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    Solved! I m lost my my phone oppo a37 so i m block sim cards service

    I m lost my cell phone so i m fully switch off my phone or sim card service another etc.
  2. D

    Anyone have Mint Mobile Service?

    Please let me know how you're liking your Mint Mobile service. I have T-Mobile currently, but tired of paying over $300/month for 4 phones. I am contemplating on switching over to Mint.
  3. E

    Changing carrier unlock code

    I have attt service and Verizon LG zone 3 phone and i need unlock code
  4. J

    Solved! Amazon video stopped working on Samsung

    Two days ago, my Amazon video services topped working on my Samsung Smart ?tv Model number UE32ES550. I have contacted both Samsung and Amazon, and still not sorted the problem. When I go to the App on the tv, it tells me to go to Amazon customer services. Here is what I have tried so far: 1...
  5. K

    how do I transfer service from one phone to another

    Im trying to switch service from one phone to a new phone I just bought same phone number same provider metro what do I do
  6. C

    My friend’s cell phone says, “the service you have been attempting to use has been restricted”...what does this mean?

    My friend’s cell phone says, “the service you have been attempting to use has been restricted”...what does this mean?
  7. C

    Solved! no wifi connection on laptop

    Wifi works for desktop computer but not laptop
  8. S

    Solved! SEIKI TV adding a streaming service

    How do I add a new streaming service to this TV
  9. S

    Solved! Internet periodically disconnects with USB disconnect sound, and reconnects with location service.

    I have an Asus GL503VS laptop running Win 10 Home. It periodically will disconnect from the internet for a few seconds, then reconnect. When this happens I also get the USB disconnect and connect sounds, and the location service activates in the system tray. There doesn't seem to be any pattern...
  10. J

    My ZTE Android phone is displaying no service. What can I do.

    My ZTE Android phone is displaying system ui.wrong sim
  11. B

    Turned off phone

    Verizon canceled my service while I was incarcerated I can not pay what they want me to. They won't turn my phone back on and told me my new galaxy s 9 was now useless. Is there any way I can turn my phone back on?
  12. R

    How to Add My Feed Services to your Roku Device

    Now, you must be paying attention to things around you. Facebook may be your favorite book. Netflix might be your staple diet. But how about staying updated on new releases? How about getting updates on your favorite channels on your Roku device. Just like you have Newsfeed on Facebook, you also...
  13. J

    i need the service menu coad for the vizo m3d550kd

    i need to enter the service menu on my vizio m3d550kd tv
  14. E

    I am using j7 prime for over a year now it's saying no service

    It's saying no service Am in zimbabwe. It started about a week ago
  15. R

    How to Choose a Show or a Movie Randomly on Netflix

    Netflix is the world’s largest video streaming service available to more than 130 countries around the globe. It is most famous in Asian and American countries where people watch more than 400 hours of Netflix on an average per year. With great content selection and having tailor-made...
  16. R

    How to Manually Arrange Shows and Movies on Netflix

    Netflix is one of the most used web and app streaming services in the world as of this moment. Over 130 million people all over world watch Netflix and chill. With greater content every day, Netflix users are binge watching every tv show that fits their genre. Netflix’s algorithm is to be blamed...
  17. Z

    Does exist any app wich shows you when the windows is ready to use?

    Does exist any app wich shows you when the windows is ready to use? I mean, when i start the pc and windows shows up, an app to pop up after some seconds to tell me, your windows is ready to use. The app should see when all programs and services are ready. I have an SSD and it don t take more...
  18. K

    Solved! LG. OLED55E6P TV will not tune in digital channels

    I have this TV and recently our cable company changed from analog to digital signal. It worked great before, but now, we do the auto scan and it will not tune in digital channels. We called LG customer service and they were less than helpful. They referred us to factory authorized service...
  19. M

    How I solve this when I open my laptop

    This device is not in compliance with Texas Health Resources standard. Please contact our service Desk at 682-236-4357. Provide the asset Number. 99050547 and serial Number. 2CE34219KG
  20. A

    Porting number from AT&T to Verizon

    I started service with AT&T years ago when lived on an island in Alaska. I've since moved to Portland and want to switch my service to Verizon because there coverage is significantly better here. But, I'm told I cannot port my number because of where it originated and Verizon does not have...
  21. A

    Solved! Starting & Stopping a streaming service makes monitors turn off and on

    I use three monitors with my PC. My middle monitor is a Samsung (U28E590D ) and the side monitors are ASUS (VS248). When I open any streaming site, whether it be Netflix or Spotify both ASUS monitors will go black for roughly 3 seconds then turn back on. This only happens when I open or close...
  22. C

