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    How to Use Fire TV on Ethernet

    Home entertainment is great when you have a fast Wi-Fi connection which allows you to stream your favorite shows. Anyone can attest to the frustration that lodges somewhere deep in your system when the connection is slow or congested. Whatever the cause of the slow connection, the one solution...
  2. B

    No gaming Wi-Fi company

    Live where no internet for gaming is. Need service.HELP
  3. S

    LG 32lv 2510 backlight off 10 min service help

    LG 33lv 2510 backlight problem
  4. W

    How do I unlock without having service for over a year

    How do I unlock my Sims card on my TracFone without having service for a year
  5. C

    Why is my tablet say google play services has stopped????

    Everytime I restart my tablet it tells me google play services has stopped. Help!!
  6. I

    This is two months Ina roll that metro pcs has disconnected my service last month I just let it go because I never could talk

    This is two months Ina roll that metro pcs has disconnected my service last month I just let it go because I never could get a customer service representative this month like last month my bill was due on the 14th I paid it on the 2nd I went in to a store and they said they would call me in an...
  7. E

    Compare streaming tv services

    Pros and cons on streaming tv.
  8. U

    Random Windef,WindSearch OFF and Win update issue..

    Win-10 64-bit 1803 So..out of nowhere yesterday i got a red X in Wen Def.. "Threat service has stopped,Restart it now." i click restart nothing happens i have to be in the page to restart to work..then its just the loading blue dots...tried to force start in services but then it gives me...
  9. P

    Hard reset with no Service?

    Will the hard reset work if you have no Service?? This is on the kyocera c6742
  10. R

    New TV and Roku Question

    I will soon be signing up with Spectrum for internet, tv, and phone service and need some advice about some options I have. I intend to buy 2 new smart TV's and was thinking about getting a TV with Roku. Is it a good idea to buy a Roku TV or any other service like Roku? Also, am I better off...
  11. L

    Pink Screen Flashes

    This is in relation to another post with an issue that I am monitoring. And I do plan to contact the place of purchase that services the warranty I purchased. Unit: MSI GS65, i7 8750H, GTX 1070 Max-Q, 16GB, 512GB Should a brief flash of a pink screen at boot and wake-up be of concern? And...
  12. N

    How to track and block Huawei Mate 10 Pro by using IMEI without service provider

    Hi Tom's guide members I've lost a mobile recently. As it's band new one and just bought from All Phones, it hasn't got any mobile service provider. I've reported to police and got a report number. Luckily I still kept a copy of invoice and the package which have IMEI and Serial number...
  13. J

    How do i shut off Toshiba Flash cards??

    Im having the same problem. I went to msconfig and to startup . there is no Toshiba flash cards in the list. There are 2 other Toshiba programs running, There is no "msconfig" actually, it only shows "system config" when you type that in, and then when you click "startup" it comes up "open task...
  14. R

    How to Cancel Your Netflix Subscription

    Whether you’ve just finished your Netflix trial subscription, you’re moving to another video service or just simply don’t have the time to watch Netflix anymore, the company has made the cancellation process relatively straight forward and easy. Here are steps to follow if you’d like to cancel...
  15. E

    [Help me]Alienware 17 r5 wich graphic can i use ?

    Hi there I have an Alienware 17 Service Tag: 4DB7J12 Express Service Code: 9512016662 Warranty: Expired The corrent Graphic card is : 490-BBRS : NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 860M graphics with 2GB GDDR5 I want to change it to 4gb at least because this one is damaged Can you tell me which graphic...
  16. R

    How to Activate Sssistive Technologies for Fire OS

    Accessibility is the extent to which a customer who has a certain disability can use a given service or product. Services and products that are accessible make it easy for users having various disabilities to use the services or products efficiently and easily. Systems that are accessible are...
  17. K

    Problem with MetroPcs

    What is the problem with MetroPCS? Their service is absolutely the worst there is in the 38109 area. It has been admitted that there aren't enough towers in that area, yet T-Mobile does NOTHING to fix the problem, nor do they offer a reduction in their plans for that area. Which is the better...
  18. S

    Virtual Desktop For Rental

    Hello guys, I`m looking for a Virtual Desktop rental service. I want to rent just 1 desktop and access it remotely from different devices. I will only be using it for internet browsing, dont require much disk space or resources. The reason I`m looking for such service is that I dont want to...
  19. L

    Google play services won't update

    Google problems won't update
  20. B

    Vodafone Sim doesn't work

    My Vodafone Sim doesn't work in my goole services like play store,you tube, Facebook in my Android phone
  21. T

    Google services update Error 504

    Google services won't update. Help PLEASE.
  22. M

    Amazon Assistant - Possible Security/Privacy Issue?

