenna doesnt get good reception. The receiver is not bluetooth. Im looking for advice, if...
  20. C

    Solved! Netflix will not play in 4k with my PC and receiver.

    Alright so this is a lot of working components and I'm not sure where to start at all. I'm trying to get my PC (i5-4440, RX 470 4GB, 16GB DDR3 RAM) to play in 4k with my Yamaha RX-V381 with my LG 49UF6700 TV. I have the TV connected to the receiver with an HDMI 2.0 cable. I have read in another...
  21. B

    Solved! wire stereo components

    I need a diagram of how to hook up Optimus Amp, Sony bunner & player(disc), Technics double casset player, Pioneer SR-202 Reverb amp.
  22. F

    Changed the input to Component but still not working

    I have a Hitachi VCR that I have connected to a Vizio TV thru Component cables. I put a VHS tape into the Hitachi, powered it up and the small screen on the player says it is playing. I have changed the input on the TV to "Component" but it returns a message of No Signal. I have a second Vizio...
  23. S

    Solved! HD USING COMPONENT CABLES. Can I use DIgital Out Coax for Video?

    I have a pre 2011 Sony DVD player that has Composite, Component and Digital Coaxial out ports. It was manufactured and bought before the AACS Adopter Agreement of 2010 that made manufacturers downconvert component output to 480p. How do I ensure I am getting HD instead of 480? I know that the...
  24. J

    Solved! I have a harmon kardon avr146 receiver, sony bravia smart tv, toshba bdk33 smart bluray player and spectrum hdmi dvr cable box

    best way to hook multiple components to surround sound receiver (see above)
  25. T

    Solved! Connecting coaxial to component

    I have a 2 way coaxial speakers in the front doors of my car. I'm looking to add rear speakers as well. With my limited knowledge, i know that a component set of speakers would give me better sound. However, i'm not sure if I can hook up a component set with the coaxial door speakers.
  26. P

    Solved! Noob need guidance (Amplifier vs. Active Speaker mistake)

    I just got a vinyle turntable and a vintage amplifier with it. Ignorant, I thought I could just connect the amp to a set of active speakers I had.. I let you guess what happened next: amplifier died in 5 secs with a thin smoke string... I get that a (if not several) pieces are destroyed but I...
  27. S

    Solved! mutiospeaker set up

    I am planning a tap room sound layout with 10 total speakers. I have a leveling passive speaker component to protect my amp and I have a crown XLS 2002 amp to drive the system. Should I run the system in stereo, Y or bridge mode. I was thinking a mono output made the most sense given the wide...
  28. W

    Solved! Whats the best and cheapest gaming pc out

    Looking for a cheap but not laggy gaming pc
  29. S

    Solved! Laptops. i3 8gen

    I would like recommendations of laptops available in budget range. Components i require. 1TB HDD, 4/8GB DDR4 Ram, 1080p screen,and a normal graphics card will do..!!
  30. B

    Removing the touch pad on a Toshiba Satellite 50-B

    I need to replace my keyboard assembly on my Toshiba Satellite 50-B, I can remove and re-install all the new components but can't figure out how to remove and re-install the touch pad. Please advise.
  31. H

    How do I connect Xfinity X1 DVR cable box to old Yamaha RX-V2300 component receiver for 5.1 surround sound? No HDMI port on re

    How do I connect Xfinity X1 DVR cable box to old Yamaha RX-V2300 component receiver for 5.1 surround sound? No HDMI port on receiver. HDMI straight to tv but not getting sound through the receiver.
  32. K

    Is the gpu slot on my laptop now useless after a component burnt on the mobo

    Hello everyone, I was playing the Civilization 6 on my MSI GT60 laptop and after about 2 hours of gaming I heard a crackle and lots of smoke, now let me tell you that the pc is around 5 years old and has taken a lot of hours of gaming, but I clean it every 3 months and have reapplied the...
  33. N

    Sony Home theatre multi channel problem

    Hi guys, so i have a sony hbd - dz810 5.1 home theatre system. Before, i used to listen to audio on multi channel stereo mode (2.1 stereo but on all speakers) and my connection was through component cables. recently i bought a smart tv that has no component out ports and no 3.5mm audio jack...
  34. S

    Solved! Aux Input Capacity

    Can I connect 2 components to the AUX input in my receiver with Y jacks ?
  35. P

    How to change my Samsung smart tv from component to composite

    How do i go about changing my Samsung smart tv from component to composite. Step by step please.
  36. J

    HDMI audio from GPU

    Hello guys, I am a bit confused about my setup. I recently got a 5.1 spearkers (LG HT805) click here to see image:// So here is the scenario, my tv is being used as the monitor, has only one hdmi (that is what I use for my GTX1060), the problem is how can I connect my speaker other than using...
  37. A

    Help, please!? B/w issue

    <GOD knows how but ',I" hooked up a satellite box to a computer screen as t.v. under ' component" and it's in black and white,! When I try and guess to give it , get inly deep hues of green or red or blue,!! Help please!? No
  38. M


    Have TV, with 2 HDMI in and 1 ARC, SOundbar with 1 HDMI in and 1 ARC, PS4, Fire TV, and Xbox. Will the following config work well?
  39. R

    Need help in identifying a Missing Component from my scratched laptop' Mboard (Not HDD.Ram.)

    So i have a laptop that kept overheating sometimes, toked it apart and cleaned it.. now while assembling it back together, i genuinely managed to scratch the PCB so bad that a small component got tore riped off of it, couldn't find the component nowhere, the chip came off yet the pads are still...
  40. W

    Website to plan out my custom PC

    What website(s) can I use to plan out my custom desktop? I want a website that I can put in a certain model component and it shows me what is compatible and also what components I still have to have to build my PC.
  41. A

    Confused if I can get 5.1 audio from the components I am buying.

