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  1. B

    Delayed boot and few Services not working

    I have Haier 7G-5H laptop with windows 10. My laptop was laggy already, 3 days ago when i restarted, it hanged up and used like 15 mins to restart, when it finally got to boot, windows wouldn't boot normally, it booted up to the Account page but stopped there. I waited 10 more min and it showed...
  2. Graybush

    Youtube Red: Is it Worth It?

    Youtube released it's ad-free streaming services for select countries back in 2015, and since then it's done some expansion in both availability and services. Youtube Red advertises itself as a way to see original content produced through the Youtube site, as well as the ability to watch all...
  3. G

    Blurb Bookify Photo Book Review: Bland Results

    Professional photographers often consider's photo book service and its sophistacted tools. It's tempting to consider Bookify, Blurb's consumer-level product. But something gets lost in the adaptation of Blurb's tools into a consumer product. Blurb Bookify Photo Book Review: Bland...
  4. B

    Can I get deleted data from my service provider

    How can I get my deleted pics n messages back
  5. Z


    Does anyone else offer HBO AND CINEMAX? HBO/Cinemax come as a bundle. But amazon is raising the membership fee. So I was wonderingt if other services offer this?
  6. R

    Google maps privacy issues? Everything You Need to Know

    As with every Google service, there is a lot of data collecting and with that some potential privacy issues. Google Maps is no different as there are several issues you need to know when using this service. Still, not everything is doom and gloom as there are a few things you can do about it...
  7. H

    Can I use a DirectTV DVR without cable service?

    I picked up a brand new DVR for a few dollars today at a garage sale. I don't have cable, just a smart tv and a Roku stick. Can I use this to do any tv recording? Any info appreciated.
  8. J

    Vizio Hotel Model

    Can someone please provide me some guidance on how to enter a Vizio D39hn-E0 Service / Factory mode so that I can adjust the max volume level? This TV doesn’t appear to have any physical channel or volume controls on the TV. Thanks, Jimmy
  9. Tanyac

    Free POP Email services that are not US based

    I'm looking for a non-US free email service that works on a VPN, and who doesn't configure their services so they can't be white listed (Eg something ISPs here do). I've put this under privacy because that is the reason I'm looking to close my Yahoo account. I've tried GMX but the service is...
  10. M

    How is the quality and after sales services of DELL, Razer Blade and Alienware laptops?

    Hello, I am considering to buy a laptop from one of these manufacturers. How is the quality of their laptops and after sales services?
  11. G

    Mixbook vs. Shutterfly: Which Photo Printing Service Is Best?

    When you're making a photo book, calendar or card, which of these two printing services should you use? Mixbook vs. Shutterfly: Which Photo Printing Service Is Best? : Read more
  12. R

    Google photos privacy issues? Everything you Need to Know

    As with every Google service, there is a lot of collecting data going on and with Google Photos, things aren’t that much different. Granted, the service itself doesn’t have that much information nor does it ask for it, but there are still some privacy issues you need to be aware of. While there...
  13. R

    How to Play Music with Any Service Using Google Assistant

    As you may already know there are countless commands you can give to Google Assistant and playing music is one of those commands. While you might not primarily use Google Assistant to listen to music, you should give it a try since it’s quite easy and effective. You’ll need to tweak a few...
  14. M

    How is Lenovo services in recent years?

    Anybody bought ThinkPad from Lenovo? How good is Lenovo in terms of services? In case the computers need repairing, given that they do not have stores, is it easy to get help from them? Are they helpful when issues occur?
  15. henrytcasey

    What Is Best Buy’s $200 Total Tech Support, And Is It Worth It?

    Best Buy's new subscription service calls itself Total Tech Support, but it's missing a crucial device, making us wonder about its value. What Is Best Buy’s $200 Total Tech Support, And Is It Worth It? : Read more
  16. X

    My LG840G does not ring. I have done a reset already. It used to ring before.