    I just received a notice from Amazon asking me to allow Amazon Assistant. This is the reason they've given me for the purpose of this request. Is this anything like Google's action on tracking customer location(s)? Personal Information We use information collected from Amazon Assistant to...
  23. J

    I have a HTC One cell phone with Sprint service how do I change the AT&T service

    I have a HTC One phone Sprint service how do I change the AT&T service
  24. V

    Services not respond

    Getting a message as above and can't deliver a crash report and logs. This just me, or is there a problem with the servers? You try to find the service to support travelers who want to visit by applying Vietnam visa online and they can get it within 2 working-days. You can also book a hotel room...
  25. C

    Malicious attempts at logging into my accounts: what do I need to change?

    I'm asking this on behalf of a friend, but I'll speak from the first person. Over the past few years, I have been hit with many messages from various services about people attempting to access my account. The services are mostly gaming ones, such as steam and origin, but I have also gotten...
  26. F

    Transfer my metro phone

    Someone stole my phone and I don't have a sim card but I have my old metro phone that don't have a sim card....can I transfer the service to it without the Sim card
  27. G

    I forgot my password on Cisco how do I change it on my iphone

    MY service went down and went it came back up They are asking for my password and I cannot retmember it how do I retrieve this password or change to a new one.
  28. D

    Why Bird and Lime Scooters Are Invading US Cities Everywhere

    Scooters from Bird and Lime promise to make getting around town a lot faster in a growing number of cities, but the vehicles are proving controversial. Why Bird and Lime Scooters Are Invading US Cities Everywhere : Read more
  29. L

    trying to unlock

    i bought an lg stylo from boost paid in full but now have a different service provider and would like to unlock my phone so i can use it with my new service. does anyone know how to jailbreak it or can anyone tell me if it will unlock it if i do a hard reset. boost is saying that they lock the...
  30. D

    Whenever i tilt my samsung j7 2016 horizontally, my network goes down to no service .? Pls help

    Whenever i tilt my samsung j7 2016 horizontally, my network goes down to no service .? Pls help.
  31. D


    Samsung model SM-J320AZ from Cricket Galaxy Amp Prime needs to be able to hook up to another carrier.
  32. GHolnyuk

    how to fix error 504?

    I am trying to update Google Play Services, but keep getting error -504. I cleared cache, etc. rebooted, deleted email account, even reset to factory, still get this error. Please help.
  33. A

    my account was blocked and I can't get back in - how do I retrieve it?

    Has anyone ever had their facebook account blocked? I have not been able to access it for a week now and can't find any sort of customer service or help from facebook to retrieve it. Is there a way? How can I address this?
  34. L

    My alcatel raven lite safelink phone

    When i call my family inmediatelly is a message that the phone i am calling dont anwser the calls right now, i call 10 times and is the same. Please help me, i had assurance service before never had problems.
  35. E

    better service carrier

    I live in Hull MA and have Verizon Cell Phone Service. I am been having problems with dropped calls. There support said that I needed a Signal Extender at my home with a cost to me of $250 along with that I would have to have computer service in the home . Is there any other carrier that I...
  36. C

    Switching sim cards

    I want to take out the sim card from a TracFone Wireless phone with service from Alcatel and put it into a BLU phone with AT&T service. Is this possible? Compatible? The TracFone sim card is physically smaller than the card slot in the AT&T phone. Is there any kind of like "adapter"...
  37. henrytcasey

    I Ditched MoviePass for Sinemia, and I Really Like It

    Here's what I learned by testing Sinemia, a cheaper alternative to MoviePass. I Ditched MoviePass for Sinemia, and I Really Like It : Read more
  38. JP7PlaysMC

    Svchost.exe eating almost 50% of my CPU.

    Hello forum! After messing about with some downloads a weird thing started to happen with a particular svchost.exe, as in it started eating almost 50% of my CPU (I7 4790). When I open the task manager it has no name, so whilst other services say "Service Host [...]" this one doens't. It's also...
  39. Z

    services.exe rootkit malware?