    So I am finally making the jump to 4K HDR movies for the family in the living room. We don't have much to spend so that is reflected in the components below. For some reason, I am having a hard time figuring out if I should go with a cheap soundbar or the 5.1 system I have linked down below. I...
  42. R

    Lenovo V110 upgrade

    So I got Lenovo V110 laptop and I don't know if I can upgrade it's components like processor, RAM or has dedicated graphics card... Thanks in advance
  43. E

    Can't find Ryzen 5 2500U and Vega 8 drivers

    I just got new laptop(Acer Aspire 3) and did fresh Windows 10 install. Installed drivers via DriverPack Solution Online. I wanted to install AMD software from their site and i couldn't find drivers for components even on manually search. They didn't list mobile Ryzen components there. I tried...
  44. M

    I upgraded i3-3110m to a i7 3740qm and now my pc shuts down when gaming/stress test

    Hello, I recently upgraded my cpu. Now it will shutdown in a matter of seconds awhile playing games or stress test and the temperature rises to 95-100c. I found that I can disable turbo boost in BIOS and I can play games and such but now I'm only getting 2.6ghz when it should be 3.7ghz (and is...
  45. D

    PC Specialist Laptop or MSI gp73?

    I have ordered a PC Specialist laptop since the components for the money is better... but I can't find their MS on their monitors as I am selling my desktop which my monitor is 1ms and the MSI laptop is 3ms but can't find PC Specialist so will be ringing them. My question is, what would you go...
  46. B

    Solved! How to switch component into AV mode in samsung tv

    I m not able to switch component mode to AV mode in my Samsung TV
  47. bluebadger12

    Kenwood XS Setup

    I have a stereo rack system my dad handed down to me. I'm still trying to learn all of the components which include a power amp, CD player, cassette deck, stereo tuner, graphic equalizer, and stereo control amp that are all from the early 90s. I do not know how to setup the Kenwood XS, or system...
  48. N

    Looking for component cord extension (RGB)

    I found a VGA to component cord on Amazon for my computer. When I got it, I realized that the heads of the component side were too thick, and I couldn't plug them into the computer. I am looking for an extension cord so that I can plug them in. It has to be male to female, and preferably 6...
  49. S

    DVD plays in black and white

    How do you change component to composite?? DVD player is hooked up but plays black and white. Proscan tv
  50. F

    PC Speaker System Missing 1 Key Component - Please help!

    I used to have a few different configurations on my primary PC, but then the PCi-E input on the MOBO apparently died, so I switched over to an external USB Creative Audio SBX soundcard and am now a bit confused on how best to power my existing equipment. All of my previous stuff (Klipsch 2.1...
  51. A

    HDMI to Component (YPbPr) Box, No Signal

    I am trying to use a converter box to convert my HDMI to Component (YPbPr) signal for my Xbox 360. However, all I get is a No Signal message on my TV. This also happens when I plug my TV into the converter box. The HDMI cable only seems to work when plugged directly into the TV. The device is...
  52. G

    Is the ram for a dell 1545 the same as a 3521

    I was looking to increase ram on my dell 1545 from 4 to 8 I could only find a 4gb for a 3521. Will it work in a 1545? Are they same components just different model numbers? Thanks for any reply
  53. I

    Looking for a hardware equalizer for my pc audio to use with Focusrite 2i2

    I have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 connected up to my Mackie CR4's and I was wondering if there was a component I could add in the middle to control the bass and treble levels. Amplifiers like the Lepai LP-2020TI would have worked, but the Mackie's are powered and they have their own amplifiers. I...
  54. P

    Solved! Please TV on Speakers

    I can’t get my LG42LH20 tv to play through my Sherwood receiver. Recently switched from Verizon to Optimum Altice and the new cable box has HDMI and Digital Optical only. The HDMI is connected to the LG TV. My Receiver only has Component, so I got a Component to Digital Adapter. When I hooked...
  55. L

    Want to use red white yellow cable for red white only input

    Video is hooked up with component cable. Only have a red white yellow rca cable for the audio. Can I just use the red and white?
  56. R

    Solved! Whats wrong with all of my analog audio inputs on my Pioneer Plasma TV?

    I own a Pioneer PDP-lx508g plasma tv. The other day i touched the ground shuelding of the right channel audio input (input #2) of the TV and the green output cable shielding from a component cable of a original xbox. Now all analog inputs do not work (even the PC 8mm jack). The HDMI inputs...
  57. M

    ToshibaT1000LE Battery Needed

    I have recently acquired an old Toshiba T1000LE, and I have found that all three batteries have been long dead. Is there any reasonable way I can procure a live RTC battery for the system? Link to the manual, if this helps
  58. B

    How do I hook up a DVR with component out to a VCR/DVD recorder with only Composite(RCA jacks) in?

    Can I use a component cable out on the DVR to the RCA jacks in on the VCR/DVD or RCA cables to and from the devices or will this work at all?
  59. Y

    Laptop decision for the price

    Hi. My laptop is 10 years old now and I'm choosing a new one. I have $1000. Here in my region I can by Lenovo Y900 (on sale) with 6700hq/980m4gb/hdd+ssd/8gbRam for that money. Good overall mid-high (old components, yes, but still) laptop with 17 screen IPS mech keyboard etc. For the same price I...
  60. C

    Any one have a service manual for a Quasar CR 19 component stereo. fm volume is low and the fm stereo doe not light up.

    I need the service manual for a Quasar CR19 component stereo. Fm stereo light does not come on and low volume on the radio. cassette decks and turntable have plenty of volume.