Whats wrong with all of my analog audio inputs on my Pioneer Plasma TV?

Apr 17, 2018
I own a Pioneer PDP-lx508g plasma tv. The other day i touched the ground shuelding of the right channel audio input (input #2) of the TV and the green output cable shielding from a component cable of a original xbox.

Now all analog inputs do not work (even the PC 8mm jack). The HDMI inputs all work fine. I use input #1 audio (which can be used as audio out) works fine before going to my Sony receiver and still does with all the HDMI inputs of the TV. None of the analog inputs going to the TV has any sound going through the Sony reciever.

I have unplugged everything from the TV including the power plug for over 8 hours + several times and then only plugged in the 8mm PC audio and the DVI from my Dreamcast with no luck of sound.

Is this an auto protection or a software issue? I don't know of how that could have fried anything on the TV unless its really that sensitive. Nothing else was touched. Never taken apart.

I had 3 component inputs going into a powerless switcher. The top two were inputs and the bottom had a input and a output to the tv. I put a screw sticking up to hold the switch box from behind (near the rubber coated wires) temporarily so it wouldn't fall off setting up my entertainment center. Well the screw slid between the red audio of the input of the tv and the green video output of the xbox to the shielding of both of them. The sound shut off and hasn't worked since.

Please if you can give me any advice on how to fix thus television I eould be forever so grateful.
The TV is mounted at its base about 5' up on the wall. That is why I haven't taken it down yet plus it weighs 84lbs.

A repair guy told me to go into service mode and see uf any errors are shown and none are shown.

Thank you so much in advance.
I would guess that shorting the grounds caused a problem with the analog input board. Between pulling the TV and repair costs it may be prohibitive to do even if you can find someone. Replacement boards would be scarce if any are out there at all. Shame, it's a fine TV.
I would convert all the analog sources to HDMI.
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