i got an a51 and it apperas to be locked

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Aug 20, 2016
ok i may not be able to actually post this but if i do not aske it is no anyway. my a51 stopped showing on any pc. i put a new usb card in it and that failed so it boil down to the motherboard. so i go to ebay and i get a used a51 that is a tracfone like the bad phone is and they said verizon. i asked if it might work on metro and he said yes. anyway i get it and set it up to my google account and then put the metro sim in it and it is locked account. so i chat with metro and sure enough they see it and tell me it is on a locked phone. and most likely locked to tracfone.

so is there a way to get that odin going and do a firmware reset and fix it or even put my broken phones imei into this phone? i know it is a long shot. unless anyone knows how to get a none responsive a51 to see the pc again. it has to be in the motherboard someplace. outside of unsoldering a chip that i can't see anyway. otherwise the only thing left is to find another UNLOCKED phone and toss this one thanks.


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