Solved! Starting & Stopping a streaming service makes monitors turn off and on

Dec 22, 2018
I use three monitors with my PC. My middle monitor is a Samsung (U28E590D ) and the side monitors are ASUS (VS248). When I open any streaming site, whether it be Netflix or Spotify both ASUS monitors will go black for roughly 3 seconds then turn back on. This only happens when I open or close the streaming app. Otherwise, everything is fine.

Anyone have this problem or have had this issue and know how to remedy it?

My video card is 1080Ti. The middle monitor is connected to the first HDMI port. One of the ASUS monitors is connected to the second HDMI port. The third is connected to a DVI Port.
Dec 22, 2018

Yeah this is very odd. I'll try what you suggest and see if that clears it up.
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