Youtube Red: Is it Worth It?


Feb 13, 2017
Youtube released it's ad-free streaming services for select countries back in 2015, and since then it's done some expansion in both availability and services. Youtube Red advertises itself as a way to see original content produced through the Youtube site, as well as the ability to watch all videos on the site ad-free.

Is paying to not watch ads worth it though? The service goes for $10 USD a month. That's $120 USD a year. Over the course of ten years you're paying $1,200 USD at the current rate. You could watch currently available videos on Youtube without ads if you've got the right ad blockers, but that means you won't get access to new series and creations that are produced through the service.

So, is the trade-off worth it? Do you find Youtube Red is good on it's own, or does it work better as an entertainment supplement to other streaming services like Hulu or Netflix?

If you do have Youtube Red, tell us why you got it! What's your opinion on the service?

If you don't have Youtube Red, tell us why you didn't sign up!

Math Geek

Oct 15, 2014
i gave it a try when it started. they gave me a couple months free to check it out. there is more than just ad free.

on mobile devices, it let's you keep playing the app when you switch to another app. without it, as soon as you minimize the app, it stops playing whatever was on. this let's you listen in the background which is a common feature requested.

it also let's you download videos for offline viewing through the app. easy to do on pc with a ton of browser plugins but again on mobile nice to be able to download stuff right through the app without sketchy 3rd party apps to install.

i had it before they had any programs like Cobra Kai to make it a better deal but they'd have to have a lot more programming for me to spend as much as a netflix subscription to keep the service.

in the end i did not renew at the end of my free period and really only miss the ability to listen in the background on mobile. otherwise i did not find the service worth the cost. maybe $2-3 a month but that's about all i'd even consider paying as is. they may have added new features since i had the freebie but it's only been a couple months and i've not seen anything announcing new stuff i did not get to see.

Cobra Kai rocks though and worth a free preview just to watch that :D


Jan 27, 2013
BTW, YouTube Red is now rebranded as YouTube Premium.

If just to remove ads, I'd say no. If a lot of the original content looks interesting, then I'd say yes.

You do get the bonus of Google Play Music and YouTube Music Premium as well. If you're using something like Spotify or Amazon music, it's a good alternative.

For myself, I don't find it worthwhile as the only show I'd want to watch on there is Cobra Kai. My music ecosystem is Amazon and my video ecosystem is Vudu/Netflix/Sling. Others might find it valuable though. Now if they included it with YouTube TV, I'd consider it as I'd drop Sling. Unfortunately they treat it as two different services with no bundle option and Sling is cheaper than YouTube TV.

Toms has an review on it here:,news-24081.html

They also have a trial period, so you can try it first to see if you like it or not before you commit.


I tried the 1 month demo and it was very nice to have the red subscription, no ads during videos, and the ability to play videos while youtube is minimized on your phone is very convenient.

However for $10 a month, I don't think it's worth it for me personally since those are the only two features I use (perhaps the download videos part in the future though).
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