    Solved! new tv old sound syst.

    i purchased a knew TCL TV MODEL NUM. 65s4leaa. it sayss service number but thats all i see .i have a old sound syst. that uses RCA the tv came with an adapter to 3.5 mm and it does work my problem is in the tv menu it has a normal and hi audio setting and when im using my android box or other...
  23. Zdos123

    Acer refuses to send me service instructions

    Hi, I spent £30 on buying an acer aspire es1-132 replacement top cover as it broke, i need to get i working as it is my younger brothers school laptop, however Acer refuses to give me instructions for how to replace it and quotes me £100 to replace the keyboard, and i'm like WTF, you sold it to...
  24. H

    Locate iPhone 6s with imei

    I want to to use the imei number for an iphone6s. I have the number, but don’t want the phone’s owner to know. I want location services only—don’t want to see calls/text. Can someone provide step-by-step how to?
  25. C

    Solved! Samsung Phone: Marketing Billing Service not available

    I have tried buying some In game items for my nephew on a Samsung J6, we have never bought any of that sort before, at least not on Samsung. One thing to note is that: The game " Idle Heroes" is not available in our country according to Google Play. we have downloaded it through APK Pure and it...
  26. F

    j2 prime sm-g532g/ds

    problem wifi 1vifi problem service
  27. T

    Solved! Windows Defender 0x80070424

    Hi people. I have an issue. I uninstalled the antivirus, and wanted to enable Windows Defender. I updated WIndows, but still can't enable it. So, what I see is that there is the "Start" button, but whenever I click on it, it gives me a message, "The specified service does not exist as an...
  28. A

    Solved! how can i read messages from my deactivated sim card.. the service provider cant retrieve my sim bcoz i dont have the sim casi

    how can i read messages from my deactivated sim card.. the service provider cant retrieve my sim bcoz i dont have the sim casing
  29. S

    How do i unlock an att samsung galaxy s 5 to be used with my metro pcs service

    How do unlock my att galaxy s5 for metro PS network unlock code
  30. F

    cheapest tv/internet/phone landline

    find best/cheapest plan for tv & internet&landline phone service
  31. H

    Solved! My lg smart tv has stopped being smart - no YouTube, Netflix etc

    No smart services available on our smart tv
  32. L

    Solved! Activate Samsung 5note

    Have a Samsung 5 note unlocked how do I put my Cricket SIM card in and get service Okay work for the first two days I can make calls send texts but now it says that it's um about location and everytime I try to make a call it says it's it doesn't do international calling
  33. I

    Solved! How do I unlock Sims card with metro PC's without calling costomer services

    How do I unlock my metro phone with the Sims locked without calling customer service
  34. M

    Google Play Services

    Google Play services has taken up around 2.5GB of storage in my phone. So, is it fair to CLEAR ALL DATA under Google Play Services? What type of data do these services store and what will happen if I Clear all data stored by these services? Solution Please....
  35. S

    can't complete initial set up for cambio

    Every code I've gotten (after waiting 3 hours to get code) always says "invalid" 2 days of this and I'm so dang frustrated and angry I want to break this tablet over my knee. Tried calling customer service only to be told they're closed...on a FRIDAY. When I get a new code and click "next"...
  36. C

    Solved! Pixel 3 screen call not working

    So not sure if this is just me, but I can't seem to get the Google screen call service to work. When I get a call the option for screen call just isn't available. I've heard it was built into the hardware of the pixel 3, which is why it suprised me.. anyone have any tips on enabling screen call?
  37. R

    How to Enable Closed Captioning in Roku

    Roku players, profoundly branded as Roku, founded in October 2002 manufactures a variety of digital media players allowing customers to access the internet streamed video, audio services through their television. This has been the easiest and convenient way to stream all forms of media. You can...
  38. R

    How to Better Utilize Advanced Search Features on Netflix

    Netflix is the world’s oldest media streaming service. It started 20 years ago in Los Gatos and is now available in more than 200 countries. There are many genres to select from. It even allows viewers to customize subtitles and profile icons. Viewers can watch the first month for free and pay...
  39. W

    Solved! yellyouth tablet phone service

    it has sim slots, how do i get phone service?
  40. R

    How to Flip the Screen While Using Netflix on a Laptop

    Netflix is a leading video content subscription service started 20 years ago. It provides a bunch of genres to select from and has happy customers around the globe. Netflix is now the most viewed video subscription service in more than 200 countries. It uses an algorithm to check a viewer’s...
  41. C

    Solved! retrieve old photos

    My old service provider discontinued my phone number so I am unable to retrieve my portfolio and photos from that phone. I still use Cricut but I threw my old phone away and didn't think to take the SIM card out can I retrieve my old photos from that phone
  42. M

    Solved! can i connect my iphone, that has service with straight talk, to a smart tv?

    i want to watch netflix on my flat screen smart tv!
  43. B

    Lost Moto e4.