    Does anyone know what services.exe CPU usage should be looking like in task manager, also what is the normal files size for this program in the system32 folder? I am getting around 10% CPU usage max (mostly around 5%ish), with the usage fluctuating up and down. Any ideas?
  40. K

    Amazon Fire TV and sound system

    When I use the Amazon Prime Video app on my spectrum tv service, I get no audio output from the surround system speakers. Can I plug a Fire TV box directly into an HDMI slot on the sound system receiver to get the Prime Video sound?
  41. K

    Mobile charging not increasing

    I have already gone to samsung service centre they repaired but problem not solved
  42. T

    infected and need help

    ]hi, my computer is infected, and whenever I open malwarebytes free, it auto closes, along with any google search with antivirus in it. i was able to install and run hjt and I have the log here (sorry dont know how to attach files on this site, Im doing this on my phone)...
  43. G

    Log into service network

    Tv connect s to local network. It will not connect to web. I need to enter password but can not find local to login
  44. A

    Sony iv300 centre console replacement

    Hi I would like to know if any one has tried to connect Sony iv300 speakers to amp of other make cos my centre console has stopped working and it's out of service warranty I have already service it once out of warranty and it cost lot make no sense in getting it serviced as it keeps having...
  45. G

    What Is Venmo, Does It Have Fees, and Is It Safe? All You Need to Know

    Here's everything you need to know about Venmo, the popular money-transferring service. What Is Venmo, Does It Have Fees, and Is It Safe? All You Need to Know : Read more
  46. B

    replacing satellite TV and cutting the cord

    I live in the Houston, TX area. Can I replace my satellite dish with a outdoor digital antenna and service all of my home's TV with the one antenna? I have 4 directv receivers currently in my home.
  47. N

    My phone service is off, now heading to collections. Is there a way I can add my phone to someone’s current Verizon contrac

    My phone service is off, now heading to collections. Is there a way I can add my phone to someone’s current Verizon contract?
  48. F

    Searching for Nokia phone authorised service faciliy near Pittsburg,Texas

    Where can I find authoriesd service for Nokia phone near Pittsburg,Texas
  49. G

    MetroFax vs. Efax: Which Fax Service Is Tops?

    We pit two notable online faxing providers against each other to find out which one is the better choice for your needs. MetroFax vs. Efax: Which Fax Service Is Tops? : Read more
  50. A

    Help needed in stopping "avast remediation" aka wsc_proxy

    Hello there, as title says I need to stop this service from executing. It started to appear after I stopped windows updates, since i'm on limited data every month. Any idea? Thanks in advance for help
  51. S

    Toshiba Satellite P870 Part Number: PSPLFA-017001

    Does anyone have a PDF of the Service Manual available?
  52. Graybush

    Declare Your Independence from Cable!

    To celebrate Independence Day in July, we’re opening discussion on declaring independence from the cable company! With so many streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and even YouTube, there are a lot of options to choose from. Personally, I haven’t had a cable tv...
  53. C

    Switch service carriers

    Switch my metro PC's phone to straight talk
  54. K

    discontinue pop ups

    Somehow I got signed up for and now I'm getting pop ups from when I open my browser. Not a big problem, but annoying and I would like to discontinue whatever service I signed up for by mistake. Can anyone help me with this problem?
  55. A

    S5 Verizon phone, with a At&t Straight Talk Sim, Coverage is Great

    I have an S5 Verison phone, with an At&t Straight Talk Sim in it, I have better service than my husband who has an At&t phone with Straight Talk At&t Sim in it. Question is WHY do I have BETTER service than he does?
  56. U

    Every time I call customer service my phone call fails. 2 hours I've spent trying

    Every time I call customer service no matter what number my call fails. I had a girl for a minute who hasn't called back. When inquiring why phone bill was so high I found out I'm paying for two phones. Thought this issue was resolved over a year ago. I have one phone. Period
  57. B

    Bitdefender keeps picking up Windows/ Microsoft services to be malicious!

    Hello, I have Bitdefender Total Security 2018 and my Advanced Threat Defense keeps blocking malicious attacks from 2 windows services, wscript.exe and rundll32.exe located in System 32 rundll32. I was wondering if anybody would be able to tell me if these files are actually malicious, could they...
  58. A

    How to use an att phone for net 10 service

    I have a phone with net 10 service, and the volume is going out on it. I have an old att phone, how can I get it to work with net 10? When I put the SIM card in, it asks for a network number.
  59. R

    Can i move my ram

    I have 1 lenovo and 1 asus laptop both is old but my Lenovo laptop has older processor than the asus but my asus has less HDD and less RAM can i move the RAM and the HDD to my asus or can i merge both of them? And can you guys teach me how to do it my own or going to the computer guy is more...