PKU locked on iPad

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May 6, 2013
This is iPad 3.-+* (I don't see iPad forum, sorry for posting it here) It has LTE option but I never had any service. This is not a phone. But I can't unlock my iPad. It says,

PKU Locked. Insert a valid SIM with no PIN lock to activate iPad.

And there is Unlock button. If I click, it gives me "Enter PKU" black screen of death that looks like normal lock screen with 10 attempts. How do I bypass it? This should not be here! I use this iPad for work! I have important medical apps like drug references and physician consultants on it. I am on call and I am getting calls about patients and I can't consult because my iPad is locked! Help!!! Thanks.

PS: For administrators: I had this same problem few years ago and you deleted my post thinking I was trying to unlock something illegally. This is MY iPad, I don't have internet provider. There is NO SIM card, there is nothing to unlock- this issue needs to go away. Do not delete. Thanks.
Not open for further replies.