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    Solved! Whats wrong with all of my analog audio inputs on my Pioneer Plasma TV?

    I own a Pioneer PDP-lx508g plasma tv. The other day i touched the ground shuelding of the right channel audio input (input #2) of the TV and the green output cable shielding from a component cable of a original xbox. Now all analog inputs do not work (even the PC 8mm jack). The HDMI inputs...
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    I need to combine two audio inputs into one - mixed not switched

    I need to combine the external speaker output from my cb (Cobra 75 WX ST 3.5mm mono jack, "The external speaker should have 4-8 ohms impedance and be able to handle at least 4 watts.") with either the 3.5mm output from my phone (into the aux input on head unit) or the rca output from my sony...
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    Assorted questions related to my gigging setup.

    Hi, I have a collection of questions. Some of which I've tried searching for with no success and others I may be able to find answers to. I thought since I'm asking for help anyway it wouldn't hurt lumping them all in together. I play gigs at pubs, local festivals etc but have been largely...