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  1. R

    Solved! Whats wrong with all of my analog audio inputs on my Pioneer Plasma TV?

    I own a Pioneer PDP-lx508g plasma tv. The other day i touched the ground shuelding of the right channel audio input (input #2) of the TV and the green output cable shielding from a component cable of a original xbox. Now all analog inputs do not work (even the PC 8mm jack). The HDMI inputs...
  2. M

    HELP: Trying to use headphones with my Samsung Plasma Model: PN60F5300AFXZA

    First and foremost, I have very little knowledge when it comes to tech stuff in general. My goal is to watch TV with headphones so I don't disturb my roommates at night. I have a Samsung Plasma TV Model: PN60F5300AFXZA. Here are the specs:
  3. L

    Tv going bad?

    Hello, I have a Samsung plasma pn50a650t1f. It has great picture for about a half hour and then the pixels start messing up, it gradually gets worse. The best I can describe it, there are red pixel clouds and it gets bad enough that there are spots that go completely black, like clouds. If...
  4. S

    42in Samsung Plasma TV with dark spots and black snow

    My TV screen has what I'd call black snow on it with dark spots. The dark spots recede away to the edge of the display after the TV has been on for a little bit, but the black snow remains and the picture is washed out. I already replace the Y-Main and upper and lower buffers. Any idea what...
  5. H

    Is the Insignia NS-P42Q-10A Native resolution really 1024x768?

    It came to my attention the other day that the television I have been using for watching movies connected to my computer is a 1024x768 native resolution plasma tv, the Insignia NS-P42Q-10A ( ). I've always wondered why the...
  6. corijei

    Need help calibrating a Vizio

    I got a hold to an old Vizio VP322 plasma and can't find online how to calibrate it to make it more energy efficient. Anyone who still own or use to own this (or any vizio plasma), do you have any suggestions of changing the picture settings? Or is there a universal setting I can use that will...
  7. N

    What is wrong with my tv? Please Help!!! Thanks in advance

    First off I am sorry if this is not the right place to post this as I looked over the site and this seemed to be the only place. I have a LG 42LC7D UK.AUSTLJM TV. I was watching it the other day and it just stopped working and this showed up. I fix computers and cellphones but know very little...
  8. cannabishead

    HPN 5039 Samsung Plasma. Dark picture with pink snowy fuzz. Pics included

    Hey guys so I have a 50" plasma (samsung hpn 5039). It's been giving me hell for the last month or so. It turns on fine. Has no problem staying on but the picture is horrible. It's dark, fuzzy/grainy and has what appears to be pink snow that takes up most of the top left portion of the...
  9. F

    which 60+ TV?

    Hi, I have a choice of the following and need your professional advice: Sony R550, 70" LED Samsung UA65F6400, 65" LED Samsung PS64F8500, 64" plasma I use my TV most of the time for cable viewing with the occasional DVD movies. The sony is appealing because of its 70" size. Till now i am...
  10. N

    Video Stutters always on everything

    I'm not sure if this is a common issue or not, but videos ALWAYS stutter when I watch them. It really doesn't matter what it is. I could be using my computer and watching anime, or netflix, or a blu-ray. No matter what the content is, the video stutters when the camera pans. This happens on my...