    Unlock a phone that I lost, locked & then found. Moto e4, service carrier was Verizon prepaid
  44. M

    Solved! I have an iphone 5s I no longer use from straight talk wireless. Can i get it to work on tracfone wireless?

    I'm looking to give my son my old straight talk iPhone 5s to work on a Tracfone service plan. Would that work? Is there anything special I need to do?
  45. E

    cuting the cord from cable

    do I have to have internet to use service like hulu live or sling?
  46. H

    Question How to unsubscribe my caller id service

    By mistake i was subscribed to caller id service but i didn't know how to unsubscribe and gmail isn't working .what to do ?
  47. Astralv

    PKU locked on iPad

    This is iPad 3.-+* (I don't see iPad forum, sorry for posting it here) It has LTE option but I never had any service. This is not a phone. But I can't unlock my iPad. It says, PKU Locked. Insert a valid SIM with no PIN lock to activate iPad. And there is Unlock button. If I click, it gives me...
  48. M

    Westinghouse TV service port

    Can I use the service port as my USB port to plug my antenna into?
  49. C

    Asus Laptop won't turn on bios related

    My asus rog gl552 jx cn316t laptop turn on with a black screen....i went to asus service centre they said will have to change motherboard. Went to another local service centre they told "components are all right but require same laptop to copy bios ice" something like that anybody make tell me...
  50. C

    Unlock metro Alcatel for att

    I need to unlock my MetroPCS phone it's an Alcatel Fierce I needed to work on AT&T prepaid because when I went into the service they told me I would have service at my house I have coverage and I don't so I've already bought the phone I need to use it on another company
  51. S

    Solved! mission impossible ,tv

    how do I get misdion impossible ,the tv services, where ,how do I pay for it.
  52. U

    Kaspersky renewal versus free programs

    Hello My Kaspersky service is coming up for renewal, and while it's worked as advertised, I reckon, I'm strangling pennies at this stage, and I'm wondering if going back to a combination of free programs like Avira, CCleaner, Malwarebytes, as I used previously, would be a rational option. If...
  53. R

    How to Disable Siri on Your MacBook

    You might not want or need to use Siri. To stop Siri services on your MacBook you need to disable it, then restart your system to terminate any Siri processes running in the background. Disabling Siri will deactivate all Siri keyboard shortcuts and the ‘Hey Siri’ voice input. To continue, follow...
  54. R

    How to Host Netflix Watch Party with Your Friends Online

    Netflix is the world’s leading subscription service for watching movies, TV series, documentaries and feature films over a wide range of genres. It started nearly 20 years ago and now it is widespread among 190 countries and counting. You can watch anything you want on Netflix and Netflix will...
  55. R

    How to Change Settings and Your Preferences in Netflix

    Netflix is one of the world’s top rated online video streaming service. It started off slow 20 years ago but has over 130 million subscriptions now. Netflix generally updates monthly with new content for its viewers. You can watch anything you want on Netflix and Netflix will maintain a history...
  56. R

    How to Get Better Information on Shows while Browsing Netflix

    Netflix is the world’s leading online subscription service for watching movies, TV series, documentaries, and feature films over a wide range of genres. It generally requires payment to watch it but the first month is free of cost. Netflix has an algorithm that helps it to suggest you videos...
  57. R

    How to set up a Kid’s account in Netflix

    Netflix is one the finest and top subscription service for watching TV series or be it just some feature films. Netflix is now famous in more than 190 countries. Netflix asks for payment in the beginning but gives you a month’s watch for free. You can watch Stranger Things or Peppa Pig mixed up...
  58. R

    How to Use microSD Card in Fire TV

    If you’re looking for added space, 2nd Generation Fire TV allows you to save apps and games to a microSD card since the device has a microSD port for adequate external storage. Therefore, if you need more games or apps on your Fire TV, all you have to do is insert a microSD that you own or...
  59. R

    How to Start Your Free Trial Subscription On Netflix

    Netflix is the world’s leading subscription service for watching movies, TV series, documentaries and feature films over a wide range of genres. It is available in more than 190 countries and counting, and with more than 130 million subscriptions. Netflix generally requires a subscription...