    When I first got the LG840G, it would ring. Then, I was told that I had to set up the message service. Now, it does not ring. I have already done a reset of the phone. I got rid of the message service. But, it still does not ring or vibrate. What am I doing wrong.
  17. G

    Antenna Ground Question

    I have a OTA that I need to ground, but unsure how to do this. The coax has a ground wire that is connected to a 4 way amplified splitter. I have read that I can't just attach the ground wire to a grounding rod, but that it needs to be attached to the service ground of the house. The service...
  18. R

    Can i put my sd card in a phone thats not activated .it turns on and has pics can i download them

    Can i download pics onto an sd card from a phone thats not in service
  19. R

    How To Reset Your Google Privacy Settings

    Over the time you spent using Google services, you can be sure as anything that Google amassed a huge amount of data on you. You can limit the data they collect, but they will still collect some info, it’s just the way it is. If that bothers you, you could ease your mind a bit by resetting your...
  20. G

    How to Make a Beautiful Photo Card with Mixbook

    Over the past few years, Mixbook has received our Editors' Choice as the best of the online card-creation services. Here are some tips for making a truly personal, beautiful photo card using Mixbook. How to Make a Beautiful Photo Card with Mixbook : Read more
  21. S

    Problem with network emergency call and no service after system update

    I have huawei p smart with ndroid oreo 8.0 . As soon as system updated by wifi the antenna gone and i cant make calls or acess to mobil data How can i delete the update and solve my problem I try clear data and reset factory later but it didnt work
  22. J

    Samsung Galaxy Tab — How to reinstall google play services

    Hi, I uninstalled Google Play Services on my Samsung Tablet. I am not sure what size the tablet is but the model number is SMT210. I didn't realise that I need play services to do most things on the tab and now I want to reinstall it. Can anyone help please. Samsung told me I have to take it...
  23. M

    get my page back from hacker

    my ssid is unavailable in settings and my phone is saying no service..also its locked and jailbroken
  24. S

    Toshiba C75-A-13R Service Manual

    I am looking for a manual for Toshiba C75-A-13R (or similar) that will tell me how I can access the screen inverter that I believe needs changing Thanks
  25. J

    No service iPhone 5

    I replaced my broken screen. Now I don't get service to make calls. I can txt, get online, and receive voicemail without wifi. I have tried a hard restart and removing the SIM. Any advice would be great!
  26. G

    Free Fax Services vs. Paid Faxing: Which Should You Use?

    If you have to send an online fax, you may be tempted to use a free service. Here's when it does (and doesn't) make sense. Free Fax Services vs. Paid Faxing: Which Should You Use? : Read more
  27. H

    Banned From Asus ROG Website and Forum For No Reason

    Yeah, I don't know why maybe for this thread ASUS SERVICE BROKE MY G751 OR TRYING TO SCAM I was messaging with admin cl-Albert like 5days/ over 15 message. Everything was fine he was trying to help but today i can't login. I resetted my password too. [personal info removed]
  28. S

    trend micro issues

    Trend Micro....cant log in for help half the time...the other half their online service is down.....dont be fooled pple. ive got sites they marked safe, that if opened throw out porn pop ups.....
  29. B

    My sin card is broken how can i call out

    Why cant i make phone calls on my phone it keeps saying no services
  30. S

    Would a cell phone ever have the disconnected recording if it still in service

    I called my boyfriend and got a recording saying the number had been changed or disconnected. Then about 30 min later I called again and he actually answered the phone
  31. G

    How to Create a Photo Book with Mixbook

    Making a photo book doesn't have to be a chore. Here are simple, step-by-step instructions for using our top service, Mixbook. How to Create a Photo Book with Mixbook : Read more
  32. H

    Wifi adapter driver causing "System Service Exception" bluescreens?

    Hi. Recently I reformatted my Asus g73JH Laptop with Windows 7 64-bit, as it was suffering from driver issues. This was back in January, and it was acting fine for a while. Recently however, I've begun experiencing "System Service Exception" bluescreens, and I can't quite figure out what to do...
  33. F

    Simple mobile service

    How can I get a service back on With out paying for the services
  34. R

    Whats wrong with all of my analog audio inputs on my Pioneer Plasma TV?

    I own a Pioneer PDP-lx508g plasma tv. The other day i touched the ground shuelding of the right channel audio input (input #2) of the TV and the green output cable shielding from a component cable of a original xbox. Now all analog inputs do not work (even the PC 8mm jack). The HDMI inputs...
  35. G

    Biscom 123 Online Fax Review: Good Service If You Don't Fax a Lot

    Businesses that fax only occasionally but need to give multiple users access to the service will like Biscom 123's simple approach to online faxing. Biscom 123 Online Fax Review: Good Service If You Don't Fax a Lot : Read more
  36. M

    Which service allowa Recording local channels

    Which service allows me to record NBC, CBS, ABC?
  37. Y

    Audio services not responding

    no speakers or headphone are pluged in
  38. S

    Is 'Loaris Trojan Remover' Something I should install?

    This [Loaris Trojan Remover] has been recommended by a friend. Does anyone know of this service and should l pay to download and install it?
  39. C

    Android Software won't update with RedPocket service!!?? Help!

    I am currently using an LG G5 phone (which is unlocked, and was previously used on the Verizon network), and my carrier is RedPocket Mobile. I've had the service for months now, but Android has yet to update. I checked the version of Android on the phone, and it is only Android v 6.0.1. When I...
  40. J

    Can't log on to laptop

    Hi, I get a message 'The User Profile Service service failed the login. User profile cannot be loaded'. What do I do? This has never happened before. Thank you kindly Jackie
  41. W

    Need help with WiFi

    I have an Alcatel Pulse I was wondering how can I merge my service on my phone to my vizio smart tv? I don't have WiFi? Can I.still b able to connect it to my TV?
  42. K

    How can I remotely control the on/off function of my Sony Handycam?

    I'm looking to be able to record our church services but I don't want to have the cameras needlessly on long before the service starts and after the service is over. The cameras are mounted out of reach so I need to climb a ladder to turn them on/off. If I could remotely control this function...
  43. C

    Any one have a service manual for a Quasar CR 19 component stereo. fm volume is low and the fm stereo doe not light up.

    I need the service manual for a Quasar CR19 component stereo. Fm stereo light does not come on and low volume on the radio. cassette decks and turntable have plenty of volume.
  44. T

    my local channels

    Which package offers all of my local channels....7, 10, 13, 27? Not interested in sports at all What is the TOTAL FINAL charge for this service?
  45. H

    Mitsubishi WD-60735 Software Update

    The website [url=] once had downloadable .zip and .pdf files that included a software firmware update and Service Manuals for this model, but no more. I did manage to get a .pdf Service Manual, but I need the latest software for a firmware...
  46. D

    What is needed to use Digital Cable Service for separate view and recording?

    This is crazy to me. The cable company in this rural area went digital. Now the set-up of cable to VCR to TV (HD) will no longer work. I used to be able to record one and watch another channel. I also have the computer connected to the TV to allow viewing Netflix and Amazon Prime on the TV. I...
  47. S

    Worried I may be infected by Virus. Went to services to see suspicious looking services. Help?

    Hi there. My computer began stuttering with it's mouse movements and with my keyboard strokes. After disabling much in the startup, I also went into services to see what I should disable. However upon looking, I found some suspicious looking services. I tried looking them up online but, I did...
  48. webworkings

    CDMA Carriers in the USA

    Here is a list of CDMA Carriers/Service Providers in the USA. Affinity Cellular AirVoice Wireless Armed Forces Wireless Black Wireless Boost Mobile campusSIMs CellNUVO CALLMR Cellular Abroad Charge Communication Chit Chat Mobile Commnet Wireless (also uses GSM in some areas) Consumer Cellular...
  49. webworkings

    GSM Carriers in the USA

    Here is a list of GSM Carriers/Service Providers in the USA. Airfire Mobile ASTAC Asset/Vada Wireless AT&T (Includes GoPhone Prepaid, Dobson Cellular, Edge Wireless and Centennial Wireless) Broadpoint Big Sky Mobile Calhan Wireless Call4care Cellular One of East Central Illinois Cellular One...